Giant Ice Cream Statues (page 2)

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Sweets for
Sweeties [gone]
Paradise, PA
Daisy's [gone]
Boulder City, NV
Crunchi Creme
Niagara Falls, ON
Ice Cream
Cone [gone]
Minneapolis, MN
Pastry [gone]
Boston, MA
Sweets for Sweeties had an ice cream cone mailbox when this photo was taken in 2010. The store is still there but by 2015, the place had a normal mailbox.

Grandma Daisy's is a candy store and ice cream parlor. This giant cone and cow were installed in front of the shop. I believe this cone was manufactured recently. I think the cow and cone are gone now.

Crunchi Creme features another giant modern cone. This photo is from 2007. By 2017, it had sprinkles. [map]

The Ice Cream Cone in Minneapolis was located in the Gaviidae Food Court when this photo was taken in 2008. I believe the food court and this statue are gone now.

Napoli Pastry featured a giant gelati cone over the entrance. This photo is from 2009. The store closed sometime after 2011 and the cone is gone.

Ice Cream Cone
Fullerton, CA
Ice Cream Cone
San Diego, CA
Ice Cream Cone
Santa Cruz, CA
Ice Cream Cone
San Francisco, CA
Ice Cream Cone
San Francisco, CA
Ice Cream Cone
Inyokern, CA
The Ice Cream Cone in Fullerton is located at the Visual Arts Center at California State University. It is made of fiberglass and was created and installed here in 1973.

The Ice Cream Cone in San Diego is installed on the roof of Oceans Ice Cream. [map]

The Ice Cream Cone in Santa Cruz is installed on a building on the Boardwalk. [map]

The first Ice Cream Cone in San Francisco above is located at the Bi-Rite Creamery. It was installed around 2009. [map]

The second Ice Cream Cone in San Francisco above is located at Z Cioccolato. It was installed around 2018. [map]

The Ice Cream Cone in Inyokern has been abandoned for many years. There was once a gas station here which sold ice cream. There is no building now just a solitary, rusted pump.

Giant Cone
Brooklyn, NY
Giant Ice Cream Molds
Sparta, WI
Giant Cone
Chambersburg, PA
Giant Cone
Mason, MI
Giant Cone
Stockbridge, MI
Giant Cone
Eagle River, WI
The Brooklyn Cone is on top of a fast food place near the Boardwalk at Coney Island. [map]

These Cones in Sparta are molds at FAST where most giant ice creams, like the Brooklyn Cone, and other foods come from.

The Cone in Chambersburg is located at the Historic Ice Cream Station. I have not seen this design before. From its shape and condition, I suspect it is fairly modern. [map]

The Cone in Mason is mounted on the roof of the Super Twist ice cream stand. [map]

The Cone in Stockbridge is located at the Stage Stop Restaurant. [map]

The Cone Eagle River hangs above the Country Store. [map]

Double D's
Soft Serve
Pekin, IL
Giant Cone
Fort Pierre, SD
Country Cream
Masonville, NY
Ice Cream Shoppe
Cutchogue, NY
Big Lick
Dairy & Dogs [gone]
Kansas City, MO
Giant Cone
Suring, WI
Giant Cone
Clermont, FL
Double D's Soft Serve has this old-looking, giant cone which appears to have two eyes. In the early 1980s, it was located at the Velvet Freeze in Peoria, IL where it was installed on a pole. The Double D name comes from the owners' first names (Donna and Darrell). The stand opened in 1984 and acquired the cone around 1988. The stand was sold to new owners around 2004 but it is still known by the same name. Double D's painted the eyes on the cone to simulate the candy eyes that they put on the cones for children. [map]

The Cone in Fort Pierre is located at the Cool Spot. [map]

The Country Cream Cone is at the roadside stand next to the Hardwood Hills Golf Course. [map]

Scoops Ice Cream Shoppe featured this giant cone above its entrance. This photo is from 2007. Scoops moved to a new location in 2017 and the cone is now on display there. The business is now known as Scoops & Grinds. [map]

The Big Lick Dairy & Dogs cone appeared to be from the same mold as the one at Scoops. This photo is from 2010. By 2014, the store and cone were gone.

The Giant Cone in Suring is located at the Cool Twist Depot. [map]

The Giant Cone in Clermont looks like it was made from the same mold as the one in Suring. It is located at the Showcase of Citrus. [map]

Giant Cone [gone]
Corpus Christi, TX
Giant Cone
Wild Rose, WI
Irish Hills
Fun Center [gone]
Tipton, MI
PJ's Drive-in
Delaware, NJ
The Giant Cone in Corpus Christi was installed on someone's front lawn by 2007. It was repainted and decorated for various holidays throughout the year. By 2022, it was gone. For more, see this website.

