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Western Auto
Allegan, MI
One Hour
Martinizing [gone]
Allen Park, MI
Hunter's Western Auto opened in 1947. This sign is probably from then. Western Auto stores sold bicycles, tires, and firearms in addition to auto parts. For more, see this website. [map]

One Hour Martinizing is part of a nationwide chain of dry cleaners. These "skeleton" neon window signs were mass-produced. This sign was removed around 2023 when another pharmacy moved into the space.

More Allen Park:
McNally's Shoes

Pine Knot Bar [map]

Big Ten Party Store
Ann Arbor, MI
Weber's Inn
Ann Arbor, MI
Seyfried Jewelers [gone]
Ann Arbor, MI
This photo on the left of the Big Ten Party Store sign is from 2011. In 2012, the sign was altered (photo at right). The Big Ten Market opened in 1940 with this sign. In 1953, new owners acquired a liquor license and added the arrow part of the sign to advertise the change. The current owners bought the store in 2001 and changed the name of the store to Morgan & York in 2006. The 25-foot-tall sign remained untouched and deteriorating. Pieces of neon were breaking off and the internal supports were rusting. The owners wanted to keep the sign as close to the original as possible. When they were given an estimate of $38,000 to fully restore the sign with neon, they took matters into their own hands. The top of the sign was sealed up and the neon was removed. The faces were patched and repainted with the Morgan & York name. The color scheme was changed from blue and yellow to blue and cream. The original "Cheese, Cheese, Cheese" wording on the sign was kept. The owners may add neon in the future if the city allows it. [2012 photo thanks Mark Comstock] [map]

Weber's Inn opened in 1937. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Seyfried Jewelers opened in 1911. The store moved to this location in 1931 which is probably when the vitrolite black tiles were installed. In 2009, the tiles were replaced with new ones. The store closed in 2013. The Seyfried letters and display cases are gone now. For more, see this website.

Ann Arbor Muffler
Ann Arbor, MI
Paul Bunyan
Antiques Mall
Baldwin, MI
Edie's Log Bar
Baldwin, MI

Ann Arbor Muffler opened in 1957 and this sign is probably from then. The blue and gold paint scheme of this sign and the Big Ten Party Store are a tribute to University of Michigan's sports teams. [night photo thanks Mark Comstock] [map]

The Paul Bunyan Antiques Mall building previously housed the Paul Bunyan Michigan Museum. The museum was there in the 1950s and this giant painted plywood sign might have been there then. [map]

The Edie's Log Bar sign is probably from the 1940s. [map]

More Ann Arbor:
Arborland Center
Greyhound bus station
Westgate Shopping Plaza

Au Sable:
Scotty's Cottages [vintage; gone]

Ritzee Hamburgers
Battle Creek, MI
One Hour
Martinizing [gone]
Bay City, MI
Butternut Bread
Bay City, MI
Ritzee Hamburgers was part of a chain with several locations in Battle Creek. In the 1950s, there was at least one location in Grand Rapids and another in Jackson. I believe this location in Battle Creek is the only one left. The price on the sign has been updated over the years. For more, see this website. [map]

This One Hour Martinizing store had been vacant for many years. The sign had been stripped of neon and bulbs and the Martinizing name had been painted over. The sign would originally have looked like this one West Allis, WI. This photo is from 2011. By 2015, the sign had been repainted and covered up and was advertising for Career Uniforms. The Martinizing chain is still in business with than 600 locations around the world. [map]

Butternut Bread has been around since 1902. This sign which is installed above a Butternut Bread Bakery Thrift Store is probably from the 1960s. This photo is from 2011. The building now houses another business but the Butternut sign is still there. For more, see this website. [map]

More Battle Creek:
Huron Camera [gone]

More Bay City:
Bay Lanes

Duso's Bar
Bay City, MI
Big House
Sports Bar [gone]
Bay City, MI
Putz Hardware
Bay City, MI
The Duso's Bar sign appears to be from the 1940s or 1950s. The bar closed around 1997. In 2009, it reopened with a new owner. The sign's neon was restored. For more, see this website. [map]

The massive Big House Sports Bar sign originally advertised for Carrigan's Pharmacy. The pharmacy closed in the mid-1990s and this sign was reworked by the Pharmacy Bar. It was then reworked again for the Big House Sports Bar. This photo is from 2011. By 2013, the bar had closed and the sign had been removed. For more, see this website.

