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Giant Bear
Warrenton, VA
Giant Bear
Johnstown, NY
The five-foot-tall bear statues shown in this row and the one below were originally produced by Prewitt Fiberglass Animals. The original statue for the mold was created by Richard Ellis. The statues were later produced by International Fiberglass which bought the mold from Prewitt.

The Bear in Warrenton is located on the roof of Clark Brothers Gun Shop. [map]

The Bear in Johnstown stands on the roof of Bear Muffler. [second photo thanks DinerFan] [map]

Giant Bear
Charlemont, MA
Giant Bear [gone]
Brockton, MA
Giant Bear
Campbell, CA
The Bear in Charlemont is located at the Big Indian Gift Shop, now known as Native Views. [map]

The Bear in Brockton was installed on top of the sign for Happy Bear Brakes. By 2017, the business was known as BCF Auto Services & Sales and the bear was gone.

The Bear in Campbell is located at Campbell Automotive. The "Happy Bear" sign indicates that the shop uses Bear Manufacturing equipment. [map]

Blue Bear Car Wash
Havre, MT
The bear statue at the Blue Bear Car Wash has been there since at least 2008. The car wash has been there since at least 1995. The sign looks like it was inspired by those produced by Bear Manufacturing. [map]

Giant Bear
Oakhurst, CA
This Bear is located in front of a Century 21 office. The statue is referred to as the Talking Bear. When a visitor pushes a button nearby, a recording about grizzly bears plays. It has been there since 1963. The voicebox was added later. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Bear
Fillmore, UT
Giant Bear
Kinston, VA
This Bear in Fillmore is located at a Chevron gas station. [map]

This Bear in Kinston is installed at the entrance to Neuseway Nature Park. [map]

Giant Bear
El Paso, TX
This Bear appears to be from the same mold as the one above in Kinston, VA. I believe both of these statues are aluminum. This statue has been installed in a front yard since the early 2000s. [map]

Ashton, ID
Brown Bear Car Wash
Tacoma, WA
These Bears are installed in front of the Frostop Drive-in. The one on the left is the same design as those shown in the row above. [map]

The Brown Bear Car Wash chain has nearly 50 locations throughout Washington. I believe most, if not all of them, have a variety of bear statues. [map]

Giant Bear
Winter, WI
Giant Bear
Dubois, WY
The two Bear statues were produced by Sculptured Advertising in Sparta, WI in the early 1960s.

The Bear in Winter stands in front of Red's Big Bear Lodge. [map]

This fiberglass Bear statue in Dubois is made from the same mold as the one in Winter. It is installed in front of the Black Bear Inn. [map]

Golden Bear
Sacramento, CA
Giant Bear
Hill City, MN
The Golden Bear statue in Sacramento is one of about four installed at the entrances to the Cal Expo Center. They are about 3 1/2 feet tall and have been there since at least 1963. [map]

The Bear statue in Hill City is located in the town park. It was produced by FAST is about nine feet tall. The statue was installed in 1985. [map]

Grizzly Bear
Macon, GA
The Grizzly Bear is the mascot of Mercer University. It was sculpted by Gregory Johnson and installed in front of Five Star Stadium in 2015. The sculpture is 10 feet tall. [map]

Grizzly Bear
Missoula, MT
The Grizzly Bear is the mascot the University of Montana. This bronze sculpture is known as the Grand Griz. It was created in 1968 by Rudy Autio. [map]

Grizzly Bear
Missoula, MT
Grizzly Bear
Missoula, MT
This bronze Grizzly Bear was installed in front of the Boone & Crockett Club in 2001. It is nine feet tall and was created by Kalispell Art Castings. It was based on a 24-inch-tall sculpture by James L. Clark. It was restored in 2010. [map]

This scrap metal Grizzly Bear was installed in front of MacKenzie River Pizza in 2005. It was created by Kirsten Kainz and is entitled "Rounded Out." [map]

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