Animal Statues

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This section is devoted to animal statues: giant, life-sized, and sometimes smaller than life. While my preference is for fiberglass and concrete, there are some wood and bronze statues as well. There are about 110 pages and over 3,600 photos in this section. There are also other sections at my website which have lots of animal statues (Fairy Tale Parks, Mini Golf, Collections, etc.). If you know of any statues that I may have missed, I'd love to hear about them. Enjoy!

Dogs Cats & Wild Cats Cows & Bulls Buffalo & Bison Horses
Bears Elephants, Mammoths
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Moose, Deer,
Elk & Camels
Pigs Gorillas & Monkeys Other Mammals
Rabbits & Hares Mice Birds Fish
Insects Frogs Snakes Dragons & Serpents
Alligators Turtles & Tortoises Other Reptiles Crabs Lobsters, Crawfish & Shrimp
Dolphins Sharks Whales Octopuses Other Sea Creatures Sea Creature
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