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Granby, CO
Saint-Simon, QC
Charolais Bulls
Hays, KS
Dundee, MS
The Bull statue in Granby is installed at Fitch Ranch Meats & Market. [map]

The Bull statue in Saint-Simon is installed at Ferme Rodrigue Fournier. [map]

The first Charolais Bull in Hays shown above is installed at the Schumacher Trust Ranch. [map]

The second Charolais Bull in Hays shown above also advertises for the Schumacher Trust Ranch. It is installed on I-70. This statue no longer has testicles. [map]

The Bull statue in Dundee has no business below him or sign of a nearby cattle ranch. [map]

Hereford Bull
Kansas City, MO
This Hereford Bull statue in Kansas City overlooks I-35 from a 60-foot-tall pedestal. The fiberglass statue was built in 1953 for the American Hereford Association. It was originally installed on a 90-foot-tall pedestal next to the Association's building. The bull was nicknamed Bob ("Bull on Building"). The Association moved and the new tenants of the building took down the statue. In 2002, it was restored and moved its present location in Mulkey Square Park. For more, see this website. [map]

Albert the Bull
Audubon, IA
Albert the Bull at 28 feet tall is supposedly the World's Largest Bull. He is meant to represent the perfect Hereford Bull. Albert was built in 1964 of concrete and steel. He stands at Albert the Bull Park and Campground. These photos are from 2006. The statue was restored in 2017. His eyes are now brown. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Casa del Sol [gone]
Ascutney, VT
The Market [gone]
Reno, NV
Heaven Hill Hereford Farm
Marshall, WI
The Casa del Sol Mexican restaurant displayed this furry bull statue. The Casa del Sol opened in 2009. This photo is from 2009. By 2013, the restaurant had closed and the statue was gone.

The furry bull at The Market had been there since at least 2011. This photo is from 2014. By 2015, The Market had closed and the statue was gone.

The Heaven Hill Hereford Farm bull is another example of the furry type. His left jaw has been damaged and repainted. [map]

Country Trail Antiques [gone]
Hubbardston, MA
Bucking Bull [gone]
Kanab, UT
The Country Trail Antiques bull was another from the same mold as those shown above. These photos were taken in 2011. The bull was gone later that year.

This Bucking Bull was located at Spurs Grill & Saloon. The statue was a mix of taxidermy and plaster. It was installed sometime after 2008. These photos are from 2014. By 2018, the statue and the restaurant building itself were gone.

El Toro Diablo
Santa Fe, NM
The El Toro Diablo is 15 feet long and was built by Will Shuster in 1952. Originally, the mechanical bull featured a swishing tail and flashing eyes. He could buck, rear, and move his head back and forth. It looks like he might still move up and down but the head and tail look stationary. He appears each year at the Rodeo Parade in June. The rest of the year, the statue is stored at the rodeo site. [map]

Cattle Drive
Roundup, MT
This bronze Cattle Drive sculpture was created by Greg Eiselien. It was installed in 2022 in front of the Musselshell County Courthouse. The sculpture depicts Teddy "Blue" Abbott driving longhorn cattle across the Musselshell River. Abbott drove cattle from Texas to Alberta, Canada. [map]

Cattle Drive
Pendleton, OR
These Cattle Drive sculptures were created by Michael Booth. There are nine Hereford cattle, a Border Collie, and two cowboys on horseback. The concrete sculpture group was installed next to the interstate in 1999. [map]

Cattle Drive
McAlester, OK
In 2009, these Cattle Drive sculptures were created by Michael Booth like the group above in Pendleton, OR. There are nine cows, two cowboys on horseback, and a Heeler. They are installed next to the interstate at Eastern Oklahoma State College. For more, see this website. [map]

More Cattle Drive Statues:
Okeechobee, FL
The Villages, FL
Dallas, TX

Bronze Bulls
St. Paul, MN
These three Bronze Bulls are located at the University of Minnesota campus. They were created by Peter Woytuk and installed from 2001-2002. The statues are about 14 feet long. For more, see this website. [map]

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