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Yard Birds
Chehalis, WA
The first Yard Birds store opened in 1947 in Centralia, WA. There were three other locations in Olympia, Chehalis, and Shelton, WA. The only store still open is the one in Chehalis. The first magpie statue was built in 1969 at the company's Chehalis store. The statue was 60 feet tall and destroyed by a fire in 1976. The statue shown in the first row above is about eight feet tall. There were about 20 of these Yard Bird statues made but they are apparently all gone except for possibly one in a private collection in Centralia, WA. That one may be gone now, too.

The larger, decoy shaped bird at the Chehalis store is about 60 feet long and originally served as the company's helicopter hangar. I believe it was built in the early 1970s. The statue was restored in 2013 and was being restored again in 2015 when these photos were taken. The two statues shown in the bottom row above are located inside the store. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. [map]

Black Bird
Medford, OR


This Black Bird is installed in the parking lot of the Black Bird Shopping Center. It was built by Lee Hobbs who was inspired by the Yard Bird in Chehalis, WA (see above). This statue is about 29 feet tall and holds a fishing pole. For more, see this website. [map]

Vulture [gone]
Pomona, CA
This Vulture appeared to be made of foam. He stood in the parking lot behind the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center. These photos are from 2008. By 2011, the statue was gone.

Key Largo, FL


2020 and 2021:
This Buzzard advertises for the Buzzard's Roost Grill & Pub. In 2009, he was installed on top of a car on Highway 1. By 2011, the statue had been restored and installed in the restaurant's tiki bar patio.

More Buzzard Statues:
Springfield, MO [map]

Bluebird of Happiness
Vilano Beach, FL


The Bluebird of Happiness was built in the 1940s to promote orange juice sales and installed in Vilano Beach. The statue is about eight feet tall and was originally painted orange. Later, the bird was moved to Newt's Motel where he was painted blue and was given this name. He was moved several times after the motel closed and deteriorated. The statue was donated to the town in 2008 and moved back downtown to this chain link cage. The statue was restored in 2011. It was moved to the foot of the Vilano Beach Pier. For more, see this website. [map]

Tulsa, OK
Bristow, OK
This Penguin in Tulsa was installed in 2002 during the Penguins on Parade community art project. The six-foot-tall statues were purchased and decorated by local businesses to benefit the Tulsa Zoo. The zoo had just added an African Black-footed Penguin exhibit. There were about 100 of these statues installed, most of them in Tulsa. This statue is located in front of the M&M Lumber Co. The statue is known as "Handy." For more, see this website. [map]

This Penguin in Bristow is another statue from the Penguins on Parade art project. This one is painted in the Bristow High School football team's colors of purple and gold. It is located at Crown Auto World and known as "Sam the Salesman." [map]

Penguin Park
Kansas City, MO
Penguin Park is a children's public playground. It has been here since at least the 1970s and features a 23 feet tall penguin and a 26 feet tall kangaroo. There is also a penguin water fountain, an elephant slide and a giraffe statue. The penguin was once a slide but has been modified. For more, see this website. [map]

More Penguin Statues:
Cut Bank, MT [map]
Reading, PA [gone]
Lyon, France
Hokkaido, Japan

Reading, PA
This Distelfink statue is installed at the Heritage Center. It was created in 1984 by Ramon Lago. The statue is about six feet tall and 11 feet long and made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. This stylized bird is frequently used by the Pennsylvania Dutch to represent happiness and good luck. Distelfink is German for Thistle Finch. These photos are from 2009. The statue was repainted in 2016. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Owl [gone]
Orem, UT
Jacksonville, FL
Owl Club
Salmon, ID
The Owl in Orem was located in front of the Roll Up Crepe Cafe. It was built for the restaurant in 2011. The statue was seven feet tall and was made of foam covered with fiberglass and paint. It was created by Trijsten Leach who also built a realistic tree sculpture inside the Cafe. The statue was still there in 2016 but gone by 2018. For more, see this website.

The 25-foot-tall, bronze Owl statue in Jacksonville is intalled on a corner of the main branch of the Jacksonville Public Library. The Owl stands on top of two books and represents Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom who could transform herself into an owl. The gold lockplate with a keyhole and the key also symbolize wisdom. The sculpture was created by Larry Kirkland and installed in 2005. [map]

The Owl Club in Salmon features an owl riddled with arrows. I suspect it has been here since at least the 1970s. [map]

Owl Cafe
Albuquerque, NM
The Owl Cafe was built in the 1980s. The building is topped with a 20-foot-tall owl's head. The restaurant was a franchise location of the original Owl Cafe in San Antonio, NM which opened in 1949. I don't believe that restaurant had an owl on top of the building. In 2004 and 2005, two more Owl Cafe locations were built in Albuquerque. For more, see this website. [map]

Plant City, FL
Ostrich [gone]
Gillette, WY
This Hawk that is installed in front of Hillsborough Community College is really an eagle statue. But the college is the "Home of the Hawks." The statue has been there since at least 2010. [map]

This Ostrich was installed in front of the News-Record building when I was there in 2008. The sculpture known as "Too Tall Ozzie" was produced by Dollores B. Shelledy. There was a "for sale" sign on the statue when I took this photo above. By 2012, the statue was gone. It appears that this statue was located in Sheridan, WY in 2010. I don't know where it is now.

More Ostrich Statues:
Boston, MA

Giant Birds
Houston, TX
These three Giant Birds are made of steel and concrete and are named "Books of a Feather". They were created by Dixie Friend Gay and are installed in 2017 at the Alice McKean Young Neighborhood Library. The sculptures range in size from 12 to 15 feet tall and are covered with glass and ceramic tiles. The tiles have book titles and quotes associated with birds and flight. For more, see this website. [map]

More Owls & Other Bird Statues:
Hoot Hoot Ice Cream: 1, 2, 3 (South Gate, CA) [vintage; gone]
Birds (Miami, FL)
Hawk (Iowa City, IA)
Hawk Head (Highland Park, IL)
Oriole (Gackle, ND) [map]
Sandhill Crane (Steele, ND) [map]
Seagull (Corinth, NY)
Grouse (Ashern, MB)
Puffins (Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, QC)
Blue Jay (Saint-Joachim, QC) [gone]
Burrowing Owls (Leader, SK)
Hawk (Leader, SK)
Cockatoo: 1, 2 (South Australia)

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