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former Der Wienerschnitzel
Denver, CO
This former Der Wienerschnitzel now houses Hot Chick-a-Latte. The drive-thru in the middle of the building is still in use. An addition has been added to the back of the building. [map]

former Der Wienerschnitzel
Colorado Springs, CO
This former Der Wienerschnitzel has housed Taco Star since at least 2009. The drive-thru in the middle of the building is still used. [map]

Der Wienerschnitzel
Englewood, CO
This Der Wienerschnitzel was built in 1966. The drive-thru in the middle of the building is still in use. [map]

More Colorado:
Grand Junction

former Der Wienerschnitzel
Albuquerque, NM
This former Der Wienerschnitzel has housed Thai Cuisine II since at least 2011. [map]

former Der Wienerschnitzel
Las Vegas, NV


In 2006, this Der Wienerschnitzel was vacant. It had been "Straight from Philly Steakout", part of a steak sandwich chain. In 2007, the building was repainted and became the Llantera, a Mexican take-out restaurant. This business was short-lived and the building became vacant again. It was still vacant when the photo above was taken in 2014. It was still vacant in 2022 and has been painted white. [map]

former Der Wienerschnitzel
Las Vegas, NV
This Der Wienerschnitzel has housed POP's Philly Steaks since around 2001. [map]


Der Wienerschnitzel
Corpus Christi, TX
Der Wienerschnitzel
Bryan, TX
This Der Wienerschnitzel in Corpus Christi has been here since at least 1971. [map]

This Der Wienerschnitzel in Bryan has been there since at least 1970. [map]

former Der Wienerschnitzel
Longview, TX
former Der Wienerschnitzel
El Paso, TX
This former Der Wienerschnitzel in Longview has housed the Hot Dog Express since 1980. [map]

In 2017, this Der Wienerschnitzel in El Paso became a Hamburger Stand. It was a rebranding by the parent company and still featured items from the Wienerschnitzel menu and Tastee-Freez ice cream. By 2019, the building was vacant again. [map]

former Der Wienerschnitzel
Grand Prairie, TX
This former Der Wienerschnitzel had opened by 1968. It has housed Metroplex Welding Supply since at least 2007. Because of the fencing, I can't determine if this building had the drive-thru hole in the middle of the building. The little gables on the sides of the building above the doors are much more like the Heap Big Beef buildings. However, this was definitely built as a Der Wienerschnitzel. There was another former location with those gables and the drive-thru feature in Haltom City, TX. That building was demolished around 2014. [map]

former Der Wienerschnitzel
Salt Lake City, UT
2006: 20022:
This former Der Wienerschnitzel operated out of this original A-frame building until around 2021. The building currently houses a Mexican restaurant. In 2021, it was announced that this building and the Gateway Inn next door were going to be demolished for a housing and retail development. [map]

Der Wienerschnitzel
West Valley, UT
former Der Wienerschnitzel [gone]
Hampton, VA
This Der Wienerschnitzel in West Valley is still operating. The drive-thru hole in the building has been filled in and turned into a current day style drive-thru window. [map]

This former Der Wienerschnitzel in Hampton was built in 1968. The building housed The Dog House when this photo was taken in 2010. The building was still there in 2012 but gone by 2015.

There are still lots of these buildings out there. If you know of others, please let me know.

Der Wienerschnitzel
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