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Crocetta's Service
Gloversville, NY

Getty station
Staten Island, NY
Crocetta's Service is from the 1930s. The former station features a Spanish tile roof, peaked bays and office door, and old light fixtures. Around the side of the building, there's an old air pump and Ladies Room sign. The gas pumps, however, are gone. [map]

This Getty station was built around 1920. Although the building is mostly concealed and altered, it still serves as a gas station. This photo is from 2009. There is now an Exxon station here and the Getty signs are gone. I don't know what brand of gas was sold here originally. [map]

former station
Gloversville, NY


This former station appears to be from the 1930s or so. The most recent tenant was EZ Auto Liquidators but the building appears to be vacant now. Does anyone know more about it? Between 2007 and 2010, the windows above the bays were removed and the office windows have been boarded up. [map]

former Sears station
Rome, NY

(during restoration)

(restoration complete)
This former Sears station was built in 1930 - one of three built of this design and the only one that remains. Sears Oil was a regional company founded in 1913. This station closed in 1974 and sat vacant until 2002 when it was restored. Howard P. Sears, Jr. turned the building into a Sears Oil Co. museum. Its design looks nearly identical (a wider door) to the Sun Oil stations built in the 1920s shown below. For examples of later Sears stations, see this page. For more, see this website. [last photo thanks Pat Corbett] [map]

former Sunoco station
Sidney, NY
This former Sunoco station is set pretty far back from the road on what seems to be private property. The building was probably moved here and then restored. There were hundreds of these "eyebrow" stations built in the Northeast in the 1930s. There is another restored Sunoco like this one in Dayton, OH.

former Sunoco station [gone]
Millersport, NY
This former Sunoco station was built in the 1920s. There was a bay building on the left that would have been a later addition. This former station had been abandoned for many years. This photo is from 2010. By 2015, the building was gone.

Citgo station
Queens, NY
former station [gone]
Geneva, NY
This Citgo station building is a miraculous survivor. I don't know what brand of gas was sold here originally. The building appears to be from the 1920s or 1930s. The pumps have been replaced with modern ones. [map]

This former station in Geneva was built in 1927 and was known as the Gigliotti station. Its unusual curved facade was similar to this station in Richmond, VA. It was apparently a Mobil station at one time but I don't know if that was the original or a later brand. In 2006, the building was scheduled to be demolished. It was still there in 2010 when these photos were taken. However, the building was gone by 2013.

former station [gone]
Castleton-on-Hudson, NY
This former station had housed Broughton's Auto Repair for many years. The photo at the left is from 2001. The photos on the right from 2010 show the new roof. The building was gone by 2021.

Phillips Service Station
Mumford, NY
This Phillips Service Station was built in 1933. The bay building on the left was a later addition. I don't believe this was ever a Phillips 66 station. It was named after the owner, Paul Phillips. The station was still operating as a CITGO station when I first saw it in 2005. However, the building was vacant when these photos were taken in 2010. The building was still vacant in 2018. In 2019, the building was housing the Freestyle Mercantile Gift Shop. The building had been restored and the gas pump island was gone. [map]

CITGO station
East Aurora, NY
This CITGO station was also known as Dan's Auto Repair. Dan's had been here since 1946. The building appears to be from the 1930s. Does anyone know what brand of gas was sold here originally? By 2015, the pumps had been removed and the building was housing another car repair shop. [map]

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