International Fiberglass 14-Foot-Tall Statues

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International Fiberglass created and began producing these 14-foot-tall statues around 1963. The company had previously acquired Bob Prewitt's mold for the more popular 20-foot-tall Paul Bunyan statues. It is not known how many Bunyans and their variations were produced but there are only about 17 of these 14-foot-tall statues known to exist. They may have only been produced from 1963-1964. The statues could be accessorized with axes, hats, or whatever the customer wanted. International Fiberglass had no special name for this model other than their generic "Giant Man." At least a couple of these statues and the larger ones were used for promotions and store openings by the Lombard Chainsaw Company. The company's mascot was a lumberjack known as "Luke Lombard." These 14-foot-tall statues may even have been developed initially for Lombard.

Giant Man [gone]
Tampa, FL
This Giant Man was originally located in Ocala, FL where he stood in front of Clayton's Small Engine Repair. Auto Air Muffler & Brake City bought the statue in 2002. The shop kept his hard hat. The statue was completely restored in 2004. In 2007, the shop was forced by the city to remove the statue from the roof. He was then reinstalled in front of the store. Auto Air is now known as Big Mechanic, named after these statues. The company has two other International Fiberglass statues in Florida: a Paul Bunyan in Dade City and a Cowboy in Zephyrhills. This shop closed by 2019 and the statue was removed. For more, see this website.

Giant Man [gone]
Lima, OH (now Scotts Crossing, OH)
Giant Man
Libertyville, IL
This Giant Man in Lima stood on the roof of Derringers Power Mowers when this photo was taken around 2001. Sometime after 2009, Derringers closed and this statue disappeared. In 2011, it was announced that the statue was being restored and would be reinstalled in Elida, OH in 2011. That never happened but the statue was restored and is now on private property in Scotts Crossing, OH.

This Giant Man in Libertyville is located at Lambs Farm. This statue is accompanied by a giant cow. The statue has been here since at least the late 1990s. It was restored in 2022. [map]

Giant Man
Livingston, IL
This Giant Man may have been installed in Monticello, KY by 1999. By 2005, it was located in Somerset, KY. The statue was sold by 2006 and moved to its current location at the Pink Elephant Antiques Mall. It was originally installed inside the store. In 2010, it was repainted and moved outside. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Man
Groveland, MA
This Giant Man statue is installed at Valley Tree Service. He had the name of "Yvon" emblazoned on his shirt and wore a hard hat when the first two photos were taken around 2001. By 2006, his hat was gone. The statue was missing in 2007. However, in 2008, he reappeared here with his name scratched out and his axe somewhat damaged. By 2010, his axe was also gone. By 2015, the statue had been repainted. His axe was back by 2018. [map]

Giant Man
Sutter Creek, CA
This Giant Man has been here since at least the late 1990s. In the early 2000s, the statue's shirt was painted green. At that time the business behind him was Sierra Equipment. By 2010, the statue's shirt had been painted red. These photos are from 2014 when the building housed the Community Hope Thrift Store. The building now houses Warrior Fitness. These 14-foot-tall statues have an embossed label on their left thigh identifying International Fiberglass as the manufacturer. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Man [gone]
Goldsboro, NC
Paul Bunyan
Wilson, NC
These Giant Man and Paul Bunyan statues are located at White's Tires locations. The Giant Man was located at the company's Goldsboro location when this photo was taken in 2004. That statue was removed by 2011. I believe that it is still in storage. There was another one of these statues at the company's location in Wilson, NC. That one was removed in 2019 and is now in storage. The one that had been in storage in Wilson, possibly this one from the roof in Goldsboro, was moved to the Wilmington, NC location. That location closed and the statue is now in storage.

The raised hand of this Paul Bunyan statue in Wilson is more typical of the Indian model. The statue has been located at the company's Hines St. location in Wilson since the late 1960s. White's bought two of these saluting statues at a tire convention. White's promoted itself at that time as the "Giant of Retreads". I don't know what happened to the other Paul Bunyan statue. [map]

Giant Man
Muskogee, OK (now Checotah, OK)


This Giant Man is located at Cagle Salvage & Auto Crusher. The statue was previously installed in Broken Arrow, OK. It was moved here to Muskogee around 1991. In 2024, the statue was sold and will be moving to Hosstyle Equipment in Checotah, OK. [map]

Giant Man
Myrtle Point, OR
This Giant Man is outfitted as a lumberjack. It and installed at the Coos County Logging Museum. The statue was repainted in 2008. It was previously located in Fruitdale, OR at BJ's Tools. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Giant Man
Denton, TX
Giant Man
Grants Pass, OR (now Atlanta, IL)
This Giant Man head is located inside Atomic Candy in Denton. It came from an antiques store in Dallas, TX. It's not known where the body or the full statue were displayed originally.

