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City Shoe Shop
Palestine, TX
Shoe Store
Palestine, TX
Tex-Ann Motel
Palestine, TX
Johnnie Herrington Insurance
Palestine, TX
The City Shoe Shop sign was recently restored by an auto body shop in town. The sign was purchased in the 1950s from another shoe store and reworked at that time. The City Shoe Shop opened in 1943 and is still in business. [map]

The L&L Shoe Store sign was reworked in the 1950s. It originally spelled out "PAL" for the Pal Theatre. For more, see this website. [map]

The Tex-Ann Motel sign is probably from the 1950s. This motel is still open. [map]

Johnnie Herrington Insurance opened here in 1946. This sign was probably built then. Around 2016, the sign was either restored or replicated. [map]

Palo Pinto Cafe [gone]
Palo Pinto, TX
Paris Lanes
Paris, TX
W.M. House
Jewelry [gone]
Paris, TX
Tropic Restaurant
Paris, TX
The Palo Pinto Cafe was still in business when this photo was taken in 2011. The neon on this sign, including the freestanding tree, appeared to be intact. By 2012, the cafe had closed and the sign was gone. The sign was seen in 2018 in an antiques store.

The Paris Lanes sign is probably from the 1950s. [map]

The W.M. House Jewelry sign appeared to be from the 1950s. This photo is from 2011. By 2013, the sign was gone.

I believe the Tropic Restaurant has been around since at least 1959. However, this sign looks like a replacement or it's been refurbished. For more, see this website. [map]

Jewell Boot
& Shoe Repair
Perryton, TX
Stovall Radiator
Service [gone]
Plainview, TX
Airport Motel [gone]
Plainview, TX
Keyhole Club [gone]
Port Arthur, TX
Jewell Boot & Shoe Repair is gone but this sign remains. [map]

The Stovall Radiator Service sign was probably from the 1950s. From the faded paint, it appeared that the business had another name before this. This photo is from 2012. It was stil there in 2013 but, by 2018, the sign was gone.

The Airport Motel sign was probably built in the 1950s. The neon had been missing since at least the 1970s. The propeller might have been animated. This photo is from 2012. The sign was still there in 2013. By 2018, the sign had been removed and is now displayed at the Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum in Amarillo, TX.

The Keyhole Klub was long gone but this sign was still there when this photo was taken in 2011. The sign was gone by 2013.

Towner Motel
Quitman, TX
Shoemaker Shoe Service
Richardson, TX
The Towner Motel is still open. This sign is probably from the 1950s or early 1960s. [map]

The Shoemaker Shoe Service sign is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. The rooftop sign advertises for the shoe repair and two other businesses in the small shopping center. It must have revolved originally. For more, see this website. [map]

More Richardson Signs:
Pizza Villa [gone]

Jaime's Dairy Treat
Richmond, TX
The Jaime's Dairy Treat building and sign appear to be from the 1950s or 1960s. I don't know if this was the business' original name. The sign has obviously been repainted and had neon at one time. [map]

Larry's Mexican Restaurant
Richmond, TX
Larry's Mexican Restaurant opened in 1960. There was an identical sign in Houston at the former Felix Mexican Restaurant. [map]

2-M's Malt N Burger Mart
Rosenberg, TX
Guy L. McNutt Insurance
Rosenberg, TX
Cameras Unlimited
Rosenberg, TX
The 2-M's Malt N Burger Mart opened in 1963 and this sign is from then. Malt N Burger seems to have been a regional chain with locations in Texas and Louisiana. However, I believe this sign is unique or the only one left. For more, see this website. [map]

The Guy L. McNutt Insurance sign appears to be from the 1940s or 1950s. [map]

The Cameras Unlimited sign originally advertised for Wilson's Pharmacy. The top part read "Wilson's" while the panel below read "Pharmacy". The sign has been around since at least 1970. Sometime between 2006 and 2011, the first and second photos above, the sign was updated again for Turrentine's Custom Framing. By 2017, those panels had been painted white. [map]

Herfort Diamond
Ring Factory
Rosenberg, TX
Texas Grill (now Herradura Restaurant)
Rosenberg, TX
The Herfort Diamond Ring Factory was established around 1950. This entrance appears to be from the 1950s or 1960s. For more, see this website. [map]

The Texas Grill sign is probably from the 1940s or 1950s. Around 2007, the porcelain enamel was covered up to reflect a name change to the Herradura Restaurant. The horse and rider were left untouched. For more, see this website. [night photo thanks Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches] [map]

Schulze's Bar-B-Que
Rosenberg, TX
Cothron's Safe & Lock
Round Rock, TX
Schulze's Bar-B-Que opened in 1977 and this sign must be from then. [map]

Cothron's Safe & Lock was established in 1948. This sign was either a refurbished oldie or a replica. By 2013, there was apparently a replacement sign installed closer to the ground. Cothron's has five other locations in the Austin area. The sign at this location in Austin also looks like either a refurbished or replica sign. [map]

Rusk Signs:
Pitt Grill [gone]

City Garage
Salado, TX
M.L. Leddy Boots
San Angelo, TX
J.L. Mercer Boots
San Angelo, TX
The City Garage is owned by Doc Ellis who uses the property for car shows and get-togethers. These signs and several vintage pumps probably came from somewhere else. [map]

M.L. Leddy Boots was founded in 1922 in Brady, TX. The company opened this store in San Angelo in 1936. All Leddy's boots are made in San Angelo, while the company's saddles are produced at the company's headquarters in Fort Worth. There is a similar sign at the Fort Worth location. For more, see this website. [map]

J.L. Mercer Boots opened in San Angelo in 1923. For more, see this website. [map]

San Angelo Signs:
Kwik Chick [vintage; gone]

Aumont Hotel
Seguin, TX
Starcke Furniture Co.
Seguin, TX
The Aumont Hotel opened in 1916. This sign is probably from the 1920s. The rooms are now used as apartments. The other side of the sign still reads "Aumont Hotel". [map]

The Starcke Furniture Co. was established in 1910. These signs appear to be from the 1940s or 1950s. [map]

Seymour Signs:
City Light Water Department [map]

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