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  • July 18 - Aug 2, 2015: a two week trip to the Northwest. I've finished adding the Oregon and California photos. Adding the Washington and Canada photos will probably keep me busy through November. Once this project is done, I'll get back to adding maps to the signs section.

  • 2016 trips: [TBD]
  • NEW NAME, STILL THE SAME You might have noticed in typing "" that my site is now automatically rolling over to its new name. It's still officially "" but there's now a shorter name. More appropriate since I haven't competed in agility for many years now. Typing or will get you to the home page faster. All the old pages still have the same names with just the different prefix. I have set up redirects for the old site name so you shouldn't bump into any dead ends if you have bookmarks or get here via hyperlinks. But if you do, please let me know! You might also notice that I have a new email account to go with this change (see the yellow bar above right).



    I started off 2015 with a redesign of my blog. The photos are bigger now and the text should be easier to read. I hope you like the new look (click on the link in the yellow bar above). My blog gives you a sneak peek at what I've been documenting for the website and other random stuff. I post a handful of photos from each day either while on the road or as soon as I get home. Many of the photos are lesser subjects (crusty old signs & buildings) that don't get posted to my website. I've also started adding posts once in awhile with roadside news. You might want to join the cult (ha!) and become a follower.



    For diehard fans of my website and/or for those of you who are just into detail, I have created a sitemap which shows the structure and list of the 2400+ pages. This list is supposed to make the search engine robots happy. It should mean higher rankings and the greater likelihood of people finding my website through keyword searches at Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


    Many of you have asked me the locations of various places or suggested that I add addresses. That's a pretty big task considering I have about 2,500 pages with maybe an average of more than 15 places or things per page. Gawd, that's more than 37,000 addresses! Instead of adding addresses, I'm adding what I hope is even better for all of us. These "[map]" hyperlinks at the end of descriptions lead to Google Street View maps of the building, sign, or statue being described. Maybe you're like me and enjoy traveling virtually on-line and seeing these places in the context of nearby buildings or scrolling around the place in different directions or even in satellite view.

    Since a good percentage of the Google cars have taken photos within the past year or two, these maps will make it easy for me (and you) to verify if something is still there or if it's been altered. If the map doesn't jive with the photo, please let me know that something has happened to the place or thing. I'm hoping my maps will help you put together your own lists and maps of places to see and shoot. I have just the Signs section left to do but it's a biggie. That will probably take me until the end of the year.


    At the end of 2012, I moved from New York City to California. My job does not allow much time off but I am taking lots of weekend trips to take new photos for the website. For now, I am taking two-week trips once a year. I might be able to persuade the boss to permit a three-week trip eventually. But those five-week marathons of the past may have to wait about ten years until I can hopefully retire.

    I spent a good part of 2013 adding more than 10,000 photos from all over the country. Since then, I've been focusing on shooting and adding things from California (reshoots and new stuff). I'm also updating descriptions throughout my website, adding links to places that I haven't been able to shoot yet, adding maps, and tweaking things.

    A couple of accomplishments since I've been home more: I have finally licked Internet Explorer compatibility issues with my site. And the white keyword search box at the top of every page is working magnificently now. I highly recommend using it when you are looking for something specific or a particular city.


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