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Odessa, TX
This Falcon sculpture was created by Joe Barrington from welded steel. It was donated in 2011 to the University of Texas of the Permian Basin by the Heritage of Odessa Foundation.

Atlanta, GA
This stainless steel Falcon sculpture was created by Gabor Miklos Szoke in 2017. It is installed in front of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the Atlanta Falcons football team plays. [map]

Peregrine Falcon [gone]
Fruita, CO
Pigeon [gone]
Denver, CO
Mountain View, CA
This Peregrine Falcon sculpture was entitled "Monument Monarch". It was carved from a cottonwood tree stump by Craig Sherwood in 2003. It was gone by 2019.

This Pigeon statue was installed sometime in or after 2011. These photos are from 2012. By 2014, the building had been demolished and the pigeon statue was gone.

This Parrot statue is located at the Lozano Brushless Car Wash. [map]

More Falcons:
Bertie High School (Windsor, NC)

More Parrots:
Castaway Cove: 1, 2 (Ocean City, NJ) [map]

Violata Pax Dove
Troy, AL
This Violata Pax Dove is installed at Troy University. The bronze statue was created by Fred "Nall" Hollis in 2006. It symbolizes peace, eternal life, sorrow, and tragedy. In 2017, the statue was moved from the Miami Dade College's Wolfson Campus to its current location. For more, see this website.

Gautier, MS
Swan Head [gone]
Lakeview, OH
Elk Rapids, MI
Lakeland, FL
This Swan statue is one of two that were previously installed at the Singing River Mall in Gautier the early 1980s. The mall was demolished in 2014. This statue was installed in front of Clark's Attic in 2017. The second swan was installed just after this photo was taken in 2019. [map]

The Swan Head was on the property of the Villa Chalets. I believe it had been here since at least the 1970s. This could be a duck, goose, or some other bird. I'm open to correction! It was still there in 2018 but gone by 2019.

The Swan statue in Elk Rapids is 15 feet tall. It was built in 1966 to carry Miss Elk Rapids in the Cherry Festival and Harbor Days parades. The statue was then used in various parades and public appearances in the 1970s before being installed here permanently outside the Chamber of Commerce building. [map]

This Swan in Lakeland is one of 62 statues that were installed during the Swansation civic art project in 2002. Lakeland is known as the City of Swans. Lake Morton and Lake Mirror are home to hundreds of swans. This statue is located in front of Boring IT & Print Solutions. [map]

More Swans:
Eau Claire, WI
Midland, ON

Holland, MI
Magic Beach
Motel [gone]
St. Augustine, FL
Flamingo Motel
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Flamingo Motel
Marshalltown, IA
Cafe Hon [gone]
Baltimore, MD
This Stork is located at Nelis' Dutch Village.

The Magic Beach Motel featured this rooftop flamingo sculpture. It appeared to be made of cement. This photo is from 2009. The statue was gone by 2013. The motel's entrance also features decorative flamingos and neon. In 2021, there were plans to demolish the motel and build a larger one. That deal fell through. The motel also has a modern neon sign.

The Flamingo Motel in Wisconsin Dells features a 26-foot-tall flamingo. It was produced by FAST Fiberglass. When the statue was originally installed, there was no sign around his legs. For more, see this website. FAST produced another flamingo statue like this for M. Schettl Sales. [map]

The Flamingo Motel in Marshalltown appears to be from the 1950s. I don't know how long this flamingo has been here. For more, see this website. [map]

The Cafe Hon pink flamingo is 30 feet tall. It was created by Randall Gornowich and installed in 2002. It is made of chicken wire, wood, and bedsheets. The sculpture was probably inspired by the movie "Pink Flamingos" by John Waters, a Baltimore native. The restaurant closed in 2022 and the flamingo was removed. It is currently in storage and it is hoped it will be reinstalled in the same neighborhood.

Titusville, FL
These Flamingos were installed in 2015 in front of an investment firm. [map]

Salida, CO
Flamingos & Pelican [gone]
Hooper, CO
Bird [gone]
Westport, OR
The Flamingos in Salida were installed in front of the Circle R Motel around 2020. [map]

These Flamingos and Pelican in Hooper were installed in front of Miss Deb's Sand Castle Cafe. By 2018, a new Sinclair gas station had been built and the statues were gone.

The wood carved Bird in Westport was located at the Berry Patch restaurant. By 2022, the statue was gone. It had broken beyond repair.

More Flamingos:
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tampa, FL

Sandy the Sandhill Crane
Steele, ND
Sandy the Sandhill Crane is 40 feet tall. It was built from 1998-1999 by James Miller with steel and rolled sheet metal. [map]

Pelican Pete
Pelican Rapids, MN
Pelican Rapids, MN
Breaux Bridge, LA
Pelican Pete is about 15 1/2 feet tall. The statue was built of steel and cement in 1957. It overlooks the Pelican River. For more, see this website. [map]

The other Pelican statue in town is a scaled-down version of Pelican Pete. It is located at the Pelican Motel. [map]

The Pelican statues in Breaux Bridge are located at the Atchafalaya Welcome Center.

More Pelicans:
Wyndemere, ND
Mount Pleasant, SC: 1, 2 [map]

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