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2014 & 2015 Roadtrips

  • September 13 - 14: Los Angeles area trip. I'll get a sampling of these photos up this week at Flickr & the blog

  • The rest of the year: some weekend trips to the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles area

  • Summer 2015: most likely, a two week trip to Oregon & Washington



  • June 7-19: Utah, Idaho, Nevada & Northern California trip. I took about 2,000 photos for my website. Everything is up except the Idaho photos. I've just started working on those.

  • July 4-6: Sacramento & the East Bay Area trip. All the photos from this trip have been added to my website.

  • August 30 - September 1: San Jose & San Francisco Area trip. I'll be inserting these photos after I finish with the Idaho photos.


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    At the end of 2012, I moved from New York City to California. My job does not allow much time off but I am taking lots of weekend trips. And I will be taking two-week trips once a year for now. You might enjoy poking around in various sections at my website to find these California additions (e.g., Signs, Gas Stations, Mid-Century Modern, Eateries, Art Deco, etc.)

    I spent a good part of 2013 adding more than 10,000 photos from all over the country. Since then, I've been focusing on shooting and adding things from California (reshoots and new stuff). Eventually, I'll find a way to get back on the road for some bigger & further away trips again. I'm also updating descriptions throughout my website, adding links to places that I haven't been able to shoot yet, adding maps, and tweaking things. The white keyword search box at the top of every page is working magnificently now. I highly recommend using it when you are looking for something specific or a particular city.


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