Trout Statues

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Preston, MN
This Trout is 19 feet long and installed on a trailer. It was produced by FAST Fiberglass and has been here since at least 2006. There was once a six-foot-long chainsaw carved fish in town but it fell into such disrepair that it was destroyed. [map]

Kalkaska, MI
Palisade, CO
This Trout in Kalkaska is 17 feet long and 12 feet tall. It leaps in a fountain. This is the third version of the fish that was originally installed here in 1966. The original fiberglass statue was produced by Ben son of the Plycrete Mold Co. The original sculpture from which the mold was made was created by Elmer Johnson. The company was based in Elk Rapids, MI. When the statue was restored in 1987, a mayfly (now missing) was installed next to the trout's mouth. The trout is Michigan's state fish and Kalkaska is home to the National Trout Festival. A Giant Robin, Michigan's state bird, stood next to this Trout. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Trout in Palisade was created from Colorado license plates. It is installed in front of a residence. [map]

Dubois, WY
Pinedale, WY
This Trout and Fishing Pole in Dubois is installed in front of High Altitude Tees & Tackle. [map]

This Trout in Pinedale is installed on the roof of Ridley's Family Market. [map]

Baxter, MN
Motley, MN
This Trout in Baxter was located on top of the sign at the Baxter Village shopping center. It advertised for Morey's Seafood Market. By 2018, Morey's had moved. The Trout is now displayed on a trailer in front of the new location. [map]

This Trout in Motley is installed on top of the sign at Morey's Seafood Market's original store. [map]

Spanish Fort, AL
This Trout is installed in front of the Bluegill Restaurant. The restaurant opened in 1958. This statue has been there since at least 2011. [map]

There is another Fish in Spanish Fort at Ralph & Kacoo's.

Idaho Falls, ID
Checotah, OK
This Trout in Idaho Falls is located at Hyde Drift Boats. It was installed sometime between 2008 and 2011. [map]

This Trout in Checotah is located at Lake Eufaula State Park. [map]

Trout & Muskie
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
The Trout and Muskie are located at the Trading Post which sells hunting, fishing, camping supplies and souvenirs. [map]

Livingston, MT
These three metal Trout are installed over the entrance of Dan Bailey's Fly Shop. They were created by Jim Dolan and installed in 1996. [map]

Rainbow Trout
Blue Ridge, GA
Rainbow Trout
Blue Ridge, GA
The Rainbow Trout sculpture on the left is one of eight other identical five-foot-tall fiberglass statues that were created in 2017 for the Trout Art Trail. Each one is decorated differently. This one, entitled "Rainbow of Marbles", was covered with marbles by Larry Minor. It is installed in front of The Art Center. For more, see this website. [map]

The chainsaw-carved Rainbow Trout sculpture on the right is about 15 feet tall. In 2021, it was created by the "Saw Artist" from a dead tree next to the downtown playground. For more, see this website. [map]

Kings Beach, CA
This Trout sculpture was installed in front of Lanza's Restaurant sometime in or after 2021. There was
single trout sculpture there which was created by Peter Hazel and installed in 2014. It was covered in tiles made from broken crockery. I don't know what happened to that sculpture or who created this replacement with five trout. [map]

More Trout:
Twin Lakes, WI
Kamloops, BC
Nipigon, ON [gone?]

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