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Chicken [gone]
Bridgeton, NJ
The Chicken in Bridgeton stood in front of Fisher's Food Center. He was stolen several times. These photos are from 2006. In 2010, Fisher's closed and was replaced by Hopewell Custard. The steer on the roof was still there but the chicken was gone. Sometime after 2013, Hopewell Custard closed.

Abingdon, VA
Chicken [gone]
Lebanon, PA
Seeley Lake, MT
Bonner Springs, KS
2010: 2023:
The Chicken in Abingdon stands on top of the sign at Dutt & Wagner of Virginia, an egg producer. [map]

The Chicken in Lebanon was installed on the roof of Mark Hershey Farms, an animal feed manufacturer. By 2018, the statue was gone.

The Chicken in Seeley Lake has been installed in front of the Chicken Coop Restaurant since at least 2007. The restaurant opened in 1990 and the statue may have been there since then. [map]

The Chicken in Bonner Springs is located at the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame. The statue has been repainted at least a couple of times since 2010.

There is another chicken-in-vegetation statue like these in Bethel, PA.

Delano, MN
This Chicken is about 13 feet tall and located at a BP gas station. It was installed here in 1988. The chicken was designed by FAST Fiberglass to hold a child's swing under each arm. [map]

There was another statue like this one in Parkston, SD.

Brentwood, PA
Seaside Heights, NJ
Merrill, WI
The Rooster in Brentwood is installed in front of Rowdy B.B.Q. This appears to be a modern, unique creation. "Rowdy" was installed around 2007. [map]

The Chicken in Seaside Heights was located on the Boardwalk with several other fiberglass statues when this photo was taken in 2007. I don't know if it is still there.

The Chicken in Merrill is installed next to Ed & Sharon's Restaurant. He is nicknamed "Eddie" after the owner. [map]

Chicken [gone]
Byron Center, MI
Chicken [gone]
Prudenville, MI
St. Louis, MI
Forest Hill, TX
Levering, MI
Honor, MI
Greenbush, MI
Clawson, MI
These eight fiberglass chickens were produced by Ben Robinson of the Plycrete Mold Co. The original sculpture from which the mold was made was created by Elmer Johnson. The company was based in Elk Rapids, MI. I have not seen these statues outside of Michigan.

The Chicken in Byron Center was installed in the parking lot of Jake's Bar & Grill at the Byron Center Hotel. By 2018, the statue and the restaurant were gone. [first photo thanks Clayton Lubbers]

The Chicken in Prudenville stood in front of the Lake Break restaurant. This photo is from 2006. By 2008, the restaurant had closed and the statue was gone.

The Chicken in St. Louis is located in front of The Original Tony's Giant Steak Sandwich which opened in 1946. The statue was repainted around 2007. [map]

The Chicken in Forest Hill was installed at Oliver's Fried Chicken. The statue has been there since at least 2008. The business is now Lisa's Chicken & Seafood but the chicken is still there. [map]

The Chicken in Levering has been painted red, white and blue since 2009. He is located at the Levering Cafe. [map]

The Chicken in Honor stands in front of the Cherry Bowl Drive-in. I believe the statue is removed during the off-season. [map]

The Chicken in Greenbush was draped with Christmas tree lights when I took this photo in 2011. The statue stands in front of the Red Rooster Restaurant. [map]

The Chicken in Clawson was installed on the roof of Faym-Us Chicken when these photos were taken in 2006. The restaurant closed around 2012. Around 2016, the place reopened as the Atomic Chicken. The statue was still there but the sign was gone. In 2020, the restaurant had closed but the statue was still there. [map]

More Plycrete Chickens:
Oakland, MD
Fremont, MI
Hudsonville, MI [gone]

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