Michigan Greyhound Bus Stations

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Greyhound Station
Ann Arbor, MI
This former Greyhound station was built in 1940 as the Ann Arbor Bus Depot. It was designed by Banfield & Cumming of Cleveland with local architect Douglas Loree. The curved glass windows and stainless-steel vertical sign are original. These photos are from 2011 when the station was still in use. The neon sign was restored in 2012. In 2014, the building was demolished for the construction of a six-story hotel. The bus station's limestone facade was preserved. The letters were replaced with bright blue ones. For more, see this website. [map]

Greyhound Station
Lansing, MI
This former Greyhound station was designed by Arrasmith and opened in 1950. While the sign pylon is Streamline Moderne, the building style reflects Greyhound's new boxy modern look. In 2000, the abandoned station was purchased by the Centennial Group, an investment company. These photos are from 2011. Later that year, the building's pylon was painted black and new Centennial letters were installed. Around 2019, the building was painted a dark gray. For more, see this website. [map]

Greyhound Building
Detroit, MI
This Greyhound Building was never used as a station but I'll include it anyway. There was a West Side Freight Depot for the DUR Interburban lines built here in 1917. The style of this building suggests it was either a replacement or remodeling. It's not clear when Greyhound bought the building. It was used it as a headquarters, maintenance garage and storage facility for Great Lakes Greyhound Lines (GLGL). From 1975 until late 1988, half of the facility was leased to Crowley's Department Stores for inventory storage and housing its delivery trucks. The building is currently leased by the Michigan State Police for driver/vehicle safety inspections of trucks crossing the nearby Ambassador Bridge. [map]

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