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Sorry Charlie's
Savannah, GA
2007: 2021:
Sorry Charlie's adapted the sign that was built in 1947 for Mathews' Fish Market. At least one other business followed, the Trattoria Rivazza restaurant, which also changed the sign's lettering. In 2007, the building was deemed unsafe and Sorry Charlie's closed. The building was repaired and the restaurant reopened around 2014. In 2015, the sign was replicated and reinstalled. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Best Western
Savannah, GA
Williams Seafood
Savannah, GA
Taco Bell
Savannah, GA
This Best Western crown sign is installed inside the lobby of the Savannah College of Art and Design's Herstand Hall. I don't know where it was installed originally. These flashing bulb signs were mass-produced for the motel chain but there are only a handful of these on display now. [map]

Williams Seafood started out as a roadside stand in 1936. The restaurant burned down in 2004 but the sign remains. [map]

This Taco Bell sign has been here since the location opened in 1979. This is the only vintage sign like this still on display at an operating Taco Bell. It may have survived in part because this sign is by the back entrance. The sign in front of the restaurant is modern. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

For more about Taco Bell signs and buildings, see this page.

Carey Hilliard's Restaurant
Skidaway Rd.
Savannah, GA
Carey Hilliard's Restaurant
Abercorn St.
Savannah, GA
These Carey Hilliard's Restaurant signs were inspired by signs that the owner saw on a trip to Las Vegas, NV. The location on Skidaway was the first restaurant built. It opened in 1960 at a former root beer stand. The Abercorn location opened in 1976. There are four other locations. For more, see this website. [Skidaway map], [Abercorn map]

Saturn Pre-Owned Autos
Savannah, GA
2007: 2021:
This Saturn Pre-Owned Autos sign has been here since around 1972. It may have originally been built for the Plantation Club, a nightclub. After that, the sign was adapted by several car dealerships. The O.C. Welch dealership was here by the 1980s. By 2010, the name and the sign had been changed to Supra Pre-Owned Autos. By 2014, it had been adapted again for Rimtyme Custom Wheels. For more, see this website. [map]

More Savannah:
Larry's Restaurant [gone]
Leopold's Ice Cream
Prescription Shop
Thunderbird Inn

Jaeckel Hotel
Statesboro, GA
The Jaeckel Hotel opened in 1905 and closed in the late 1960s. The city bought the hotel in 1994 and now uses it as City Hall. The sign was found in an abandoneded building. It was restored in 2012 and installed on the side of the building. [map]

Paradise Restaurant
Sylvania, GA
2009: 2021:
The Paradise Restaurant and the Paradise Motel next door had been abandoned for decades. This sign is believed to be from the 1960s. There was another sign here previously. The star-like element on top of the sign originally revolved. In 2016, it was announced that the restaurant would be demolished. The owners of the nearby Cooperville Caboose had the sign moved to their restaurant. At that point, they were hoping to eventually restore the sign. However, the restaurant closed soon after that. The sign is now in a field nearby. The star-like element is not there. The main part of the sign is raised up on blocks. The "Paradise" panel is laying in the grass. [map]

Buster Brown [gone]

Central Jewelers
Town Terrace Motel [map]
Wishbone Fried Chicken [gone]

Carr's Drugs

Tillman Motors
Valdosta, GA
2010: 2020:

Tillman Motors was established in 1939. This sign is probably from the 1950s. When they moved to this location from downtown, the sign moved with them. By 2012, the remaining neon had been removed from the sign and it was repainted. [map]

One Hour Martinizing
Valdosta, GA
GE Appliances
Willacoochee, GA
Georgia Girl Drive-in
Woodbine, GA
This One Hour Martinizing sign remains although the cleaners has been gone for many years. There are a number of these signs still scattered around the country including this one in West Allis, WI. [map]

This neon GE Appliances sign hangs above Corbitt Hardware & Furniture. The original business was known as Perkins-Corbitt Hardware which opened around 1946. This sign was mass-produced and was probably built in the 1950s. There was probably another panel under the sign with the business name. [map]

The Georgia Girl Drive-in has been abandoned for many years but this sign remains. This photo is from 2009. Since then, the sign has been nearly swallowed up with vegetation. [map]

More Valdosta:
Del Mar Motel

More Georgia:
Maryland Fried Chicken (various cities)
Rexall Drug Stores (various cities)

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