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A&W Root Beer [gone]
Logan, UT
This A&W Root Beer was built in 1973. It was demolished in 2019.

former A&W Root Beer
Cedar City, UT
former A&W Root Beer [gone]
Provo, UT
This former A&W Root Beer in Cedar City has housed Brad's Food Hut since at least 2004. For more, see this website. [map]

This former A&W Root Beer in Provo had housed the Malt Shoppe since at least the 1990s. This photo is from 2014. By 2017, the building had been demolished.


former A&W Root Beer
Bellingham, WA
The former A&W Root Beer has housed Boomer's Drive-in since 1989. [map]

former A&W Root Beer
Anacortes, WA
The former A&W Root Beer in Anacortes has housed the Fidalgo Drive-in since 2008. [map]

former A&W Root Beer
Pasco, WA
former A&W Root Beer
Vantage, WA
This former A&W Root Beer in Pasco has housed Junior's Tacos since at least 2008. This photo is from 2015. [map]

This former A&W Root Beer in Vantage most recently housed Blustery's Burger Drive-in. The building was modified to increase the dining area. [map]

More Washington:
Walla Walla

A&W Root Beer
Portage, WI
This A&W Root Beer in Portage had a turquoise roof for a while. By 2012 when this photo was taken, it was back to the original orange paint. The pylon sign and neon letters at the roofline are recent additions. The original plastic sign was mounted on the shed at the back of the lot. That sign was gone by 2018. For more, see this website. [map]

A&W Root Beer
Janesville, WI
This A&W Root Beer still has the fireplace feature inside. The original seats that surrounded it have been removed. These photos are from 2011. By 2013, the roof had been repainted orange. This location also has the original, embossed plastic panels with the non-italics A&W logo. [map]

A&W Root Beer [gone]
Franksville, WI
Like many other locations, this A&W Root Beer building had been repainted in the new A&W turquoise in recent years. By 2010, it had been painted back to the original orange and brown paint scheme. This photo is from 2011. The building had been demolished by 2015. For more, see this website.

Tep's Drive-in
Augusta, WI
Tep's Drive-in appears to be a former A&W Root Beer. However, the pilgrim hat is considerably shorter than the ones I have seen. Perhaps this was an early design or maybe this drive-in building was just inspired by A&W. [map]

More Wisconsin:
Brown Deer

former A&W Root Beer [gone]
Worland, WY
A&W Root Beer
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
I believe this A&W Root Beer in Worland was built in 1971. This photo is from 2012. This location closed around 2016. The pilgrim hat, canopy, and sign were removed. The building now houses Stogie Joe's.

This A&W Root Beer sign in Sault Ste. Marie is located at a still-operating location. This sign featured the Canadian Burger Family which includes Grandpa Burger. Grandpa Burgers were not made or used in United States restaurants or advertising. That sign panel has been replaced. In 2019, the building was remodeled and a new sign was installed. [map]

More Wyoming:
Thermopolis [gone]

Winnipeg, MB [vintage]

A&W Root Beer
La Crosse, WI
A&W Root Beer
Van Nuys, CA
This A&W Root Beer sign in La Crosse dates from at least the early 1960s. The building was rebuilt but the sign was kept. This round logo was used before 1968 when A&W switched to the plastic oval design. I have not seen any other round signs like this on public display except for the other one in Van Nuys. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

These A&W Root Beer signs in Van Nuys are installed at the Valley Relics Museum.

More A&W Signs:
Lodi, CA [sign gone]
Dearborn, MI

A&W installed fiberglass Burger Family statues at many of their locations. See this page for examples.

A&W also produced barrel-shaped buildings. See this page for examples.

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