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The fiberglass bull statues below are the smooth, beefy models with halters. They are about 12 feet tall. They all have their left hind leg in a forward position. I believe these smoother coated statues were meant to represent Black Angus cattle and were usually painted black.

Wautoma, WI
Elsie the Cow
Elsie, MI
This Bull statue in Wautoma is installed in front of the Silvercryst restaurant and motel. [map]

Elsie the Cow stands outside the village hall in Elsie. Not to be confused with Borden's Elsie, the town was named after the first child born in town when it was settled back in 1857. This statue was originally located at a dairy farm in town. [map]

Moe's Diner
Osseo, WI
The Moe's Diner bull watches the interstate traffic from the top of the restaurant's sign. This statue appears to have had a blanket sign like those shown on the next page. However, this statue's more detailed halter is a match for those shown here. Moe's Diner also has a Rooster. Moe's closed in 2017. These statues were still there in 2018. [map]

Eau Claire, WI
Chippewa Falls, WI
Chippewa Falls, WI
This Bull statue in Eau Claire was incorporated into the sign of Heckel's Family Restaurant. He wears a "cheesehead" hat typically worn by Green Bay Packers fans. By 2008, the Heckel's Eau Claire location had closed and the statue was moved to the Chippewa Falls location.

The fuzzy-coated bull on a trailer at this location has a unique halter and fur pattern. It may have been remodeled or produced by another company. [map]

Moomaw Elevator & Trucking
Stewardson, IL
Denison, IA
These two statues are a match for those above, however, they do not have halters.

The Moomaw Elevator & Trucking bull is accompanied by smaller statues of a pig, a goat and a lamb. [map]

This Bull statue represents Earl Marshall, a champion Angus steer. This statue was originally located in Sunset Park in Denison. It was moved here to the Crawford County Fairgrounds in 1982. [map]

Bub Hyder Ranch
Edneyville, NC
The Bub Hyder Ranch bull statues were laying on their sides near the fence when these photos were taken in 2007. By 2009, they were upright. The black statue is the same type as those shown above. The brown and white statue is like those shown on this page. Bub Hyder has a large collection of Americana on display at his ranch, including a couple of Giant Men.

Mr. Happy Burger West
Logansport, IN
former Mr. Happy
Burger East
Logansport, IN
Okie's Restaurant [gone]
Muskogee, OK
Krekel's Custard
Mount Zion, IL
These Mr. Happy Burger locations were located at opposite ends of town. One of them was built in 1961. The statues are a match for those shown above with the additions. The bibs on both statues and the chef's hat on one of them appear to be original parts of the statues. The "West" statue also has a protruding tongue. The "East" location is now known as Hap's Ice Cream. These statues were installed in the late 1970s. Another Mr. Happy Burger in Elwood, IN was built in 1968. [West map]; [East map]

The Okie's Restaurant bull statue is installed on the roof. Apparently, his red eyes glowed in the dark. The statue's bib appears to be the same as those of the Logansport statues. It also has horns which may have been added at some point. The restaurant closed and the bull was removed sometime between 2016 and 2018.

This Krekel's Custard bull is installed on the roof. This statue is a different, much smaller model like those shown on this page. The bib is not part of the fiberglass statue. This statue was left here by the previous restaurant that occupied the building. This location also features a Chicken Mobile. Krekel's has been around since the 1950s and has about five other locations in the area. [map]

The Bull statues below with the chef's hats are a different model from those above. They are smaller, the body and head are not as beefy, the ears are smaller, and the head is cocked slightly to the left. The horns curl around from behind the ears. The left hind legs are next to one another. The chef's hats are taller. This statue probably had a protruding tongue originally. These statues were produced by Sculptured Advertising in Sparta, WI in the early 1960s.

Chicago Heights, IL
This Bull statue once stood on top of the La Vaquita Restaurant which is gone now. It now stands in an empty lot next to the Los Portales Mexican Restaurant. Around 2013, the statue was repainted. For more, see this website. [map]

Bob's Roast Beef [gone]
Lincoln, IL
Bonanza Steakhouse
Lincoln, IL
(now Atlanta, IL)
Roadhouse BBQ [gone]
Onsted, MI
There were two bull statues in Lincoln, IL: one at Bob's Roast Beef and another at the Bonanza Steakhouse. They are the same type as the statue in Chicago Heights shown above. The Bob's Roast Beef statue had a protruding tongue. The one at the Bonanza Steakhouse does not have the tongue, hat, or bib. I don't know if it was remodeled at some point or if these statues could be ordered this way. The photos of the Bob's Roast Beef statue is from 2005. By 2012, the building was demolished and the statue was gone. For more, see this website.

The Bonanza bull, known as "Curly," was originally installed at the Bonanza restaurant in Springfield, IL in 1967. This photo is from 2005. He was moved to this Lincoln location in 1995. When the restaurant closed in 2018, the statue was sold and moved to the 217 Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Atlanta, IL. [map]

The Randy's Roadhouse BBQ rooftop statue was another example of this type. The bib was a close match to that of the Bob's Roast Beef statue. The Chicago Heights bib is different. There may have been some remodeling to it over the years. The Randy's statue did not have horns or a chef's hat. Those may have been removed to accommodate the addition of the derby hat. This statue was there in 2005 when the building housed the Golden Nugget Saloon. This photo is from 2011. By 2014, the building appeared to be vacant and the statue was gone.

More "Smooth" Bull Statues:
Munster, IN
Wellington, KY [map]

More Bull Statues with Chef's Hats and/or Bibs:
Dagsboro, DE (previously Ocean City, MD and Chincoteague, VA: 1, 2)
Dottie's Restaurant: 1 and 2 (New Port Richey, FL) [gone]
Waynesville, OH
Milwaukee, WI

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