Village Inn Pizza Parlors

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The Village Inn Pizza Parlor locations shown below were part of a chain that I believe was established by 1963. However, some contend that the chain was established by Ray Lackey in Statesville, NC in 1967. Another source claims the chain originated in Arizona. By 1969, there were 70 locations. In addition to those shown below and in the blue link boxes, there were locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and probably other states. The Foxy's design was apparently used for the Village Inn Pizza Parlor steeper-roofed buildings shown below. They have the same A-frame style with a pyramid of rock and glass at the front. The most recognizable difference is the shape of the windows. The Village Inn windows are horizontal while the Foxy's/Lodge Coffee Shop windows are set on a diagonal and are diamond-shaped. Does anyone know if Hyatt sold the design rights to Village Inn or what the connection was?

Village Inn Pizza Parlor [gone]
Billings, MT
This Billings location opened in 1967 and closed in 2022 just a month before these photos were taken. It was the best-preserved example of the chain. It was demolished in 2023.

Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Helena, MT
This Helena location opened in 1971. The building had been remodeled by 2007 with the rocks and gable over the side entrance removed. [map]

former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
El Paso, TX
former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Prescott, AZ
2012: 2017:

former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Yuma, AZ
2008: 2012: 2017:

former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Tempe, AZ
former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Kingman, AZ
The El Paso building has housed the Rib Hut since 1984. The original sign has also been repurposed. [map]

The Prescott building housed Fast Auto Loans in recent years. In 2019, the building was vacant and the rocks were removed from the facade. The building now houses Yavapai Landscaping. [map]

The Yuma building was built in 1966. It housed A Bloom'n Florist when the first photo above was taken in 2008. From 2011-2015, it housed Steiner's European Deli & Market. The building is vacant now. [map]

The Village Inn Pizza Parlor in Tempe was built by 1965. The building had housed the Vine Tavern & Eatery since 1986. It closed in 2022 and the building is now vacant. For more, see this website. [map]

The former Village Inn Pizza Parlor in Kingman last housed the Vanny Inn. I believe the building is vacant now but might be used as a residence. [map]

The location in Chandler, AZ is unrecognizable now but it still has the original sign frame.

More Village Inn Pizza Parlors:
Phoenix, AZ
Holland, MI
Forest City, NC [map]
Statesville, NC [gone]
Taylorsville, NC

The buildings below have a less-steep A-frame with no rocks. Dining space was also increased with additions on both sides of the A-frame. The sign design was the same. I don't know if these changes were a later design, if they were regional, or if they were based on the lot size.

former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Charleston, SC
This former Village Inn Pizza Parlor housed Kim's Restaurant when this photo was taken in 2007. This photo is from 2007. I believe Kim's closed around 2011. The building was still vacant in 2013. By 2016, the building was housing Ichiban Steak House & Sushi Bar. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Yuma, AZ
former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Mesa, AZ
This Yuma location is still operating as a Village Inn Pizza Parlor. It was built in 1973. [map]

This Mesa location is now known as Pizza Mart. [map]

former Village Inn Pizza Parlor
Tucson, AZ
The Village Inn Pizza Parlor in Tucson was here by 1967. The building now houses Dante's Fire. [map]

Other "Less-Steep" Village Inn Pizza Parlors
Ann Arbor, MI [gone]
Hickory, NC
Lenoir, NC
Salisbury, NC
Falls Church, VA
Roanoke, VA
Springfield, VA

Chip's Der
Foxy's, Lodge Coffee Shops
& Hyatt Coffee Shoppes
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Burger Bar
House of Pancakes
Mister Swiss Whataburger Woody's
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