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Chicago Auto
Chicago, IL
Mr. K's Restaurant [gone]
Chicago, IL
This Chicago Auto Insurance sign originally advertised for a restaurant. Does anyone know what the name was? This photo is from 2006. By 2012, the sign had been repainted blue and yellow. [map]

The Mr. K's Restaurant building was originally a Red Barn restaurant from the 1960s or 1970s. The sign was adapted as well. These photos were taken in 2006. The restaurant closed in 2009 and, by 2013, the building and sign were gone.

CVS Pharmacy
Chicago, IL
Big Top
Chicago, IL
Ideal Pastry
Chicago, IL
Southwest Lawn Mower [gone]
Chicago, IL
Renee's Salon of Beauty [gone]
Chicago, IL
This CVS Pharmacy adapted the sign of the former Golden Flame restaurant. [map]

The Big Top Restaurant features a 1950s-looking circus tent sign. For more, see this website. [map]

The Ideal Pastry and Southwest Lawn Mower signs were probably built in the 1950s. The Southwest Lawn Mower sign was removed in 2016. [Ideal map]

The Renee's Salon of Beauty sign is probably from the 1950s. The photo of the Renee's Salon of Beauty sign is from 2006. By 2013, the sign was gone.

C. Davis Rentals [gone]
Chicago, IL
Draperies [gone]
Chicago, IL
These two signs at C. Davis Rentals were probably from the 1950s or 1960s. These photos are from 2006 and 2007. The third photo is the backside of the previous one, showing the clock on top. These signs have been gone since around 2009 and there are new businesses on the lot. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

The Window Wonderland Draperies sign was probably from the 1950s. By 2012, it was gone.

Artel Jewelers [gone]
Chicago, IL
Smakowski Bakery
Chicago, IL
Auto Leasing
Chicago, IL
The Artel Jewelers sign was probably from the 1950s. The store closed around 2020 and the sign was gone by 2023. For more, see this website.

The Smakowski Bakery features this giant sign above the entrance. The business was originally known as the "Village Bake Shop". The sign was altered to reflect the new name. The white box above the "Deli" panel originally had a clock. It probably revolved. The "Deli" and "Piekarnia" originally spelled out in neon: "Pastries" and "Restaurant". [map]

Paragon Auto Leasing was established in 1960. I don't know if this sign was built then or if it was updated from a previous company. Around 2015, the two middle text panels were covered over with vinyl panels. [map]

Edgebrook TV Sales & Service [gone]
Chicago, IL
Pticek & Sons Bakery
Chicago, IL
Candlelite Chicago
Chicago, IL
The Edgebrook TV Sales & Service signs were probably from the 1950s. The signs were put up for sale on Craigslist in 2015.

The Pticek & Sons Bakery opened in 1954 and this sign appears to be from then. [map]

Candlelite Chicago opened in 1954 and this sign is from then. For more, see this website. [map]

Super Cup Restaurant [gone]
Chicago, IL
Huck Finn Donuts
Chicago, IL
C&J Auto Parts [gone]
Chicago, IL
The Super Cup Restaurant sign was probably built in the 1950s. This photo is from 2007. By 2011, Super Cup was gone and the sign had been repurposed for Central Kitchen and Tap. By 2014, that restaurant had closed. In 2015, the sign was removed.

Huck Finn Donuts is open 24 hours and has two other locations in the Chicago area. This plastic sign appears to have been repaired with an updated, less artistic side at one point. Sorry about the angles of these photos: the sun was directly behind the sign. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

C&J Auto Parts had been here since 1950. This sign was probably from then. The sign was still there in 2016 but gone by 2018.

Used Cars
(now Mitch
Auto Sales)
Chicago, IL
Harold's Chicken Shack
Chicago, IL
Freshen Up Laundromat [gone]
Chicago, IL
Balzekas Motor Sales was established in 1919. The Balzekas Used Cars sign appears to be from the 1950s. Up until around 1990, there was a similar Chrysler and Plymouth sign at the company's new car lot. This photo is from 2010. By 2011, most of the sign had been covered up and reworked for Wheels Chicago. In 2014, it was reworked again for Mitch Auto Sales. It now has panels for Gallery Auto Group. For more, see this website. [map]

The Harold's Chicken Shack chain was established in 1950 and had nearly 100 locations around town at its peak. There were at least a few neon window versions of this man-chasing-chicken sign produced. There are still quite a few plastic signs left. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. [map]

This plastic sign at the Freshen Up Laundromat might be from the 1960s. These photos were taken in 2007. By 2013, the sign was gone.

