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Jigg's Drive-in
Defiance, OH
Jigg's Drive-in is apparently a former A&W drive-in. If not, at least the re-labeled plastic sign belonged to an A&W originally. [map]

A&W Drive-in
Iron River, WI
This A&W Drive-in opened around 1955. These photos are from 2011. [map]

Chopper's Drive Inn (now Rudy's Drive-in)
Sparta, WI


Chopper's Drive Inn operated as an A&W Root Beer until 2007. The business used this giant hamburger as its sign. The burger is gone now. Sparta is home to FAST Fiberglass which most likely produced this hamburger. There was an apparently identical giant hamburger in Suring, WI. It's possible that the burger from Sparta was relocated to Suring.

Rudy's Drive-in opened here in 2009. It is the company's second location (see the one in La Crosse below). This roller skating A&W bear statue must have been produced by FAST. I believe it is modern and unique. This location has no indoor seating. The car hops wear roller skates. [map]

Rudy's Drive-in
La Crosse, WI
This Rudy's Drive-in opened in 1966 as an A&W Drive-in. The Rudy family has owned several A&W in Wisconsin over the years, dating back to 1933. There are roller skating car hops and indoor seating at this location. For more, see this website. [map]

Ardy & Ed's Drive-in
Oshkosh, WI
The Ardy & Ed's Drive-in opened in 1948 as the Southside A&W Drive-in. It's been Ardy & Ed's since the 1970s. The restaurant continues to make its own root beer which is available in take-home containers. The car hops wear roller skates. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Yeck Family Drive-in
Cheboygan, MI
The Yeck Family Drive Inn opened around 1986. The building was originally occupied by an A&W. [map]

Woody's Drive-in
Fremont, OH
Woody's Drive-in was built as an A&W Drive-in. The stand still features car hops and homemade root beer. For more, see this website. [map]

Old Town Drive-in
Saginaw, MI
The Old Town Drive-in opened in 1941 as an A&W Drive-in. It was known as Irene's A&W in the 1960s. It became the Old Town Drive-in in 1986. For more, see this website. [map]

B&B Drive-in
Soap Lake, WA
The B&B Drive-in was most likely an A&W Drive-in originally. If not, the oval shaped sign either came from an A&W somewhere else and was adapted or it was imitated. [map]

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