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Lake Worth, FL
This metal Fish has been installed on the roof of Tuppen's Marine & Tackle since at least 2007. [map]

Burney, CA
This Fish is made of recycled metal. It is located on a corner with no marker. Does anyone know the history of this sculpture? It was painted around 2022. [map]

Lake City, CO
Fish [gone]
Pinewood Springs, CO
The Fish in Lake City is located at the Sportsman's BBQ Station. [map]

This Fish in Pinewood Springs was installed on top of the sign of the Villa Tatra restaurant. The fish was gone by 2019.

Richland, WA
These Fish are located at the playground in Howard Amon Park.

Escanaba, MI
>This Fish in Escanaba is one of at least seven installed in 2006 in the "Fish Out of Water" art project organized by the city. The fish are about five feet long and three feet tall. They were painted different colors depending on which business they were associated with. The statues included Wells Fargo's "Wells Fargold Fish," the "Game Fish" at the Island Resort & Casino, and the "Indigi Fish" at Bay College. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Spanish Fort, AL
Fish & Fishing Pole
Corsicana, TX
The Fish in Spanish Fort is installed on the roof of Felix's Fish Camp restaurant. It has been there since at least 2008. [map]

This Fish & Fishing Pole are located at Corsicana Sign and Crane. They have been there since at least 2003. [map]

Fish [gone]
Waupaca, WI
This Fish stood in front of the River Bend Sport Shop. These photos are from 2007. By 2008, the store and statue were gone.

Fish [gone]
Grand River, OH
Fish [gone]
Candor, NY
Port Isabel, TX
St. Germain, WI
The Fish in Grand River was located at Pickle Bill's restaurant when this photo was taken in 2009. It was located near the entrance but it appears to be gone now. [photo thanks Mark Comstock]

The Fish at Fish Haven Farm sign appeared to have wooden fins and some sort of fabric or vinyl body. These photos are from 2010. The Fish was in better shape back in 2005. It was gone by 2018.

The Fish in Port Isabel has been installed on a pole in the water next to the fishing pier since at least 2007. [map]

The Fish in St. Germain hangs at the entrance to town next to Chief St. Germain. [map]

Sandy's Seafoods Market [gone]
Seattle, WA


The fish on the roof of Sandy's Seafoods Market had been there since 1951. The fish's jaw originally moved up and down. By 2014, it had been wired shut. The store closed around 2019 and the fish was gone.

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