Putz Hardware opened in 1916. The exterior of the building as remodeled in 1947 and this sign is probably from then. The store closed in 2020. The signs will be sold and removed. [map]

Texan Family Restaurant [gone]
Bay City, MI
Texan Family Restaurant
Holland Rd.
Saginaw, MI
Texan Family Restaurant
State St. [gone]
Saginaw, MI
The Texan Family Restaurant chain was established in 1968. There were at least six locations in Bay City, Midland, Essexville, and Saginaw.

The Texan in Bay City opened in 1969 and might have been the first location. That restaurant was demolished in 2014 and the sign was removed. The cowboy portion of the sign is 22 feet tall. The owner hasn't decided yet where the sign will go.

As of 2018, the sign was still up at the Holland Rd. location in Saginaw but the building was vacant. The cowboy's face and part of his hat were missing. By 2019, all that was left was the sign frame. The building now houses Baldwin's Smokehouse BBQ and the cowboy panel was adapted as a pig holding a fork and knife. [map]

The location on State St. closed in 2015. It was the last operating restaurant of the chain. That sign is gone now.

More Bay City:
Flamingo Motel [gone]
Keit's Flowers
Turkey Roost [vintage; gone]

Benton Harbor:
Harbortown Cafe
Henry's Hamburgers

Janet Davis Cleaners

Alban's Bottle
& Basket [gone]
Birmingham, MI
The Alban's Bottle & Basket neon sign was from the 1950s. The sign advertised the restaurant's Big Wheel Sandwich. This photo was taken in 2005. By 2009, the restaurant and sign were gone.

Boyne Falls:
Brown Trout Motel [map]
Chateau Ptak [gone]

Brighton, MI
Clore's Florist [gone]
Brighton, MI
Smith's Motel
Briggs Lake [gone]
Brighton, MI
Rolison Hardware has been around since 1914. The store was moved to this location in 1924. This sign was supposedly installed in 1925 but it is more likely from the late 1940s. In 2020, the store was put up for sale. For more, see this website. [map]

Clore's Florist opened in 1949. This sign appeared to be from then. The store had closed by 2015 and the sign was gone.

Smith's Motel Briggs Lake is still there but this sign was replaced with a plastic one. This photo is from 2005. By 2011, the neon sign was gone.

Walli's Restaurant [gone]

Vic's Cabins

De Swan Motel
Canton, MI
Motel [gone]
Canton, MI
Cedarville Inn
Cedarville, MI
Les Cheneaux Motel
Cedarville, MI
The De Swan Motel was originally known as the De Swan Village Motor Inn. The sign featured a motorized windmill. This photo is from 2005. By 2011, the motel and sign were gone. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

The Willo-Acres Motel sign was probably from the late 1950s. It was still there in 2017 but gone by 2018.

I believe the Cedarville Inn opened in 1981. [map]

The Les Cheneaux Motel was built as the Richcreek Motel. The 1950s looking sign was adapted for the name change. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Villa Moderne Motel

Christensen's Furniture

Club 27 Bar
Cheboygan, MI
Seitz's Tavern [gone]
Chelsea, MI
Chelsea, MI
The Club 27 Bar sign is probably from the 1940s or 1950s. It might have gone by a different name originally. [map]

Seitz's Tavern was established in the 1870s. In 1928, the bar was moved across the street to its present location. This sign might have been from then or slightly later. The bar closed in 2019 and this sign is gone.

This vintage Pontiac sign remains above a former dealership. These signs were mass-produced and there are still a number of them around the country. The signs have also been produced as replicas. [map]

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