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Pontiac Service
Norwell, MA
Town Square Diner
Norwood, MA
Carriage House
Motel [gone]
Peabody, MA
Joseph's Pontiac Service was established in 1928. This Pontiac sign is a reproduction. Their original was donated to the American Sign Museum. [map]

The Town Square Diner opened in 1948. This sign was refurbished around 2006. For more, see this website. [map]

The Carriage House Motel had been closed since 2008. This photo was taken in 2010. The motel and sign were demolished in 2012.

Lantern Restaurant
Pittsfield, MA
The Lantern Restaurant opened in 1926. This sign is obviously from much later. [map]

More Pittsfield Signs:

Provincetown Signs:
Lobster Pot

Quincy Signs:
Dairy Queen
Safe Buy Used Cars [vintage; gone]

Benny's Home & Auto [gone]
Raynham, MA
Salem Beer Works
Salem, MA
Connie's Stagecoach [gone]
Salisbury, MA
Benny's Home & Auto was a local chain that had been around since 1924. This location opened in 1962. In 2017, all the the locations closed. The signs were all gone by 2019.

This witch sign was installed inside the Salem Beer Works brewery and restaurant. The 10-foot wide sign was originally part of a larger one that was 80 feet long and installed at the Salem Sign Company. The neon was originally white. Salem Beer Works closed in 2021 and the sign was moved to storage at Notch Brewing for now.

The Connie's Stagecoach restaurant sign looks like it has always been encased in a box. It appears it may have revolved. This photo is from 2011. By 2015, the sign had been replaced with a backlit plastic box sign.

Rowley Signs:
McIntyre's Restaurant [vintage; gone]

More Salem Signs:
Puleo's Dairy

Motel [gone]
Saugus, MA
Ferns Motel
Saugus, MA
Karl's Sausage Kitchen
Saugus, MA
Chisholm's Motel was built in the late 1930s or early 1940s. This photo is from around 2001. By 2007, the sign had been replaced with a new one with plastic panels.

Ferns Motel was built in 1952. In 2003, the motel's old sign was replaced with the modern plastic one shown above. By 2018, the motel had closed and the property was fenced off. I don't expect this sign will be there much longer. [map]

Karl's Sausage Kitchen opened here in 1958. They are famous in the Boston area for their German meat products. This sign was built in 1961 for $3,000. It was installed at Karl's previous location which was about 500 yards away from where it is now. The store moved here in 1971. The old sign was deemed beyond repair in 2010. It was replaced with the new one shown above. For more, see this website. [map]

Hilltop Steak House
Saugus, MA
Hilltop Steak House [gone]
Springfield, MA
Hilltop Steak House [gone]
Braintree, MA
This Hilltop Steak House was the chain's original restaurant. Frank Giuffrida bought the Hilltop in 1961 and the sign was built by Mack Sign in 1967 for $68,000. It was designed by Charles Magliozzi. The sign is 67 feet tall and took five days to assemble. In 1988, Giuffrida sold the restaurant to a partner and it was later bought by a Denver-based company. The Hilltop was one of the largest steakhouses in the U.S. and one of the five biggest-volume restaurants in the country. The restaurant closed in 2013. In 2014, it was announced that the property had a buyer. The restaurant was demolished in 2015 but the sign will remain. In 2018, work on the sign began. The Hilltop letters will stay but the other letters and panels below will change to read "Shop, Dine, Live." The neon will be replaced with LED tubing. The property is being converted to a mixed-use development known as Avalon Saugus. [map]

The company had a mail order business at one time as well. There were two floors of dining rooms. There were two theme rooms (the Carson City room and the Virginia City room). The restaurant was famous for its 24-ounce bone-in sirloin. They also had a herd of fiberglass bulls installed by the road. They have been removed. [night photo thanks to DinerFan]

I don't know when the Springfield location opened. However, by 2005 when this photo was taken, it appeared to have been closed for a while. The building was then undergoing asbestos removal. It was demolished in 2006 and the sign removed in 2007.

The Braintree location opened around 1986. It occupied a former Valley's Steak House and kept its 1960s folded-plate exterior entrance. The sign replicated the one in Saugus. There were also lots of fiberglass bulls around the building like the Saugus location. In an auction in 2007, the bulls were sold and the sign was sold for $100. The property is now used by a Toyota dealership.

More Saugus Signs:
Kane's Doughnut House
Pine Crest Motel [vintage; gone]
Saugus Pines Motor Court [vintage; gone]
Siesta Motel [vintage; gone]

Shrewsbury Signs:
Hebert Candy Mansion [vintage; gone]

Southbridge Signs:
Big Bunny Market

South Hamilton Signs:
Connolly's Pharmacy

Family Restaurant [gone]
Springfield, MA
Koffee Kup Bake Shop
Springfield, MA
Sandwiches [gone]
Wakefield, MA
As of 2005, Russell's Family Restaurant was vacant. By 2010, this sign was gone. [photo thanks DinerFan]

The Koffee Kup Bake Shop is located in the Springfield Plaza shopping center. [map]

Santoro's Submarine Sandwiches was established in 1949 and developed a chain of restaurants in the area. This was the only location left. The store closed in 2014 and the sign was removed in 2015.

Three Rivers Signs:
Dominick's Restaurant

More Wakefield Signs:
Batten Bros. Sign Advertising

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