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This page and the next have examples of A&W flat and mansard roof buildings. These locations are organized alphabetically by state.

former A&W Drive-in
Merced, CA
This A&W Drive-in is now known as the H&W Drive-in. [map]

A&W Drive-in
Mentone, CA
This A&W Drive-in may have opened in 1958. It is open 24 hours and still has a plastic, embossed oval sign. Note that these panels, like the ones in Berthoud below, are not the originals which had non-italic font and text completely within the white oval like this one. [map]

A&W Drive-in
Berthoud, CO
This A&W Drive-in was built in 1949. The Papa Burger statue was installed around 2018. [map]

Jefferson [map]


former A&W Root Beer
Saginaw, MI
This former A&W Root Beer opened in 1941. It was known as Irene's A&W in the 1960s. It became the Old Town Drive-in in 1986. For more, see this website. [map]

More Michigan:

former A&W Drive-in
Wentzville, MO
This A&W Drive-in was built in 1966. It has been Pete's Drive-in since 1996. The A&W fireplace is still there. For more, see this website. [map]


former A&W Root Beer
Deer Lodge, MT
I don't know when this former A&W Root Beer opened but it closed around 2020. It still had the oval plastic signs until 2022, just before this photo was taken. [map]

former A&W Root Beer
Great Falls, MT
This former A&W Drive-in housed Lippi's Kitchen since at least 2007. The building now houses the A&K Diner. [map]

former A&W Root Beer
Defiance, OH
The former A&W Root Beer now houses Jigg's Drive-in. The A&W plastic sign has been relabeled. [map]

A&W Root Beer
Ravenna, OH
This A&W Root Beer opened in 1956. It still features car hop service. [map]

former A&W Root Beer
Sharonville, OH
This former A&W Root Beer opened in 1957. It has been called "The Root Beer Stand" since 1982. The root beer is made on-site. There are no longer carhops. For more, see this website. [map]

More Ohio:
New Philadelphia


A&W Drive-in
Middlebury, VT
This A&W Drive-in has been around since the 1950s. The original building is where the basement is now after the road had been built up. This A&W features car hops on roller skates. The sign was obviously modern. These photos are from 2003. By 2012, the canopy had been repainted the original orange and the sign was gone. [map]

former A&W Root Beer
Soap Lake, WA
This former A&W Root Beer now houses the B&B Drive-in. [map]

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