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Three Chefs [gone]
Mason, MI
Cecil's Cafe [gone]
Marshalltown, IA
Mister Chicken
Dearborn Heights, MI
Gene's Restaurant
Schuyler, NE
The Three Chefs featured a "Broaster Chicken" on its roof while the Mister Chicken features one atop their sign. This statue must have been used by a chain affiliated with Broaster Foods. I assume these hat-wearing rooster statues came first and inspired the other types (see below). The Three Chefs restaurant has been demolished and replaced with a Wendy's. The whereabouts of the rooster is unknown. [photo thanks Mark Comstock]

The Cecil's Cafe Broaster Chicken was installed on a pole next to the restaurant. By 2022, the cafe had closed and the statue was gone.

Mister Chicken was established in 1961. This statue is installed on top of the restaurant's sign. [map]

The chicken at Gene's Restaurant was installed on a pole in front of the restaurant by 2008. Since around 2014, the restaurant has housed Garnacha's House which serves Central American food. The chicken is still there. [map]

Bridges Restaurant
Princeton, IA
Red Rooster
Eldon, IA
Fast Eddie's
Fried Chicken
Alton, IL
Drive-Inn [gone]
Goldfield, IA
Bridges Restaurant featured this rooftop Broaster Chicken. It wasn't clear if this place was still open when this photo was taken in 2010. The statue was still there in 2015 but gone by 2016. It has been moved nearby. [map]

The broaster chicken at Red Rooster Rental has been there since at least 2007. [map]

Fast Eddie's Fried Chicken's chicken is installed on a pole next to the restaurant. [map]

The Dari-y Drive-Inn chicken was protected behind fencing. He was nicknamed Ronnie Rooster. The statue was still there in 2013. By 2018, the business had closed and the statue was gone.

Chicken [gone]
Turlock, CA
Redwood Coast
Cellular [gone]
Eureka, CA
Sidney Gulch RV Park
Weaverville, CA
The Broaster Chicken in Turlock advertised for Shady Oak Organic Eggs. The statue had been there since at least 2012. It was gone by 2021.

The Redwood Coast Cellular chicken was dressed up like Uncle Sam. This statue was slightly different from the others shown here and was probably built later. This photo is from 2008. The statue was removed sometime between 2013 and 2015.

The Sidney Gulch RV Park chicken was installed sometime between 2018 and 2021. [map]

Lounge & Broaster
Hugo, MN
Bob's Cafe [gone]
Sioux Falls, SD
De Toy's
Family Restaurant
Madison, MN
The Blacksmith Lounge & Broaster has a wood-carved broaster chicken statue. [map]

Bob's Cafe and De Toy's Family Restaurant feature signs with broaster chicken images. Bob's Cafe had closed by 2018 and the signs were gone. [De Toy's map]

More Broaster Chickens:
Acton, CA [gone]
Le Mars, IA
Paynesville, MN [map]
Pioneer, TN [gone]

These Rooster statues shown below which I refer to as "Big-Tailed Roosters" were produced by Sculptured Advertising in the early 1960s. The company was based in Sparta, WI and was the precursor to FAST Fiberglass which is the biggest producer of fiberglass statues in the country. These statues are about 12 feet tall. For more, see this website.

Rooster [gone]
Pigeon Forge, TN
East Peoria, IL
Rooster [gone]
Eau Claire, WI
The Rooster in Pigeon Forge stood outside the Tennessee Oak Furniture store. They called him the "Big C" for Big Chicken. In the mid-1970s, the statue stood in front of the Three Bears Gift Shop. The City of Pigeon Forge sued for illegal signage but the store won with the judge ruling the rooster was not a sign. This photo from 1984 shows the same or very similar statue in front of Shirt World. The statue was put in storage around 1988 and moved to this site in 2004. These photos are from 2005. The furniture store is now known as Timber Valley Furniture. The rooster is gone but it may be the one in Atlanta shown below.

