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Big Dip
North Syracuse, NY
Arctic Island Ice Cream
Syracuse, NY
Whitebrook Dairy Bar
Wilmington, NY
The Big Dip appears to occupy a former Carvel building. Possibly, another chain took over several Carvel buildings and came up with these giant cones to replace the original Carvel cone signs. I have only seen a few of this style giant cone outside of New York. There was another cone like this in Fort Ann, NY. Another possibility is that these locations were part of a chain that was inspired by Carvel. For more, see this website. [map]

Arctic Island Ice Cream claims that it has been selling homemade ice cream here since the late 1940s when it was known as the Valley Dairy. However, this building is very Carvel-like and might have been a copycat design. In 2007, this stand was nearly demolished for a gas station. The cone on the roof was removed in 2019. For more, see this website. [map]

The Whitebrook Dairy Bar opened in 1968. This is another Carvel-like building and the rooftop cone appears to be the same as the ones at Big Dip and Arctic Island. This cone was gone by 2023. [map]

Jolly Cow Drive-in
Lake Katrine, NY
The Jolly Cow Drive-in is another building like those above with the same style cone on the roof. For more, see this website. [map]

Mary Jane's Dairy Bar
Newburgh, NY
Mary Jane's Dairy Bar has been here since at least the 1960s. [map]

Dave's Ice Cream
Batavia, NY
Dave's Ice Cream has an interesting mix of building styles. The slanted roof looks like the other Carvel-like building shown above. However, the building at the right looks like it might be older - maybe 1940s. Its shape also suggests that it might have been part of a gas station. So, possibly the stand was originally built to incorporate the earlier building as a dining area. Does anyone know the history of this place? For more, see this website. [map]

Farmer's Daughters' Drive-in
Saratoga Springs, NY
The Farmer's Daughters' Drive-in opened in 1969. This building also features a slanted roof like those above. The left part of the building was probably added for an indoor dining area. [map]

Rookie's Cookies & Creme
Fort Edward, NY
Jones Humdinger
Binghamton, NY
Rookie's Cookies & Creme might be related to the stands described above. The cone is the same so perhaps the building was remodeled or rebuilt. Or maybe the stand is newer and the cone came from somewhere else. [map]

Jones Humdinger had another location in Cortland, NY with this same building style and sign. I'll bet that these were originally related to those slant-roofed stands above and that they had the same giant cones on their roofs. [map]

Sammy's Ice Cream
Ontario, NY
Glen Dairy Bar
Watkins Glen, NY
North Pole
Cone & Grill [gone]
Geneva, NY
Churi's Ice Cream
Parlor [gone]
Rochester, NY
Sammy's Ice Cream was housed in an igloo-shaped stand. This cone looked just like those shown above. The cone was there in 2005 when this photo was taken but gone by 2011. The building was painted red and housed the Tuscany to Tennessee restaurant. It is now closed. [map]

The Glen Dairy Bar opened in 1948 and was remodeled in 1999. This cone was probably located on the roof like the others shown above. It is now installed next to the road. [map]

The cone at North Pole Cone & Grill was similar but not the same as those above. This place has closed and I'm pretty sure the cone is gone now.

Churi's Ice Cream Parlor featured an unusual combination: Thai food and ice cream. Churi's had been there since 2003. The giant rooftop cone was from a previous occupant. It didn't appear to be the same style cone as those at the Big Dip or others shown above. This photo is from 2005. Churi's and the cone were gone by 2012.

Ice Cream Caboose
Groton, NY
American Grand Stand Dairy Bar
Deposit, NY
The Ice Cream Caboose stand is housed in a retrofitted Lehigh Valley caboose which was built in 1940. [map]

American Grand Stand was previously known as Wheeler's Coney Island Drive-in. It opened in 1948 with soft-serve ice cream and Hire's Root Beer. In 1949, the stand added hot dogs and in 1950, hamburgers and French Fries. The cone on the roof appeared to be the same style as those above. By 2015, the building housed the New Moon Cafe. It now houses Honey's Cafe. The giant cone had been there since at least 1987. It appears to be gone now. [map]

Orbaker's Drive-in
Williamson, NY
Orbaker's opened this stand in 1932. They are open year-round, featuring ground steaks, burgers, red hots, white hots, and ice cream. The giant cone seems to be the same as the ones at Big Dip and other stands shown above. It was missing in 2019 while it was being restored. However, it is still not there in 2023. [map]

More New York Stands with Giant Cones:
Big Top Ice Cream (Elmira)
Marvel Ice Cream & Yogurt (Lido Beach)
Astro-Dome (Plattsburgh) [vintage; gone]

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