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former Americana Diner

Johnny B's Glenmont Diner
Glenmont, NY (Queens, NY)
Johnny B's Glenmont Diner is a Silk City (#5661) from 1962. It was originally known as the Bassett Diner. There was previously another diner at this site known as the Miss Glenmont Diner. It was destroyed by a fire and replaced with this one. It was known as Uncle Milty's before becoming Johnny B's Glenmont Diner in 2004. In 2023, the diner was being moved to Queens, NY.

Greenwood Lake:
Ashley's Pizzeria & Cafe (now Don Juan Mexican Restaurant) [map]

The Diner

Trattoria Vivolo
Harrison, NY
Trattoria Vivolo is a 1950s DeRaffele that was adapted in 2001 for use as an Italian restaurant. There is an addition in back which expands the restaurant. It was previously known as the Silver Spoon Cafe. The interior photo was shot through the blinds when the restaurant was closed. [map]

Crazy Otto's Empire Diner
Herkimer, NY
Crazy Otto's Empire Diner is a Mountain View from 1952. [map]

Grazin' Diner [map]

Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park, NY
The Culinary Institute of America has a 1950s Mountain View diner that was originally installed in New Jersey. The Institute initially used this diner for training in "Coffee Shop Operations". However, the interior has now been gutted and the diner serves as their security office. [map]

Red Robin Diner
Johnson City, NY
The Red Robin Diner is a Mountain View (#281) from 1952. It was originally located in Binghamton, NY and moved here in 1959. It has always been called the Red Robin and the sign was part of the original design. The diner closed in 2021. In 2022, the diner was put up for sale. The signs were sold and removed. There are plans to "revamp" the diner. For more, see this website. [map]

Blondie's Trolley Diner [map]

Prospect Mt. Diner [gone]
Lake George, NY
The Prospect Mt. Diner was a Silk City (#5093) from 1950. It was originally known as the "Point Diner". In 2007, this diner was destroyed by fire and bulldozed. The owners have replaced it with a modern Dinermite diner. [map]

Munson Diner
2003 in New York, NY:
during installation in Liberty, NY in 2007:
The Munson Diner is a Kullman from 1945. At one time, there were five or six Munson Diners in New York City, owned by the same family. In 2004, the property on which the diner stood was sold and the diner was threatened with demolition. In 2005, the diner was sold and moved to Liberty. Several owners have struggled to keep the diner open. These photos are from 2010 just before it closed. In 2012, the diner reopened as Stu's Lake Street Diner. It is now known as the New Munson Diner. For more, see this website. [map]

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