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A&W Drive-in
Ravenna, OH
This A&W Drive-in opened in 1956. It still features car hop service. [map]

A&W Drive-in
Middlebury, VT
This A&W Drive-in has been around since the 1950s. The original building is where the basement is now after the road had been built up. This A&W features car hops on roller skates. The sign was obviously modern. These photos are from 2003. By 2012, the canopy had been repainted the original orange and the sign was gone. [map]

former A&W Drive-in
Wentzville, MO
This A&W Drive-in was built in 1966. It has been Pete's Drive-in since 1996. The A&W fireplace is still there. For more, see this website. [map]

former A&W Drive-in
Merced, CA
This A&W Drive-in is now known as the H&W Drive-in. [map]

A&W's pilgrim hat shaped roof was designed by Trachte Brothers. The first one was installed in Edgerton, WI in 1965. Officially, these steel roofs were known as A&Ws "pagoda" design. Very few of the buildings with this design still house A&Ws. Most of the buildings have either been remodeled or house other businesses. Trachte also designed the pagoda roof first used by Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1968.

The locations below and on the next few pages are organized alphabetically by state.

former A&W Drive-in
Chandler, AZ
former A&W Drive-in
Cottonwood, AZ
This former A&W Drive-in in Chandler was built in 1974. The building now houses Long Wong's. [map]

This former A&W Drive-in in Cottonwood now houses Pepe's Cafe. [map]

A&W Drive-in
San Rafael, CA
former A&W Drive-in
South Lake Tahoe, CA
This A&W Drive-in in San Rafael opened in 1973. It is one of the very few operating locations with the pilgrim hat design and plastic oval sign. The sign was probably lowered due to city regulations. [map]

This former A&W Drive-in in South Lake Tahoe is another example of these small buildings. The building was vacant when this photo was taken in 2014. It had most housed a Roberto's Taco Shop before that. The building now houses a BBQ restaurant. [map]

former A&W Drive-in
San Jose, CA
former A&W Drive-in
Menlo Park, CA
This A&W Drive-in in San Jose now houses Mr. Chau's Chinese Fast Food. This photo is from 2014. The building was painted red in 2015. In 2020, the roof tower had been removed and the building was for sale. [map]

This A&W Drive-in in Menlo Park housed Jason's Cafe from 2008-2019. The drive-in canopy had been turned into a building addition. The building has been vacant since Jason's closed. The building is currently behind chain link fencing while construction is going on behind it. [map]

former A&W Drive-in
Grass Valley, CA
This former A&W Drive-in now houses the Big A Root Beer Drive-In. [map]

former A&W Drive-in
Redding, CA
A&W Drive-in
Visalia, CA
This former A&W Drive-in in Redding has housed Fat Daddy's BBQ since 2002. [map]

This A&W Drive-in building in Visalia was painted green back in 2005. It has since been repainted the original orange. This photo is from 2013. [map]

There was another pilgrim hat location in Visalia, CA but it was replaced with a modern building in 2020. The plastic oval sign remains. [map]

former A&W Drive-in
Chester, CA
former A&W Drive-in
Susanville, CA
This former A&W Drive-in in Chester now houses the Locker Room Sports Grill. [map]

This former A&W Drive-in in Susanville had housed the Chinese Kitchen Restaurant since at least 2007. This photo is from 2016. By 2018, the building was housing the Courthouse Cafe. [map]

More California A&W Pilgrim Hats:
Sacramento [map]

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