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Jax Car Sales
Jacksonville, FL
David Johnson's [gone]
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
The Jax Car Sales building was constructed in 1969. This photo is from 2009. By 2011, the building was housing Mendoza Tire Services Does anyone know what was here originally? [map]

David Johnson's was a restaurant. The building was later used as a landscaping stone store. The building appeared to be abandoned when this photo was taken in 2009. It had been demolished by 2013.

Florida Citrus Center
Yulee, FL
Florida Citrus Center
Jacksonville, FL
The Florida Citrus Center in Yulee is a former Stuckey's restaurant. This building is probably from the 1960s or 1970s. Stuckey's was founded in Eastman, GA in 1937. The chain grew rapidly and focused primarily on Georgia and Florida locations. At the company's peak, there were more than 350 locations. By the late 1970s, there were less than 75 left. However, the chain is rebounding today and has more than 200 locations in more than 19 states. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

I assume this Florida Citrus Center in Jacksonville is another repurposed building. Does anyone recognize what it was originally? [map]

former Jiffy Food Store
Perry, FL
This former Jiffy Food Store was probably built in the 1960s. The building has been used as a used car dealership since at least 2008. [map]

dental office
St. Petersburg, FL
former IBEW Building
St. Petersburg, FL
This dental office was probably built in the 1960s. [map]

This former IBEW Building (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) building was probably built in the 1960s. The IBEW was there by 1969. I believe the Sons of Italy has been there since 2006. [map]

UpTown Barber Bar
St. Petersburg, FL
I believe the UpTown Barber Bar building was built for Tipton's TV in the early 1960s. [map]

parking canopies
Sarasota, FL
These parking canopies were designed by Frank Folsom Smith and Luis F. Schneider and built in 1966. They are located at the Plymouth Harbor Assisted Living Facility. For more, see this website. [map]

Canaveral Cruise Parking
Cape Canaveral, FL
These double canopies at Canaveral Cruise Parking were built in 1963. They were probably used for a gas station originally. By the late 1960s, it was housing King Car & Truck Rental. In the early 2000s, there was an auto repair shop here. [map]

Venice Beach Pavilion
Venice, FL
The Venice Beach Pavilion was designed by Cyril Tucker and built in 1964. The roof is a concrete hyperbolic parabola. The walls are faced with coral rock. For more, see this website. [map]

Hedges Family Eco Center
Naples, FL
The Hedges Family Eco Center was built in the early 1960s as a Visitors Center, operated by the Naples Chamber of Commerce. The building was restored from 2001-2002. In 2005, it was renamed the Hedges Family Eco Center. The building serves as an educational center. [map]

Americana Motor Inn [gone]
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Americana Motor Inn was built in 1965, designed by McKirahan & Russell. It had a tent-like, seven-pointed, folded-plane concrete roof. It later became the Best Western Marina Inn and Yacht Harbor. In 2006, there was talk of moving the structure. However, it was demolished in 2007.

Plaza Motel
Panama City Beach, FL
The Plaza Motel office features a 1960s-looking folded plate roof. [map]

former Buning the Florist [gone]
Hollywood, FL
2005: 2009:
former Buning the Florist
Miami, FL
former Buning the Florist
Miami Gardens, FL
former Buning the Florist
Plantation, FL
This former Buning the Florist building in Hollywood had been vacant for many years. By 2013, the building was gone.

The former Buning the Florist in Miami shown above was the company's second location, built in 1972. Since at least 2008, the building has housed adult stores. It now houses Miami's Vice. [map]

The former Buning the Florist in Miami Gardens was built in 1972. The building houses the Pleasure Emporium, an adult store. [map]

The former Buning the Florist in Plantation now houses a pawn shop. [map]

There was another location, possibly the original, in Fort Lauderdale, FL in the 1960s. I believe there were more than 30 locations in the chain, all located in Florida. I don't know if they all looked like this. If you know of any other buildings that still exist, I'd love to hear from you.

former Donald-Roberts Co. Furniture
Sarasota, FL
The former Donald-Roberts Co. Furniture building was designed by Carl A. Vollmer and built in 1959. The building now houses the Sarasota Physicians Surgical Center. For more, see this website. [map]

Sarasota Jungle Gardens
Sarasota, FL
The Sarasota Jungle Gardens opened in 1939. The entrance features four pagoda roofs which were probably built in the 1960s. [map]

Chamber of Commerce
Sarasota, FL
The Chamber of Commerce was designed by Victor Lundy and built in 1956. It is often referred to as the Blue Pagoda Building. The roof has blue glazed tiles from Japan. The building now houses The Bay Park Conservancy. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

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