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The following A-frame buildings were all based on Burt Richardson's design for the second Foxy's restaurant which was built in Glendale, CA (see below) in 1964. Richardson sold the Foxy's name and rights to the design to the Hyatt Corporation in the late 1960s. Hyatt built a Hyatt Coffee Shop in Northridge, CA in 1966 with supervision from Richardson. That building is gone now. Hyatt then began using the building design for its Lodge Coffee Shops, starting with the "Ski Lodge Coffee Shop" in Goleta (see below) which was built in 1967. Richardson also supervised the construction of that restaurant. Most or all of these Lodge Coffee Shops were built adjacent to Hyatt Chalet Motels. An alternative name and spelling of "Hyatt Coffee Shoppe" may have been used for the buildings which were not located next door to Hyatt Lodges. Most or all of these coffee shops later became Copper Penny restaurants. In addition to the former locations shown below, there were other Lodge Coffee Shops built California (Pasadena, San Leandro, Pico Rivera, Yermo) and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Foxy's Restaurant
San Bernardino, CA
The Foxy's Restaurant chain was started by Burt Richardson. He designed this building and operated it. This was the first Foxy's location. It opened in 1958 and was not an A-frame building. There was a giant fox statue by the entrance. The building now houses Mi Casita Taqueria. [map]

former J's Restaurant [gone]
San Bernardino, CA
The former J's Restaurant was owned by Burt Richardson and Ted Hudson. The front of the building originally had a rocky outcropping like the Foxy's A-frames and others shown below. The building also had a stylized blue jay statue protruding from the rocks. This sign might have been installed later and may have been inspired by those built for the International House of Pancakes chain. I don't know when J's Restaurant opened or closed but it was still operating in the early 1980s. It was built sometime after 1958. Another J's was built in Glendale. When that building was scheduled to be demolished for freeway construction, Richardson built the Foxy's in Glendale to replace that location.

This building in San Bernardino looked like it had been vacant for a while when these photos were taken in 2014. In 2011, the building still had the rocky outcropping in the front, the diamond-shaped windows, and the chimney. The building's occupant then was Catalina's Coffee Shop. In 2015, the building was repainted and reopened as Lamberto's Mexican Food. In 2017, the building was destroyed in a fire.

Foxy's Restaurant
Glendale, CA
Richardson built two Foxy's Restaurants using this A-frame design. This first location in Glendale was built in 1964 and it is still open. The second A-frame building in Downey (see below) still survives. For more, see this website. [map]

former Foxy's Restaurant
Downey, CA
This Foxy's Restaurant was built in 1967. There was originally a large, stylized fox statue in front of the restaurant. I assume the Glendale location had one as well. This restaurant was later known as the Nordic Fox. The building now houses the Downey Brewing Company. [map]

former Lodge Coffee Shop
Goleta, CA
This former Lodge Coffee Shop was built in 1967 as the "Ski Lodge Coffee Shop." This was Hyatt's first Lodge Coffee Shop. The building now houses Hayashida and Associates Physical Therapy. [map]

Bella Italia [gone]
San Gabriel, CA
Ostioneria Bahia
Mexican & Seafood
Orange, CA
The Bella Italia restaurant was built as a Lodge Coffee Shop. This restaurant closed in 2013 after a fire. It remained closed in 2014. The building was gone by 2016.

The front window of the Ostioneria Bahia Mexican & Seafood is nearly fully concealed behind foliage. This was built as a Lodge Coffee Shop. [map]

former restaurant
Pomona, CA
The Pomona building was built as a Lodge Coffee Shop. The building was vacant when these photos were taken in 2013. It was still vacant in 2023. [map]

former Lodge Coffee Shop
San Mateo, CA
This former Lodge Coffee Shop was built in 1968. The building now houses Tacos El Flamingo. This sign appears to be original with updated panels. [map]

Lodge Coffee Shop
Citrus Heights, CA
I believe this is the only Lodge Coffee Shop still in operation. Although, it is claimed that this building was constructed in 1958 or 1962, that would predate the Richardson design of 1964. I have heard that it was originally known as the "Ski Lodge Coffee Shop" like the location in Goleta above. Therefore, it was probably built in or shortly after 1967. [map]

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