Head Bump Cows

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The fiberglass cow statues on this page are all the same type and were apparently produced from the same mold. I believe they are still being produced by FAST Fiberglass. They all have their front feet together and a noticeable bump on top of their heads. Therefore, I have taken to calling them "Head Bump Cows" for lack of another name. These statues have visible ribs at their mid-sections. Their heads are turned slightly to the left.

FAST Corporation
Sparta, WI
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Jilly the Cow
Brevort, MI
This patriotic cow statue was photographed at FAST Corporation around 2001. It was ready for shipment. I don't know if FAST produced the mold for these statues or if it was acquired by one of its predecessors.

The Cow in Sturgeon Bay is located at Schopf's Hilltop Dairy. [map]

Jilly the Cow stood on a trailer and was temporarily displayed in front of an ice cream stand when this photo was taken in 2009. The statue advertises for Jilbert's Dairy (see below). The trailer is moved around for local events and parades.

Jilbert's Dairy
Marquette, MI
In addition to the trailer cow shown above, Jilbert's Dairy has two other Jillys cow statues. One stands in a garden while the other is perched on a silo. Jilbert's has been producing and delivering milk since 1937. The statues have been here since around 1990. [map]

Goodview, MN
Linwood, MI
This Cow statue in Goodview was parked at a Kwik Trip gas station when this photo was taken in 2012.

This Cow statue in Linwood is installed in front of the Williams Cheese Company store. [map]

Dallas, TX
This Cow statue stood at the Schepps Dairy plant when these photos were taken in 2011. The business is now known as the Oak Farms Dairy and the cow is still there. [map]

Clermont, GA
This Cow statue has been installed in front of the Mountain Fresh Creamery since at least 2013. She is named "Dipsy". [map]

Harvard, IL
Harvard was once known as the Milk Capital of the World. The town still celebrates with an annual Milk Days festival. The original statue of Harmilda was built in 1966. It was produced by Prewitt Fiberglass Animals for $250,000. In 1970, the Harvard Herald had a Name the Cow contest. The name of Harmilda was chosen as an abbreviation for Harvard Milk Days.

In 1977, the original Harmilda was put in storage and replaced with this cow statue. It stands in Five Points Park. The old statue was brought out during Milk Days and taken to other cities for parades. I don't know if this is still done. The mural behind the statue was created by Cindy Synove in 2003. [map]

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