California Art Deco & Streamline Moderne Buildings (page 14)

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George Washington Elementary School
Santa Ana, CA
George Washington Elementary School was built in 1949. [map]

City Hall
Santa Ana, CA
The Santa Ana City Hall was designed by W. Horace Austin and built in 1935 as a WPA project. The City Hall moved in 1973 and this building is used as office space. [map]

Horton Furniture Building
Santa Ana, CA
The Horton Furniture Building was designed by Allen Ruoff and built from 1929-1930. The store closed around 1980. For more, see this website. [map]

former Orange County Title Company
Santa Ana, CA


The Orange County Title Company was designed by Allen Ruoff and built from 1930-1931. In 1967, the facade was covered up with metal siding by First American. In 2020, during redevelopment of the rest of the block, the original facade was revealed. The facade was integrated into the new building for the Rafferty Apartments. For more, see this website. [map]

Richfield Oil Building figures
Santa Barbara, CA
The Richfield Oil Building was designed by Stiles O. Clements and built from 1928-1929 in downtown Los Angeles. The black and gold, 12-story building was covered with decorative glazed terra cotta. The building was demolished in 1969. These 12-foot-tall, gilded terra cotta figures were installed above the main entrance. They were created by Haig Patigian. Before the demolition, a UCSB professor arranged for them to be saved. They went into storage until 1982 when they were installed where they are today. There were four figures but only three were complete (Industry, Aviation, and Navigation). The Postal Service figure remains in storage. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Christian Science Reading Room
Santa Barbara, CA
The Christian Science Reading Room was built around 1950. It was designed by Kem Weber and Roy W. Cheesman. For more, see this website. [map]

Bank of Italy
Santa Cruz, CA
The Bank of Italy was designed by Henry A. Minton and built in 1929. It became a Bank of America in 1930. The building has housed a New Leaf Market since 1995. [map]

commercial building
Santa Cruz, CA
former medical building
Santa Cruz, CA
This commercial building is located next door to the Bank of Italy building and may have been built around the same time. [map]

This former medical building was built around 1937. It is now used as office space. [map]