Texas Mid-Century Modern Residential Buildings

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Pavilion House [gone]
Houston, TX
The Pavilion House, aka, the Carousel House, was designed by Robert Cohen and built in 1964. It was demolished in 2007. For more, see this website.

mid-century house
Dallas, TX
The mid-century house was designed by John Barthel and built in 1959. [map]

Feinberg House
Dallas, TX
The Feinberg House was built in 1960. [map]

Penguin Arms Apartments
Houston, TX
The Penguin Arms Apartments, designed by Arthur Moss, was built in 1950. The building appeared to be vacant in 2018. [map]

Durst House
Houston, TX
The Durst House was designed by Bruce Goff and built in 1958. [map]

El Dorado Apartments
El Paso, TX
The El Dorado Apartments were built in 1965. [map]

Steel House
Ransom Canyon, TX
Robert Bruno built the Steel House from 1973-2007. He passed away just eight months later in 2008. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]