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Troy, AL
This metal Bull sculpture was created by Larry Godwin. Godwin owns the ArtWurks gallery in Brundidge, AL where he has also created a Rooster from car bumpers. [map]

Rapid City, SD
This Bull sculpture is located at A&A Auto Salvage. It was created with chrome car bumpers by Dan Gorman who owns the business. His creation looks a lot like the bumper creations of Larry Godwin. [map]

Longhorn Bull
Wichita, KS
Longhorn Bull
Wichita, KS
These Longhorn Bull sculptures were created by John Kearney in 1972 from chrome car bumpers. The "Two Steers" were installed in 1978, facing each other, in front of the Kansas Coliseum until 2011.

The first Longhorn Bull shown above is now installed in front of Maize South High School. [map]

The second Longhorn Bull sculpture above is installed next to the Arkansas River bridge. [map]

There are also two John Kearney horses in Wichita.

Murdo, SD
Bull Posing on Bench
Ellensburg, WA
This Bull statue is located at the Original 1800 Town tourist attraction.

The Bull Posing on Bench was created by Richard S. Beyer. It was installed in the Rotary Pavilion park in 1986. The statue is made of cast aluminum. [map]

Key West, FL
Smithtown, NY
The Bull in Key West is installed on the exterior wall of the Bull & Whistle Bar. [map]

The Bull in Smithtown is a 14-foot-tall bronze statue. It was built in 1923 and installed here on a concrete pedestal in 1941. There are several legends surrounding the origin of Smithtown. The most fanciful is that in the 1600s, Richard Smith rode "Whisper", his pet bull, in a deal to stake out property. [map]

Lake City, FL
Williams, AZ
These Bull statues were modeled after a bronze sculpture, possibly from the 1800s, but I cannot determine which one. These statues are now being produced in both fiberglass and aluminum versions.

This Bull in Lake City was installed in front of the Jordan Law Firm sometime between 2013 and 2019. They may have been based on the bronze statue at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. [map]

This Bull was installed at the El Rancho Motel around 2020. He is named "Achilles." [map]

Vancouver, BC
This bronze Bull in Vancouver was installed in front of the BC Turf Building downtown in 2000. It is a tribute to the building owner's favorite prize bull, Royal Sweet Diamond. The statue was created by Joe Fafard. [map]

Matador and Bull
Tucson, AZ

2008, 2012, 2017:

The Matador and Bull are installed in front of the Casa Molina restaurant. It is believed this is either the second or third version of the statue. The smaller and cruder original was built by Lee Koplin who was working on Magic Carpet Golf nearby. That statue was hit by a car and destroyed. It is believed that this replacement statue is the work of Michael Kautza. This statue is officially called "El Toro, the Brave Black Bull". The bull's testicles are painted different colors throughout the year. [map]

Brahman Bull
Hastings, FL
This Brahman Bull statue is installed on the roof of Bull's Chips, a potato chip producer. By 2021, the statue had been painted a light blue. [map]

Brahman Bull
Monticello, FL
The Brahman Bull statue in Monticello is installed in front of the Brahman Motel. It has been there since at least 2011 and probably much longer than that. [map]

Brahman Bull
Starke, FL


The Brahman Bull statue has been standing in the parking lot of Grannie's Country Cookin' since at least 2007. [map]

Brahman Bull
Gause, TX
Brahman Bull
Idabel, TX
The Brahman Bull statue in Gause is located at Kornegay's Ranch. [map]

The Brahman Bull statue in Idabel was installed on top of the sign at RH Hammonds Brahman Ranch. By 2022, it was displayed on the ground. [map]

More Bulls:
Chute Gates Steakhouse (Terryville, CT) [gone]
Fort Steakhouse (Fort Pierce, FL)
University of South Florida: 1, 2 (Tampa, FL)
Bull (Scott Air Force Base, IL)
Bull (Laotto)
Bull (Danville, KY)
Bull (Owensboro, KY)
Bull (Addis, LA)
Flying Bull (Easton, MD) [map]
Bull (Frederick, MD)
Merrill Lynch (Wyandotte, MI) [map]
American International Charolais Association Headquarters (Kansas City, MO) [map]
Bull & Bear (St. Louis, MO)
Bull (North Carolina - where?)
Bull (Manorville, NY)
Old Homestead Steakhouse (New York, NY)
Bull (Oxford, OH)
Bull (Houston, TX) [gone]
Bull (Mauston, WI)
Sizzler Restaurant Bull (vintage; location unknown)
Bulls (Montreal, QC) [gone]
Red Bull (Radisson, SK)

Sculptured Advertising Bull Heads:
Hayward Ranch (Hayward, CA) [gone]
Bonser's of Custer (Custer, MI) [gone[
Ross' Steak House (Omaha, NE) [vintage, gone]
Stockyard Hotel (Wichita, KS) [vintage, gone]

Denver, CO
Westfield, WI
These Oxen in Denver are located at the Denver Zoo.

These Oxen in Westfield stand in front of the Pioneer Restaurant near a statue of a Pioneer. [map]

Dodge City, KS
These concrete Oxen are part of the Oxen-head Trail Monument which was designed by designed by Dr. Oscar H. Simpson and built in 1932. The monument is installed in front of the former Municipal Building. [map]

Oxen and Covered Wagon
Westmoreland, KS
This Oxen and Covered Wagon sculpture is installed in the Oregon Trail Park at Scott Springs. The bronze oxen were sculpted by Ernest White. I don't know when they were installed but they have been there since at least 2007. [map]

More Oxen:
Babe the Blue Ox (Nisswa, MN) [gone?]
Sodbuster, San Isidro (Fargo, ND)
Covered Wagon (Kearney, NE)
Oxen (Pompey, NY)
Logging Legacy Memorial (Enumclaw, WA) [map]
Paul Bunyan section with Babe statues (various cities)

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