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former Tastee-Freez?
Churubusco, IN
The Magic Wand Drive-in appears to be housed in a former Tastee-Freez. Either that, or the building style was copied significantly. It has been the Magic Wand for many years. This drive-in had car hops at one time. [map]

More Indiana:
Cambridge City

former Tastee-Freez
Augusta, KS
The former Tastee-Freez in Augusta has housed Miller's Five Drive-in since 1964. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Hutchinson, KS
2010: 2023:
This former Tastee-Freez housed Oliver's Carry-Out in 2010. The roof must have been altered. I have not seen a Tastee-Freez roof without the round lip in front. By 2015, the building was housing Connie's IDK Eatery. In 2019, the building began housing Dough Co. Donuts. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Caney, KS
This former Tastee-Freez has housed Big G's Burgers & A Bunch More since around 2009. [map]

Burkesville [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Morgan City, LA
This former Tastee-Freez has been there since at least 1961. It is now known as Sharon's and Sharon's Tastee-Freeze. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Granby, MA
former Tastee-Freez
Holyoke, MA
This former Tastee-Freez in Granby now houses Cindy's Drive-in. [map]

This former Tastee-Freez in Holyoke housed Rudd's Tasty Treat when this photo was taken in 2011. I believe the name was changed in 1973. By 2015, the rooftop sign was painted to read TasteeFreez. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Chicopee, MA
former Tastee-Freez
Northbridge, MA
This former Tastee-Freez in Chicopee now houses Mr. Cone. [map]

This former Tastee-Freez in Northbridge has housed Pirate's Cove Seafood & Ice Cream since 1996. [map]

More Massachusetts:
Easthampton [gone]

former Tastee-Freez
Frostburg, MD
This former Tastee-Freez was built in 1954. It became the Frostburg Freeze in the 1970s. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Fort Washington, MD
This former Tastee-Freez now houses Hovermale's Tastes Best. The sign claims "since 1954" which was probably when the Tastee-Freez was built. The stand was closed for the season when this photo was taken in 2010. [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Ocean City, MD
This former Tastee-Freez opened in 1954. It now houses Anthony's Carryout Shop. Around 2004, the sign was replaced with a new one (first photo 2001; second photo 2005). [map]

More Maryland:
Easton [gone]

South Portland [map]

former Tastee-Freez
Monroe, MI
former Tastee-Freez
Ypsilanti, MI
This former Tastee-Freez in Monroe now houses Dixie Soft Serve. The freestanding sign is unusual though. [map]

This former Tastee-Freez in Ypsilanti now houses Ice Cream Time. [map]

More Michigan:
Lansing [vintage; gone]

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