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Wolfe's Market
Claremont, CA
Wolfe's Market was established in 1917. The store moved to this location in the early 1930s. This sign is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

Clearlake Signs:
Jules Resort [map]

Clearlake Oaks Signs:
Lake Marina Motel [gone]

Owl Cafe
Cloverdale, CA
The Owl Cafe opened in the early 1930s as the Sunset Motel & Ivy Cafe. At some point, it became known as the Owl Cafe. In 1963, it became Dann's Owl Cafe. The restaurant has been closed since around 2015. These photos are from 2016. The top panel on the pole sign obviously revolved with the owner's name on one side and an owl's face on the other. [map]

More Cloverdale Signs:
La Hacienda Restaurant

Welcome sign
Clovis, CA
The first Clovis Welcome sign was built from wood and installed in 1930. In 1946, it was replaced with a steel sign. That sign was replaced with the current one in 1951. It was restored in 1992. For more, see this website. [map]

Peacock Market
Clovis, CA
Lil Brown Jug
Clovis, CA
Royal Lodge Motel
Coalinga, CA
The Peacock Market sign is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. For more, see this website. [map]

The Lil Brown Jug sign might be from the 1950s. [map]

The Royal Lodge Motel sign is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. For more, see this website. [map]

Coleville Signs:
West Walker Motel [map]

Riverside Lanes
Colusa, CA
OK Used Cars
Colusa, CA
El Troquero Pub
Commerce, CA
The Riverside Lanes was built around 2000. The design was based on the Crossroads Bowl sign which was built in 1963 in Williams, CA. The owner of the Riverside Lanes had hoped to restore that sign and install it at his bowling alley. However, the sign fell apart when it was removed. The paint colors of this replica sign were a best guess match of the original. [map]

This OK Used Cars sign is installed at the used car lot of Sankey Automobile Co. These OK signs were mass-produced for Chevrolet. There are only a handful of them still on public display. Most of these rare surviving signs are in private collections now. [map]

The El Troquero Pub originally advertised for Magaly's Cafe. The sign was repainted and the neon was removed. For more, see this website. [map]

Hancock Oil
Compton, CA
Modern Cleaners
Corning, CA
This Hancock Oil sign appears to be from the 1960s. The gas station closed long ago and the oil company no longer exists. This is the only sign of this type on display that I know of. [map]

Modern Cleaners features a nice embossed plastic sign. [map]

More Compton Signs:
M&T Donut Shop

Duck Pond [gone]
Corona, CA
Cupid's Burgers & Tacos [gone]
Corona, CA
Toy Boat [gone]
Corona del Mar, CA
The Duck Pond bar is gone. Maya's Cafe was in the building when this photo was taken in 2013. By 2015, the sign was gone.

Cupid's Burgers & Tacos has been around since the 1950s. The restaurant's name was changed at some point and the sign was taken down. Around 2012, the name was changed back to Cupid's and the sign was reinstalled. The sign was painted over in 2017 and adapted for Frida's Drive-Thru. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Toy Boat toy shop was officially named "Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat. It had been here since at least the 1960s. This photo was taken in 2008. In 2013, the store closed and the sign was removed.

More Corona Del Mar Signs:
Harbor Photo [gone]

Costa Mesa Signs:
Kona Lanes Bowl: 1, 2 (now Cincinnati, OH)

8 Ball Tavern
Cotati, CA
Custer's Gift Shop
Covina, CA
A. Ghioldi Jewelry
Crockett, CA
Toot's Tavern
Crockett, CA
The 8 Ball Tavern opened in 1937. This sign may be from then. The bar was named after an 8 ball which the owners found in the rafters of an old house on the property. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Custer's Gift Shop is gone but this sign remains. This sign might be from the 1960s. In 2017, the central "Gift Shop" panel was gone. I don't know if there are plans to replace it. [map]

The A. Ghioldi Jewelry store is long gone but this sign remains. It appears to be from the 1940s or 1950s. [map]