The Rooster in East Peoria stands in front of Carl's Bakery & Restaurant. [map]

The Rooster in Eau Claire was installed on the roof of Ron's Family Restaurant when this photo was taken in 2007. By 2010, the restaurant had a new name and the rooster was gone.

Atlanta, GA
2007: 2021:
The Rooster in Atlanta stood in front of the Tropical Flavor Restaurant in 2007. The belt, hat, neck scarf, and similar paint makes me strongly suspect that this could be the same, restored statue that was in Pigeon Forge (see row above). In 2015, the building began housing the Jamrock Restaurant. [map]

Coxs Creek, KY
Hudson, MI
(now Pinckney, MI)
Spencer, IN
Rooster [gone?]
Osseo, WI
The Rooster in Coxs Creek stands in front of the Rooster Run General Store. He sports a bib that says "Hello, my name is Ozzy Frank". [map]

The Rooster in Hudson was located at Borg Poultry Farm when this photo was taken in 2011. It is now in Pinckney, MI at Ed Bock Feeds & Stuff. [map]

The Rooster in Spencer is installed at the Owen County Fairgrounds. It was originally located at a restaurant in town which closed.

The Rooster in Osseo was located in front of Moe's Diner where there is also a steer statue on top of the diner's sign. Moe's closed in 2017. Both statues were still there in 2018. The Rooster was stolen in 2021 and found a month later. However, it had not been reinstalled a year later. [map]

Rooster [gone?]
Potterville, MI
Birnamwood, WI
Barrel Drive-in
Clear Lake, IA
(now Waseca, MN)
The Rooster in Potterville advertised for Joe's Gizzard City. It was parked on Lansing Rd. when it isn't being driven around towns in parades. It was not there in 2019. I don't know if it's gone. [map]

The Rooster in Birnamwood stands on top of a sign on Highway 45 advertising for the nearby Chet & Emil's Restaurant. Naturally, they serve broasted chicken. [map]

The Barrel Drive-in rooster was once installed on a trailer and used in local parades. This drive-in opened in 1958 but I don't know how long the rooster was there. This photo is from 2010. The drive-in closed in 2017 and was demolished in 2018. This statue was sold to Barney's Drive-in in Waseca, MN for $3,000. [map]

Marathon station
Warren, IN
Ron's Roost
Cincinnati, OH
Rooster [gone]
Logansport, IN
Noblesville, IN
The Rooster in Warren is located at a Marathon gas station. [map]

The Rooster at Ron's Roost restaurant is installed on the roof. [map]

The Rooster in Logansport stood in front of Next Day Container when this photo was taken in 2010. By 2014, the statue was gone.

The Rooster in Noblesville stood in front of a former antiques store when these photos were taken in 2006. The rooster and building had been freshly painted white and a new business was moving in. The rooster may have been installed when Aunt Bee's Restaurant was here. The rooster had been quite colorful before. By 2013, the business in the building behind the rooster was Hamilton Hills Animal Hospital. The statue remains and is still painted white. For more, see this website. [map]

Marinette, WI
Waukesha, WI
Rooster [gone]
Pardeeville, WI
(now Portage, WI)
The Rooster in Marinette is located at a BP gas station. It was previously installed at the Ellis Big Chicken Restaurant which is gone now. For more, see this website. [map]

The Rooster in Waukesha stands in front of a farm west of town. [map]

The Rooster in Pardeeville was installed on the roof of the Big Chicken Resale Shop when this photo was taken in 2011. Later that year, the store moved to Portage. The rooster was installed over the entrance there. By 2018, the store had moved again and the rooster was installed on the roof. The statue is only about five feet tall. I have not seen this smaller size before. A tag identifies the manufacturer of this statue as Creative Display, an early fiberglass statue producer. [map]

Conway, AR
The Rooster is installed in front of David's Burgers. It has been there since at least 2013. David's opened this location in 2010. [map]

More "Big-Tailed" Roosters:
Jonesboro, AR [gone]
Dubuque, IA
West Des Moines, IA [map]
Delphi, IN
Old Hickory?, TN [gone?]
Pigeon Forge, TN
Holmen, WI

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