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former Dairy Queen
Jonesboro, AR
This former Dairy Queen has housed Presley's Drive-in since the early 1970s. [map]

Dairy Queen
Grand Rapids, MI
These split-gable Dairy Queen walk-up buildings are smaller and rarer than the larger type. I believe they were built for smaller lots. This one in Grand Rapids was built in 1970. These buildings were particularly plentiful in Michigan. There are dozens of survivors, with most still operating as Dairy Queens, including these in: Ann Arbor, MI, Battle Creek, MI, Flat Rock, MI, Ypsilanti, MI, Minneapolis, MN, Kenosha, WI, and Wisconsin Dells, WI. [map]

Dairy Queen
Moorhead, MN
This Dairy Queen opened in 1949 and still uses the original menu and a several novelties that are only sold at their location. The original building had a flat roof and a neon sign. In 1972, the split gable roof was installed on top of the original building. The walk-up stand closes in winter. This location invented the Dilly Bar in 1955. The giant Dilly Bar was installed in 2017. No other locations have this. The rooftop sign was updated in 1995. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

More Split Gables, Barns, and Lips Logos:
Picacho, AZ [gone]
Cissna Park, IL
Gibson City, IL
Paris, IL
Park Ridge, IL
Elwood, IN
Kokomo, IN [vintage; gone]
Southport, IN
Dodge City, KS [vintage; gone]
Cambridge, MD
Flat Rock, MI
Milford, MI
Trenton, MI
Richfield, MN [vintage; gone]
Warren, MN
Columbia, MO [vintage; gone]
St. Joseph, MO
Missoula, MT [map]
Cranford, NJ
Carson City, NV [vintage; gone]
Hyde Park, NY
Athens, OH
Murfreesboro, TN [vintage; gone]
Kenosha, WI
Winnipeg, MB [vintage, gone]

Dairy Queen
Alpena, MI
This Dairy Queen is housed in a geodesic dome. I was told that this building has always housed a Dairy Queen and that there were others of this design in the South. I have never been able to find any evidence of that and I'm very skeptical. This dome in Harrisville, MI is similar. This building which was in Plattsburgh, NY was also very similar. My theory is that these buildings were marketed as DIY kits for fast food places. These photos are from 2011. By 2016, the sign had been replaced with a modern "swoosh" logo sign. In 2018, Hungry Hippie moved into the building. The dome is still painted white while the canopy is now painted black. [map]

The buildings shown below are what I call "swoopy roofs." I don't know if they were built as prototypes or if there were other buildings which are gone now. The only building that I know of like this outside of California is in Shoreline, WA.

former Dairy Queen
Redwood City, CA

2008 and 2014:

This Dairy Queen is a nicely preserved example of the wavy roof style building. This restaurant also has the original red, blue and yellow Dairy Queen logos on the tile. These photos are from 2014. In 2016, the pole sign was replaced with the modern logo. Then, at the end of the year, the location closed. In 2017, the building began housing Ohana Express. It now houses Redwood City Barbeque. [map]

former Dairy Queen
Los Banos, CA


This former Dairy Queen is another example of this wavy roof style building. The pole sign was modern. The sign over the roof appeared to be original. However, I have not seen any other locations or vintage photos with this type of sign. I suspect it came from one of the boxy buildings. This location closed in 2015 and the signs were removed. The tile was either removed or covered over. The building now houses Las Palmas. [map]

former Dairy Queen
Davis, CA


This former Dairy Queen closed in 2013. The building had been stripped and was being adapted for architects' offices in 2014. The remodeling was completed in 2015. For more, see this website. [map]

Dairy Queen
Campbell, CA
The "Dairy Queen" lips sign panels at this Dairy Queen in Campbell were swapped out for more modern "DQ" panels between 2011 and 2014. There is also a gazebo in front of the building. The photo above is from 2014. This is the only wavy roof building still operating as a Dairy Queen. For more, see this website. [map]

former Dairy Queen
Long Beach, CA


This former Dairy Queen in Long Beach has been here since at least 1968. The building now houses a Jim's Burgers. The building was painted red and white around 2017. [map]

former Dairy Queen
San Jose, CA
This former Dairy Queen was built in 1965 and closed in 1987. The building now houses Royal Pools. [map]

former Dairy Queen
Pismo Beach, CA
This former Dairy Queen now houses Brooks Burgers. It housed a Mexican restaurant for many years before that. [map]

former Dairy Queen
Sacramento, CA


This former Dairy Queen housed the Burger Chief in 2005. The building still featured the Dairy Queen tile facade when it housed Dino's Dogs & Gyros. Since sometime after 2009, the building has housed Taqueria Santos Laguna. The Dairy Queen tiles were either painted over or removed at that point. These wavy roofed Dairy Queens feature wooden beams on the underside. I have only seen this design in California. [map]

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