Rainbow Motel
Chicago, IL
Baking Co.
Chicago, IL
(now Schaumburg, IL)
Milshire Hotel
Chicago, IL
Blinds & More
Chicago, IL
Bonny's Bar [gone]
Chicago, IL
The Rainbow Motel sign is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. For more, see this website. [map]

The Gonnella Baking Co. was established in 1886. This sign was built in the 1930s and installed at another location. It was moved here in 1994 and restored in 2010. This photo is from 2012. By 2015, the sign had been moved to the company's facility in Schaumburg. For more, see this website. [map]

The Milshire Hotel sign is probably from the 1940s or 1950s. In 2022, the sign was put up for sale but the owner decided to leave the sign due to community pressure. For more, see this website. [map]

The Blinds & More sign appears to be from the 1940s or 1950s. [map]

The Bonny's Bar sign originally came from a long-closed bar in Kansas City, MO. In the mid-1990s, it was shipped to Chicago and installed at Iggy's bar. When Iggy's closed around 2009, the sign went to Salvage One. It was then sold to Bonny's. Just a few months after this photo was taken in 2012, Bonny's closed as well. By 2013, the sign was gone. The owner has it in storage. For more, see this website.

Norwood Park Auto Sales
Chicago, IL
Michael Kinsch, the owner of Norwood Park Auto Sales, had this sign collection inside the dealership's office when I was there in 2012. In 2013, Norwood Park Auto Sales closed. Apparently, the collection was moved to the owner's other dealership, Windy City Motors, in Chicago. [map]

More Chicago:
Army & Lou's Restaurant [gone]
A&T Grill
Allerton Hotel [map]
Artist's Snack Shop [sign gone]
Auto Tech Service [gone]
Belle Shore Apartments Hotel [map]
Better Roofing & Siding Co. [gone]
Capitol Car Wash
Car Town [gone]
Cedar Hotel: 1, 2 [gone]
Central Buy Low Liquors
Central Gyros [map]
Clark-Devon Hardware
Clipper Lounge
Conrad & Son Hardware & Supply Co. [gone]
Darlington Hotel [map]
Dinkel's Bakery [map]
Diversey River Bowl
Double Door Liquors [gone]
Ebenezer Baptist Church
El Nopal Bakery
Erickson Jewelers
Esquire Motel [map]
Fireside Bowl
Fish Keg [map]
Forest View Bakery [gone]
Frank's Pizzeria [gone]
Fushing House
Gas for Less
Geneo's Pizza [gone]
Goldstar Lounge
Grand Grill [gone]
Granville Picture Framing
Jack Robbins Clothes [gone]
Kentile Floors [gone]
Hansa Travel Bureau [gone]
Hollywood Cleaners
Hotel Chateau [gone]
Hoyne Savings Bank [map]
Irving Hotel [gone]
Janson's Drive-in
Little Flower Shoppe [gone]
Lem's BBQ House
Los Dos Laredos Restaurant [gone]
Margie's Candies
Marquette Photo Supply [gone]
Martin Muffler [map]
Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church [gone]
M-K Cleaners
Morand's Buy Low Liquor [map]
Mt. Greenwood Hardware [map]
New Modern Grill
Nicky's Drive-in [gone]
O.K. Used Cars
Orange Garden Restaurant (now Highland Park, IL)
Original Ferrara & Co. Pastries
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer [vintage; gone]
Palace Grill Sandwich Shop
P.F. Nikolich Real Estate [gone]
Pizza by Geneo! [gone]
Pride Cleaners
Ravenswood Event Center
Regal Supply Co. [gone]
Rosen's Morseview Pharmacy [gone]
Schlitz [gone]
Seville Motel [gone]
Spink's Men's Wear [gone]
Spinning J Bakery
S&T Provisions
Town & Country Liquor [map]
Trim 'N Tidy Cleaners
Union Missionary Baptist Church
Weather Bell [map]
WGN Flag Co. [map]
Woodmac Lanes [gone]
Z Frank Chevrolet [gone]

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