Woody's Smorgasburger

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Woody's Smorgasburger was an early 1960s chain with most of its restaurants located in Southern California. The building was designed by Neil M. Johnson who was based in Los Angeles. The restaurant's name came from the then novel concept of dressing your hamburger at a self-serve condiment bar. There was also a self-serve sundae bar. The last of the chain, located near the Los Angeles International Airport, closed around 1995. Many of the buildings were taken over by the International House of Pancakes chain.

former Woody's Smorgasburger
Sacramento, CA
This Woody's Smorgasburger location opened in 1964. By 1968, it was known as Woody's Steak Ranch Restaurant. The building has been home to Land Park Ski & Sports since at least the early 1980s. It was previously another sporting goods store and a real estate office. For more, see this website. [map]

former Woody's Smorgasburger
Granada Hills, CA
This Woody's Smorgasburger was built in 1963. It is now an International House of Pancakes. [map]

former Woody's Smorgasburger
San Bernardino, CA


This Woody's Smorgasburger housed Casa Sanchez in 2008. The building now houses La Costenita Restaurant & Fish Market. In 2013, the restaurant appeared to be closed. By 2016, the building was housing Wan's Burgers. By 2017, it was housing the Burger Stop Diner. The IHOP sign frame remains. [map]

former Woody's Smorgasburger
Burbank, CA
2008 and 2012:
This Woody's Smorgasburger opened around 1968. It now houses an IHOP. [map]

former Woody's Smorgasburger
Oakland, CA


This Woody's Smorgasburger was built in 1964. The building was used as a church at some point. Since at least 2008, the building has housed an unidentified business and there have been lunch trucks parked in the lot. [map]

former Woody's Smorgasburger
Berkeley, CA
This Woody's Smorgasburger was built by 1965. The sign frame came from when this building later housed an IHOP. The building last housed Bacheeso's Restaurant. In 2019, a permit for demolition was in the works. [map]

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