The Cone in Wild Rose is installed in front of Roseville Mini-Golf & Shops. [map]

The Irish Hills Fun Center pole-mounted pink cone appeared to be from the same mold as the one in Wild Rose. This photo is from 2005. By 2014, the cone was gone and the Fun Center appeared to be closed. The Fun Center also had a giant bottle.

In 2004, PJ's Drive-in was known as the Humpty Dumpty Drive-in when this first photo was taken. This ice cream cone appears to be a match for a model sold by International Fiberglass [photo thanks Terry Nelson]. [map]

Omer, MI
Starlight Frozen
Custard [gone]
Louisville, KY
Frozen Custard
Jonesboro, AR
Giant Sundae
Le Mars, IA
Giant Sundae
Yermo, CA
Sundaes Afternoon features another ice cream pole sign. [map]

Starlight Frozen Custard featured a dripping cone. This photo is from 2007. The stand closed around 2009. The building was still vacant and the cone was still there in 2012. By 2014, the building and cone were gone.

Andy's Frozen Custard features the same modern dripping cone as the one that was at Starlight. This Andy's was built around 2012. [map]

The 10 foot tall Giant Sundae in Le Mars stands outside the Blue Bunny Visitors Center downtown. Le Mars is the self-proclaimed Ice Cream Capital of the World since Wells Dairy produces more ice cream here than any other city does. Wells has been using the name "Blue Bunny" for its ice cream since 1928. Around 2016, the ice cream dish had been painted blue. For more, see this website. [map]

The Giant Sundae in Yermo was built in 2017 for the EddieWorld gas station and rest stop. It conceals a water tank. [map]

Queen [gone]
Raton, NM
Dairy Queen
Grand Junction, CO
Debi's Seashore
Delights [gone]
Keyport, NJ
Magic Sundaes
East Setauket, NY
Hayward Dairy
Hayward, WI
Nut Bar
Kenosha, WI
The Dairy Queen locations in Raton and Grand Junction had identical giant cones. The Raton cone had been there since at least 2007. By 2019, the location had closed and the cone was gone. The Grand Junction cone is still there. [map]

Debi's Seashore Delights featured a concrete cone. Debi's opened in 2007 and this photo was taken later that year. The cone was installed here in 2006 by another ice cream shop, however, it might have been older than that. By 2013, the stand and the cone were gone.

The Magic Sundaes cone was secured to the roof with guy wire. This photo was taken in 2007. By 2013, the store and cone were gone.

The cone at West's Hayward Dairy was installed on the side of the building in 1969. It is about eight feet tall. [map]

This Nut Bar is located in front of Mac's Deli. The business started in 1937 with an ice cream stand selling Mac's Nut Bars. In 1946, the business opened here as Mac's Canteen. This ice cream sign is possibly from then. [map]

Fat Smitty's
Port Townsend, WA
Dairy Freez
Danville, PA
Hawkeye Dairy
Abbotsford, WI
Horn of
Plenty [gone]
Kingston, NY
Di Dio's
Italian Ice [gone]
Santa Monica, CA
The cone at Fat Smitty's restaurant appears to be made of wood. [map]

The cone at Hunters' Dairy Freez looks very similar to the Carvel cones. [map]

The Hawkeye Dairy store sells ice cream, cheese, and other foods. It has been here since 1965. The giant ice cream cone has been here since at least 1989. [map]

The Horn of Plenty rooftop ice cream cone sign was built in 1980. The business was part produce stand, bakery, and garden shop. This photo is from 2007. By 2012, the place had been renamed Meredith's Bread. The sign disappeared later that year.

Di Dio's Italian Ice opened in 1996. This giant Italian ice sign which hung above the entrance had probably been here since then. This photo is from 2013. In 2016, the giant ice was removed.

Dreyer's Grand
San Francisco, CA
2008: 2014:
This Dreyer's Grand store is located at Pier 39. The ice cream cone shown above on the left is gone now. The double dip cone and banana split have been installed over the entrance since at least 2007.

Mountain Mist
Lake Placid, NY
Dairy Twist
Hill City, SD
The Mountain Mist Custard stand's giant cone was mass-produced. There are several others in New York state. The cones are usually mounted on the roof. This cone was displayed by the previous business, Custard, Mustard 'N Brew, which occupied the building since the 1970s. In 2005, the business became Mountain Mist Custard. This photo is from 2007. By 2014, this stand was still open but the cone was gone. It had been stolen, damaged, and then recovered. Around 2016, the cone was repaired and reinstalled. The original Mountain Mist location in Saranac Lake is still operating. It does not have a giant cone. [map]

The Dairy Twist has two other cones of this style. The owner says that the stand opened in the 1980s. Despite the similarity to the New York giant cones, she insists that these cones were built in 2000 and are not related. [map]