This Giant Man was located at the Cedarwood Saloon. He was mounted behind their sign, making taking pictures of him difficult. This statue was previously a blonde-headed miner and held a pick-axe. There was a metal cart with gold-painted rocks installed next to him. He got his current look in 1991. The statue had been hit by cars several times and lost his head once in a windstorm. In 2022, he was put up for sale. He is now owned by a collector in New Jersey. The statue will be loaned and put on display at the American Giants Museum in Atlanta, IL. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Man
Texarkana, TX
This Giant Man has been at Ledwell & Son Enterprises since the 1970s. The statue was originally installed outside on a very tall pole at the back of the company's lot. By 2010, the statue had been restored and moved inside.

Giant Man
Oshkosh, WI
This Giant Man has been standing in front of Fasco Appliance Sales & Service since at least 1985. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Giant Man
Richwood, WV
This Giant Man stands on top of the scoreboard at Richwood High School's football field. The lumberjack is the school's mascot and their colors are black and orange. In 2019, the statue was knocked over in a storm. Local people repainted him and replaced his foot with a new one produced by Mark Cline. He might be installed closer to the ground. For more, see this website.

Giant Man [gone]
Elkins, WV
Giant Man
Mortons Gap, KY
In 2001, all that remained of the Lumberjack Restaurant and its Giant Man in Elkins was this pair of shoes. I believe they are gone now, too. The statue was apparently sawed off at the ankles. It is believed that this statue was originally located in Buchanan, VA. By the mid-1990s, it was moved to a lawn mower repair shop. It was then installed at a couple of different restaurants before it was moved to this one in Elkins. When the Lumberjack Restaurant closed, the statue was brought to Mark Cline to repair the feet. He doesn't remember where the statue went. For more, see this website.

The Giant Man in Mortons Gap was previously located at Pistol Pete's Pawn Shop in Fort Campbell, KY. When the statue was acquired by its current owners in 1995, it was already missing its arms and head. It has been standing in a donkey pasture since then. In 2015, the statue was restored and reinstalled by Joel Baker. The head, arms, and axe were recreated by Mark Cline. In the process of restoration and repainting, the lettering for "Implement Specialty Company" were found under the paint. The text was replicated. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [photos thanks Joel Baker] [map]

More International Fiberglass 14-Foot-Tall Statues:
Fernie Forge (Atlanta, IL)
Log Cabin Homes (Rocky Mount, NC) [in storage]
White's Tire Service (Wilmington, NC) [in storage]

modified Giant Man
Monroe, OH
modified Giant Man
Hayward, CA
This modified Giant Man in Monroe is located at Traders World. These photos are from 2009 when the horse and statue stood in a field facing I-75. Around 2015, the cowboy was moved to the entrance. This cowboy was produced by Mark Cline.

This modified Giant Man in Hayward is located at Bell Plastics where Bruce Kennedy displays many other fiberglass statues. This fireman was produced by Mark Cline for Kennedy in 2016. [map]

Giant Man
Hutchinson, KS
This Giant Man was produced by Mark Cline as a 1950s-style "Greaser" for Hutch Vintage Market in 2022. The same year, Cline created a Big John for the store. [map]

modified Giant Man
Hatch, NM
modified Giant Man
Glencoe, NM
This modified Giant Man in Hatch is also the work of Mark Cline. For this statue, he used his mold of a soda jerk and added the burger. This statue had been in storage at Franciscan RV since at least 2012. These photos are from 2017. In 2021, this statue was set up at Charly's Chickin 'N Dogs. That restaurant has closed and the statue might be in storage again. There is also an International Fiberglass Cowboy in front of the RV dealership where Teako Nunn stores many of his statues.

This modified Giant Man in Glencoe is another Mark Cline statue. It was installed at Fox Cave, a gift shop, around 2014. These photos are from 2017. In 2023, the statue was transformed into a hippie holding a joint for Weed World, the store that opened on the property. [map]

Cline has produced several other beardless soda jerks holding ice cream cones from his modified mold of one of the original, International Fiberglass statues. See the blue box below.

More Mark Cline 14-Foot-Tall Copies:
Macon, IL
Normal, IL
Berlin, MD
Springfield, MO [currently for sale]
Battle Mountain, NV [gone]
Derby, NY
Coeburn, VA
Urbanna, VA [map]

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