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2016 Roadtrips:

  • Memorial Day Weekend: 3-day trip to San Francisco & north of there
  • 4th of July Weekend: 3-day trip to San Diego with some Los Angeles & Orange County stops
  • Summer Trip: 2-week trip covering northern California, Oregon and Washington
  • Later This Year: a couple of Southern California trips (Palm Springs area; Kern/Inyo Counties)

    2017 Roadtrips:

  • Summer Trip: 3-week trip covering Arizona & New Mexico & some Texas
  • Smaller Trips: TBD

    Website Improvements & Maintenance:

  • In 2016, I added links throughout my website for the thousands of places and things in my notes which I haven't been able to shoot yet.
  • Current Projects:
    • Alphabetizing larger sections by city within the state sections (e.g., Theatres, Gas Stations, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern)
    • Culling dead links to external websites
    • Checking [map] links to see what changes have taken place (demolition, removal, repainting, etc.); lots of posts to my blog with the "news"

    My SCA Journal Articles:

  • July 2016 issue: Neon Extension Signs
  • December 2016 issue: Museum of Neon Art
  • July 2017 issue: Car Signs
  • December 2017 issue: Happy Bear Signs

    A Book?:
    Yes, the rumors are true. I'm working on a book right now about vintage signs. Titled, "Vintage Signs of America" (the publisher's suggestion and I can't come up with anything better). It's an English publisher so my spellings will be changed to English English which is rather odd. Not a coffee table book (approx. 9 1/2" x 6"; just under 100 pgs.) which means the photos won't be big but the book will be affordable (~$20). I'll be squeezing in about 175 signs (one photo of each). Making a gazillion phone calls for facts/histories right now for the captions. It should be out in October. I never really wanted to put out a book since I think my website is much more important (bigger photos, the ability to add & update which is something I take seriously and do on a daily basis). My website has more than 60,000 photos so a book seems minuscule, silly, and so limiting to me by comparison. But some people like print and there's status in it. I have never cared about that but whatever. Anyway, when this publisher came knocking, I hesitated and then gave in. I'll post the details here about the book when it's available.


    Many of you have asked me the locations of various places or suggested that I add addresses. Instead of adding addresses, I've added what I hope is even better for all of us. These "[map]" hyperlinks at the end of descriptions lead to Google Street View maps of the building, sign, or statue being described. Maybe you're like me and enjoy traveling virtually on-line and seeing these places in the context of nearby buildings or scrolling around the place in different directions or even in satellite view.

    Since a good percentage of the Google cars have taken photos within the past year or two, these maps will make it easy for me (and you) to verify if something is still there or if it's been altered. If the map doesn't jive with the photo, please let me know that something has happened to the place or thing. I'm hoping these maps will help you put together your own lists and maps of places to see and shoot. Google is constantly tweaking their maps so sometimes the "target" is off a little and you might have to spin the map around a little. There's nothing I can do about that but update the links when I notice things have shifted.


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