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former Esso station
Athens, NY
This former Esso station is now a Sunoco. The locals say it was built around the 1950s but the tile roof and design lead me to believe it is from before that. It is directly across the street from the Schmidt Bros. station shown below. [map]

Schmidt Bros.
Athens, NY
The Schmidt Bros. was built around 1939-1940. The owner/builder was from Stuttgart, Germany and the stone design of this building was unique. It was originally a Tydol Flying A station and later a Texaco and a Getty (not sure which first). In 1949, the owner added the flat-roofed stone-faced garage to the right. In its final years, Schmidt Bros. was just a garage and tire dealer and no longer sold gas. The business closed around 2016 and the building has been vacant since then. For more, see this website. [map]

former Liebler-Rohl gas station
Lancaster, NY
Frosty's ice cream stand has occupied the former Liebler-Rohl gas station since 2003. The building dates from around 1935 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It operated as a gas station until the 1960s. [map]

former Socony station
Ithaca, NY
This former Socony station was built in 1930. It later became a Sunoco station. The pumps were removed around 2009. The building houses Best Auto Repair now. [map]

former Texaco station
Middletown, NY
This former Denver-style Texaco station housed Pepe's Auto Repair when these photos were taken in 2010. The building now houses R&J Auto Repair. This station would originally have looked like this one in Wichita, KS. [map]

former Texaco station
Unionville, NY
This former Denver-style Texaco station has been vacant since at least 2005. [map]

former Tower Gas
Eaton, NY
former Tower Gas
Binghamton, NY
former Tower Gas
Sherburne, NY
former Tower Gas
Endicott, NY
gas station [gone]
Kings Ferry, NY
former Tower Gas
Cooperstown, NY
These Tower Gas stations had lighthouses built into their stations. The former station in Eaton is now a post office, while the one in Binghamton is a florist shop. For more, see this website. [Eaton map]; [Binghamton map]

The former station in Sherburne housed Lewis Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge when these photos were taken in 2010. It had been that restaurant since 1942. By 2015, the building was housing Nina's Italian Grill and the lighthouse had been painted red. In 2017, the restaurant began housing Chops & Hops. The building now houses Lewis' Restaurant. [map]

This former station in Endicott is now used as an engineering office. [first photo thanks Bob Schuerch] [map]

This gas station in Kings Ferry was destroyed when they widened the highway. A Colonial sign is visible in the photo as well as a Ford sign (this station doubled as a Ford dealership). [photo/info thanks Colleen Edwards]

The Cooperstown building is the only one still selling gas. It is now known as both Taylors Mini Mart and the Village Tower. It has a car wash now in what was probably the service bay building. [map]

The only other one of this type that I know of was in Roscoe, NY. The building was destroyed by a fire and demolished. I believe these Tower Gas stations were actually Colonial Beacon gas stations which later became Esso stations. There was one in Saratoga, NY that looked identical to the ones shown above.

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