Dolphin Statues

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Blue Dolphin Diner
Apalachin, NY
Daytona Beach, FL
Long Beach, CA
Marina, CA
The Blue Dolphin Diner features this dolphin on its roof. [map]

The Dolphin in Daytona Beach has been located at the Big Shark Gift Shop since at least 2014. [map]

The three bronze Dolphins in Long Beach was installed in a traffic circle fountain near The Aquarium in 1988. The sculpture is about 10 feet tall and was created by James "Bud" Bottoms. It is entitled the "Rainbow Riders." [map]

These fiberglass Dolphins in Marina are installed in front of City Hall. They have been there since at least 2007. [map]

Marathon, FL
The Dolphin with the Baby Dolphin is installed at the Dolphin Research Center. The statue is 30 feet tall. The dolphin that starred in the TV show "Flipper" is buried at the Center. [map]

Dolphin Fountain
Santa Barbara, CA
Dolphin Fountain
Pomona, CA
Wildwood, NJ
This Dolphin Fountain was created by Bud Bottoms. The bronze statue was installed at the foot of Stearns Wharf in 1985. It is entitled "Dolphin Family." [map]

This Dolphin Fountain in Pomona was designed by Millard Sheets and built in 1962. The five-foot-long bronze sculpture entitled "Diving Porpoise" was created by John Edward Svenson. [map]

These statues of Dolphins in Wildwood are located at the Starlight Fleet which features dolphin and whale watching trips. [map]

Dolphin Fountain
Westminster, CA
Dolphin Fountain
Cerritos, CA
Pensacola Beach, FL
Vero Beach, FL
The bronze Dolphin Fountain in Westminster is located in front of the Asian Garden Mall. It has been there since at least 2007. [map]

The Dolphin Fountain in Cerritos is located at the Cerritos Civic Center. The bronze sculpture was created by George Lundeen and installed in 1997. [map]

The Dolphin in Pensacola Beach is installed in front of the Frisky Dolphin Sunset Oyster Bar & Grill. [map]

This Dolphins is installed below the sign for Sandy's Furniture. It has been there since the late 1990s or early 2000s. [map]

Vilano Beach, FL
These Dolphin have been installed on the Vilano Beach Pier since at least 2008. [map]

Tallahassee, FL
The fountain in Waller Park was built in the 1970s. The 50-foot-long Dolphins sculpture group by Hugh Branford Nicholson was added in 2003. The "Stormsong" dolphins are made of cast stainless steel and aluminum. [map]

Port Aransas, TX
These Dolphins have been located in front of Bay Quest since at least 2007. The store was recovering from Hurricane Harvey when these photos were taken in 2018. [map]

Dolphins, Seal & Killer Whale
Pismo Beach, CA
These Dolphins, Seal & Killer Whale statues are located at the playground of Dinosaur Caves Park. The park opened in 2003. There is also a Dinosaur & Eggs here. [map]

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