Toot's Tavern was established in 1901. The sign is probably from the 1950s. For more, see this website. [map]

C&H Sugar
Crockett, CA
This C&H Sugar sign was installed in 1956 on the side of the company's refinery and headquarters building. The "C" and "H" letters are 22 feet tall and composed of scintillating bulbs. In 2015, these incandescent bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs. I don't believe they flash any more. The rest of the neon text flashes on and off. The C&H stands for California and Hawaiian Sugar Company which was founded in 1906. For more, see these websites: 1, 2 and 3. [map]

More Covina Signs:
Rose Pharmacy

More Culver City Signs:
Culver Ice Arena
Johnnie's Pastrami

Martin B. Retting
Culver City, CA
Wheel World Cycles [gone]
Culver City, CA
Half Moon Motel [gone]
Culver City, CA
Martin B. Retting has been selling firearms since 1958. This sign appears to be from then. It originally had neon. [map]

Wheel World Cycles was established in 1945. This sign might have been from then or from the 1950s. In 2017, part of the sign fell and it was removed. It is unlikely that it will reappear. There is another location in Woodland Hills, CA but it does not have a sign like this one.

The Half Moon Motel was built in 1955. This sign appeared to be from then. The motel closed in 2016 and the sign was scrapped. For more, see this website.

Astro Motel
Culver City, CA
Val's Restaurant
& Lounge
Daly City, CA
Callan Realty
Daly City, CA
The Astro Motel sign is probably from the 1960s. [map]

Val's Restaurant & Lounge opened in the 1950s. This sign appears to be from then. For more, see this website. [map]

Callan Realty was established in 1945. This sign is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. The sign has been reworked a bit. The top originally read "Callan Realty Co." with the neon panel under it reading "Insurance Home Builder Apartment Rentals." The neon was removed from this sign sometime between 2005 and 2009. For more, see this website. [map]

former Joe's of Westlake
Daly City, CA
2014: 2016:
Joe's of Westlake opened in 1957. The restaurant closed in 2014. The business was sold to the owners of Original Joe's in San Francisco. The restaurant was renovated and reopened in 2016. The lettering on the sign was changed to reflect the new name. For more, see these websites: 1, 2 and 3. [map]

Dana Point Nursery
Dana Point, CA
Davis, CA
Davis, CA
The Dana Point Nursery opened in 1947 and this sign may be from then. The sign was refurbished sometime after 2010. This photo is from 2013. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

This IOOF, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, sign was originally installed in the 1950s in Philadelphia, PA. It had been in a warehouse in New Jersey for many years. In 2015, the sign was purchased, restored, and installed the IOOF Lodge in Davis. For more, see this website. [map]

This 7-Eleven sign has been installed on the building since the 1960s. This may be the only original wall-mounted sign left. There would also have been a similar pole sign by the road which has been replaced with a modern sign. These trapezoid shaped, plastic 7-Eleven signs are very rare now. There are about a dozen left in the country with most of them in the Bay Area. This design with slanted "Eleven" letters was built in or before 1969 when the company changed the logo. [map]

More Davis Signs:
Varsity Theatre

Palm Motel
Delano, CA
former Kismet Lodge
Desert Hot Springs, CA
The Palm Motel sign might be from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

The Kismet Lodge was built in 1960. The building now houses the Living Waters Spa which has kept the sign. For more, see this website. [map]

More Delano Signs:
J's Coffee Shop

More Desert Hot Springs Signs:
Hacienda Riviera

Milk Farm Restaurant
Dixon, CA
The Milk Farm Restaurant was established in 1928. The restaurant closed in 1986 and the building was destroyed in 2000. However, this 100 foot tall sign on I-80 has been landmarked and will remain in place. It was built in 1963. I believe the cow and moon piece revolved. The original rooftop sign was created in 1938 and now sits in a nearby pasture. The rooftop sign's cow and moon rocked back and forth via a motorized hinge. The cow's tail moved up and down. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Douglas City Signs:
Timber Lodge Motel

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