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Lansdale, PA
Orlando, FL
Shokan, NY
The Cow in Lansdale is installed above the entrance to Freddy Hill Farms which opened as a dairy store in 1972. [map]

The Cow in Orlando has been installed on the roof of T.G. Lee Dairy since at least 2007. There used to be a much larger cow on a trailer but that appears to be gone now. [map]

The Cow in Shokan stood on top of the sign at Reservoir Deli & Dairy. She appears to be life-sized. The store now houses a hair salon but the cow remains. [map]

Stephenville, TX
Moo-La, a life-sized fiberglass cow, was installed downtown on a pole in 1972. The sign below her was repainted several times over the years with increasing claims of Erath County's annual milk sales production. The sign was painted over with different wording sometime after 2015. For more, see this website. [map]

Libertyville, IL
Cow [gone]
Schenectady, NY
Merrill, WI
Vallejo, CA
This Cow in Libertyville is located on the mini golf course at Lambs Farm. There is another one with horns.

This Cow in Schenectady was installed on the roof of F. Cappiello Dairy Products which had been producing Italian cheeses since 1921. The store closed in 2022 and the statue is gone.

This Cow in Merrill is located on a roof at the Van der Geest Dairy Farm. There is a light on the cow's nose which is lit red for the Christmas holiday season. [map]

This Cow in Vallejo is installed on top of the sign at Jersey Crown Dairy convenience store. [map]

San Francisco, CA
This Cow in San Francisco hung above the Holy Cow Nightclub. Since 2022, the space has been occupied by the Eve Nightclub and the cow was repainted. [map]

Country Market
Morongo Valley, CA
The Country Market cow is installed on the canopy. It has been there since at least 2007. Around 2018, the statue was repainted. [map]

Bombay Beach, CA
22nd & Irving Market
San Francisco, CA
dairy farm
Sonoma, CA
The cow in Bombay Beach is installed on the roof of a residence. It has been there since at least 2021. [map]

This cow in San Francisco is located inside the 22nd & Irving Market.

These cows in Sonoma flank the entrance to an unidentified dairy farm. [map]

Norwalk Dairy [gone]
Santa Fe Springs, CA
The Norwalk Dairy was still functioning as a dairy with live cows behind the building when these photos were taken in 2014. It closed in 2015 and the statue was removed. The building was demolished in 2016.

Smith Brothers
Farms [gone]
Kent, WA
Rio Linda, CA
Smith Brothers Farms was established in 1920. The company has owned this cow since possibly the 1970s. It had been stolen several times. "Bessie" was stolen by high school students in 2009. Since she had been bolted to the sign, the students sawed off her hooves. The statue was eventually found and repaired and then installed inside the company's headquarters.

This Cow is installed on the canopy over the gas pumps at Rio Food & Liquor. [map]

Durham, NC
This Cow in Durham was located at Taqueria Mirandas when this photo was taken in 2010. The cow was still wearing the remains of a Santa costume. It was dressed up for the Christmas holidays each year. The statue was originally installed on the roof when the building housed a dairy store. The building now houses Taqueria la Vaquita. The cow is still dressed up for holidays. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [second photo thanks Robby Delius] [map]

Montebello, CA
La Mirada, CA
Fullerton, CA
This Cow in Montebello is installed on top of the canopy at Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy. In 2019, it was announced that the dairy was closing. The statue will probably be gone soon. [map]

This Cow in La Mirada tops another Rockview Dairy sign. [map]

This Cow in Fullerton is also located on top of a Rockview Dairy store sign. These statues were produced by International Fiberglass. There is another one of them in Pocahontas, IA. [map]

Cow [gone]
Lakewood, CA
South Gate, CA
This Cow in Lakewood was perched on top of this Rockview Dairy store sign. This five-foot-tall statue was produced by International Fiberglass. By 2022, the store had closed and the sign and statue were gone.

The Cows in South Gate were installed on the roof of the Rockview Farms storage and distribution center. By 2022, only one cow was left. [map]

These vintage advertisements from International Fiberglass show the Rockview Dairy sign in Whittier, CA from Terry Nelson: 1 and 2.

Chico, CA
Cow [gone]
Cedar City, UT
Wichita, KS
This Cow in Chico is located at Ideal Auto Sales, now Ideal Steel Buildings. [map]

This Cow in Cedar City was installed on the roof of the Top Spot Drive Inn. The Top Spot closed in 2015. The Cow was gone by 2018 while the building was still vacant.

This Cow in Wichita is installed above the entrance of the Hiland Dairy Foods Company. The statue appears to be from the same mold as the one in Lakewood. [map]

Ardmore, OK
Black Earth, WI
Decatur, IL
This Cow was used to advertise for Colvert's Dairy Products at a local market in Ardmore. It is now displayed inside the Greater Southwest Historical Museum.

This Cow in Black Earth has now been painted blue. [photo thanks Mark Comstock] [map]

This small Cow in Decatur stands in front of Good's Floor Store. [map]

Dubuque, IA
Norwalk, CT
Cows [gone]
North Providence, RI
These Cows in Dubuque are installed on the roof of the Swiss Valley Farms production plant. [map]

The Cow in Norwalk is located in front of Stew Leonard's. This supermarket has another cow inside and another at their Danbury, CT location. [map]

These Cows in North Providence were installed on the roof of Christiansen's Dairy. The business closed in 2019. Everything was put up for sale. These statues are gone.

Petaluma, CA
This Cow was installed on the roof of the Petaluma Creamery around 2013. [map]

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