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Burger Boy
Hayward, CA
Hayward, CA
These Burger Boy and David statues are located at Bell Plastics. They will be restored and displayed with the other statues on the property. No history is known about the Burger Boy: where it came from or if other statues like this were produced. Despite some information online, this statue did not come from a Kip's Big Boy. From the beginning, Kip's was a Big Boy franchise and used the same Big Boy mascot in advertising, menus, and statues as the character that we know today. This statue in Hayward is most likely a one-off. [map]

Lenin [gone]
Los Angeles, CA
Spirit of American Youth
Glendale, CA
Santa Maria, CA
This bust of Lenin was installed in front of the Ace Museum in 2011. The stainless-steel sculpture is about 14 feet tall. It is entitled "Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin's Head". It was created by Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang. In 2018, the sculpture was moved to private property. For more, see this website.

This 18-foot-tall Spirit of American Youth sculpture is located at the Americana at Brand shopping mall. It was built in 2008 as a replica of a sculpture in France memorializing Americans that died fighting at Normandy during World War II. For more, see this website.

These two Marine statues are owned by a private collector and displayed in his backyard. There was another one like this in Bethesda, MD. If you know of any others, I'd love to hear from you. These are the six-foot-tall models. They were also produced in three-foot-tall models.

Bob's Tire Center
Red Bluff, CA



Bob's Tire Center
Corning, CA
Jim's Tire Center
Simi Valley, CA
These Bob's Tire Center chainsaw-carved wooden statues were created in the 1990s. There are three of them at this Red Bluff location: one outside and two inside. The statue outside was repainted around 2012. The statue in the window is about half the size of the other two statues. [map]

The Bob's Tire Center in Corning no longer has a statue but the store still features the mascot on its signs. [map]

Jim's Tire Center has another one of these statues. This store was probably a Bob's Tire Center originally. There were other statues like this at the Bob's Tire Center in Chico, CA and another inside the Corning, CA location. Both of those locations are gone. The statue looks a lot like the Tire Man chain mascot. However, instead of a service man's hat, these statues wear cowboy hats. I assume the statues with cowboy hats were the earlier design. The Simi Valley statue was previously located outside the shop. I'm told that the damage to the statue's left ear and hat came from the statue being knocked over during the Northridge earthquake in 1994.

Palm Springs, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Bobblehead statues
Los Angeles, CA
This Astronaut statue was installed in front of FLWR CO. Cannabis Dispensary around 2022. This statue was produced by Design Toscano and advertises for Moon Edibles. [map]

This Gnome statue is located at Mickey Hargitay Plants. There are other statues like this in Denton, TX and Vero Beach, FL.

These three Bobblehead statues were installed in front of Dodger Stadium in 2013. There are two other Bobblehead statues not shown here.

Forever Marilyn
Palm Springs, CA
Unconditional Surrender
San Diego, CA
This Forever Marilyn statue depicting Marilyn Monroe is 26 feet tall. It was created by Seward Johnson from stainless steel and aluminum. The statue was previously installed in Chicago and was moved here in 2012. The statue was moved to New Jersey in 2014. In 2021, it returned to Palm Springs and is expected to remain until 2024. It is installed in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum. For more, see this website.

The Unconditional Surrender statue was also created by Seward Johnson. It was inspired by a VJ Day photo from 1945 of a sailor kissing a nurse. The 25-foot-tall statue is made of bronze. Johnson's first version of this statue was built in 2005. It was made of styrofoam and installed in Times Square in New York City to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. In 2007, a temporary version of this statue was installed in San Diego. That one was replaced with a permanent version in 2013. It is installed next to the USS Midway Museum. [map]

There was an identical statue in Hamilton, NJ which has been moved to Rome, Italy. There is another one in Sarasota, FL and a smaller one in Waikiki, HI. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Fisk Tire Boy
Bakersfield, CA
This Fisk Tire Boy statue is located at the Clerou Tire Company. The character first appeared in advertising in 1907, using the slogan "Time to Re-Tire". This statue is probably from the 1950s. There are a few other statues like this still on display including these in Michigan. [map]

Fisk Tire Boy
Hayward, CA
This Fisk Tire Boy statue is located at Bell Plastics. It appears to be a modern reproduction.

Hayward, CA
Gas Station Attendant [gone]
Hayward, CA
This statue appears to be a giant Bobblehead. I don't know who it is supposed to represent. The statue is on display at Bell Plastics.

This Gas Station Attendant was installed at Bell Plastics in 2014. It was built for a gas station but was never installed due to city restrictions. It was on long-term loan to Bruce Kennedy, the owner of Bell Plastics. The statue went back to the owner in 2016. It is no longer on public display. However, there are many other giant statues at Bell Plastics. [map]

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