California Art Deco & Streamline Moderne Buildings (page 3)

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former Aero Industries Technical Institute
Glendale, CA


The Aero Industries Technical Institute was built in 1937. It operated as a vocational school for the aircraft industry. The building now houses the International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences. [map]

Galilee Mission Center
Glendale, CA
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The Galilee Mission Center was built in 1937 as a secondary office building for the Aero Industries Technical Institute, described above. Both buildings were designed by Norstrom & Anderson. In 1965, this building was adapted for a restaurant. The building appears to be vacant now. [map]

North Glendale Methodist Church
Glendale, CA
The North Glendale Methodist Church was designed by Harry W. Pierce and built in 1941. The building now houses the Church for the Nations. [map]

Incarnation Church
Glendale, CA

Incarnation Church School
Glendale, CA
The Incarnation Church was built from 1951-1952. [map]

The Incarnation Church School was built in 1937. [map]

Grand Central Airport
Glendale, CA


The Grand Central Airport was built in 1923 as the first public airport in Southern California. It closed in 1959. The building remained vacant until 2015 when it was restored as office space for the Walt Disney Company. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Glendale City Hall
Glendale, CA
Mitchell Real Estate
Grass Valley, CA
Glendale City Hall was built from 1940-1942 as a WPA project. [map]

This Mitchell Real Estate building looks like it may have been from the 1940s. However, it was built sometime between 2008 and 2012. There was a gas station here before that. [map]

KIGS AM radio station
Hanford, CA
I believe the KIGS-AM radio station was built in 1947. [map]

City Hall
Hayward, CA
This City Hall was built in 1930. It was designed by E.P. Whitman. In 1969, the city offices were moved to a new location. This building is not in use due to its proximity to an earthquake fault. [map]

Hayward Plunge
Hayward, CA
The Hayward Plunge swimming center was built in 1936. The sign is original and was restored in 2007. For more, see this website. [map]

Lane-Wells Company Building
Huntington Park, CA
W. W. Henry Company Building
Huntington Park, CA
The Lane-Wells Company Building was designed by William E. Myer. It was built from 1938-1939. It was later known as the Winnie & Sutch Building. The building now houses The Escarpment, photography, and filming studios. [map]

The W. W. Henry Company Building was built in 1939. It is next door to the Lane-Wells Building. It now houses the Soto Business Center. [map]

Huntington Park High School
Huntington Park, CA
Huntington Park High School was destroyed by an earthquake in 1933. This building was completed in 1936. [map]

Eastern Building
Huntington Park, CA
The Eastern Building was designed by Claude Beelman in 1936. It housed a home furnishings store. For more, see this website. [map]

Post Office
Inglewood, CA
This Post Office was built in 1935. For more, see this website. [map]

Amador County Court House
Jackson, CA
The Amador County Court House was designed by George Sellon and built from 1939-1940. The court moved to a new building in 2007 and this building has been vacant since then. [map]

King City High School Auditorium
King City, CA
The King City High School Auditorium was designed by Robert Stanton and built in 1939 as a WPA project. It is also known as the Robert Stanton Theater. The building is made from cast-in-place concrete. For more, see this website. [map]

Aimee's Castle
Lake Elsinore, CA
Aimee's Castle was designed by Edwin Bickman and built in 1929 in a Moorish Revival and Art Deco style. The retreat house was built for Sister Aimee, a radio evangelist. For more, see this website. [map]