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former Pan Am International Flight Academy
Miami, FL
The Pan Am International Flight Academy was built in 1963 by Steward-Skinner Associates. The building features roof cutouts, a lacey, concrete screen block fa├žade, and gold anodized aluminum columns. It now houses the Atlas Air Training Center. The building, also called the "Taj Mahal," was considered a tribute to Edward Durell Stone's U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India built in 1958. [map]

former National Cash Register Co.
Miami, FL
The National Cash Register Co. building was designed by T. Trip Russell and built in 1965. The screen panels cover two upper stories. The building now houses multiple retail tenants. [map]

Maule Building [gone]
Miami, FL
1840 Building
Miami, FL
The Maule Building on Biscayne Blvd. was designed in 1954 by Pancoast, Ferendino, Skeels & Burnham. It featured concrete brise-soleils, sheltering windows from the sun. It also had light blue mosaic tile and a cantilevered canopy with compressed arches. Despite efforts by preservationists, the building was demolished in 2005 just after this photo was taken.

The 1840 Building was built in 1971. [map]

Bacardi Buildings
Miami, FL
The Bacardi Buildings' reinforced concrete tower was built in 1963. On the sides of the tower are two huge ceramic murals. They are composed of 28,000 hand-painted glazed tiles. The building included the Bacardi Museum and a top-floor dining room. In 1973, the smaller square "jewelbox" building was added to the plaza. This building features glass mural tapestries. The two floors inside were used for finance and accounting offices. In 2010, Bacardi moved to Coral Gables, FL. In 2012, the building was sold to the National YoungArts Foundation. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Mailman Center for Child Development
Miami, FL
The Mailman Center for Child Development was designed by Hilaro Candela and built in 1969. [map]

Bob Ehmann Construction Company
Miami, FL
The Bob Ehmann Construction Company building was built around 1962. It was originally faced with stone and had the name of the company in cursive script. Ehmann was a big housing developer in Miami. This building was sold to Wachovia Bank in the late 1970s. It now houses a Wells Fargo Bank. [map]

Stephen P. Clark Government Center
Miami, FL
This one is not mid-century modern but I'll include it anyway. The Stephen P. Clark Government Center was designed by Hugh Stubbins & Associates and built from 1982-1985. [map]

office building
Miami, FL
Mortgage Corporation of America
North Miami, FL
The office building was built in 1971. The building has housed the Carnival Center for Excellence since 2015. [map]

The Mortgage Corporation of America building was designed by Carson Bennett Wright and built in 1971. [map]

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