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Atlantic Beach, FL
These apartments were designed by William Morgan and built in 1961. [map]

William Morgan House
Atlantic Beach, FL
The William Morgan House was designed by William Morgan and built in 1972. The Dune House next door was also designed by William Morgan and built in 1975. It is submerged under a sand dune and used for vacation rentals. The white entrance is visible from the street, shown in the second photo above. For more, see this website. [map]

Bay Harbor Islands
Bay Harbor Continental Building [gone]

Starbeach Condominiums
Cape Canaveral, FL
The Starbeach Condominiums was built in 1963. [map]

The Mark
Cocoa Beach, FL
The Mark condominiums was built in 1973. [map]

The Atlantique
Cocoa Beach, FL
The Atlantique condominiums was built in 1966. [map]

Twin Towers
Cocoa Beach, FL
The Twin Towers condominiums was built in 1964. [map]

Mar Vista Apartments
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Mar Vista Apartments was built in 1958. [map]

Birch House
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Birch House apartment building was designed by Charles McKirahan and built in 1959. It is seven stories and features a cantilevered canopy and screen block panels. For more, see this website. [map]

Birch Tower
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Birch Tower apartment building is 18 stories tall. It was also designed by McKirahan and built in 1960. [map]

Sea Tower Apartments
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Sea Tower Apartments building was designed by Igor Polevitsky and built in 1957. It features a boomerang footprint with a half mile of cantilevered balconies overlaid with concrete screen block. For more, see this website. [map]

Victoria Park Hotel
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Victoria Park Hotel was designed by Lester Avery and built in 1953 as the Schubert Efficiency Apartments. It became the Schubert Resort around 2003. It has been the Victoria Park Hotel since 2014. These same relief panels were used at the Bahia Cabana in Fort Lauderdale which is gone now. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

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