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El Jon Motel [gone]
Bartow, FL
The El Jon Motel still had a Superior Motel four-leaf clover sign until sometime after 2013. Only the El Jon panel remained in 2018. I don't know if there was a Superior Motel chain or if this was just an endorsement of some kind like the AAA-approved motels. There are still a few examples of these signs out there. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3.

Avon Park:
Reed's Motel

More Bartow:
Wilson Drug Company [gone]

Boca Raton:
Fran's Chicken Haven

Bowen Hardware
Bonifay, FL
Jiffy Food Store
Chiefland, FL
The Orange Shop
Citra, FL
Bowen Hardware was established in 1945. This sign was probably built then. The store moved to its current location in 1952. [map]

The Jiffy Food Store convenience store chain in Florida was established in 1965. This sign is probably from around then. There is another one of these signs in St. Cloud, FL. [map]

The Orange Shop opened in 1936. This sign is probably from the 1960s. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

More Chiefland:
Bett's Big T [vintage; gone]

Automotive Engineering
Clearwater, FL
Sta 'n Pla Motel
Clearwater Beach, FL
Showcase of Citrus
Clermont, FL
The Automotive Engineering sign was built in 1967. It is meant to represent an engine rod. The lights at the top descend in animated racetrack fashion. The circle behind the text features swirling neon that alternates between green, red, and white. Around 2011, Automotive Engineering closed. The buildings now houses Gearhead Performance but the sign remains. [map]

The Sta 'n Pla Motel was built in 1955. [map]

The Showcase of Citrus ice cream sign was installed there around 2015. I don't know if it's vintage or a replica sign. [map]

More Clearwater:
Center Motel [vintage; gone]

GE Appliances [gone]

Mike Erdman's
Truck Exchange
Cocoa, FL
Mike Erdman's Truck Exchange moved around 2021 but this sign remains. It is probably from the 1950s or 1960s. The "TRUCK" panel was added to the sign over the word "AUTO" by 2007. For more, see this website. [map]

Society Cleaners
Coral Gables, FL
The Society Cleaners opened in 1954 and these signs appear to be from then. [map]

Carriage Inn Motel
Cross City, FL
2009: 2020:
The Carriage Inn Motel was built around 1962. The sign appears to be from then. Around 2019, the signs' porcelain panels were painted over and the neon was replaced with backlit plastic letters. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

El Dorado Motel
Cross City, FL
Dade City
Hardware [gone]
Dade City, FL
The El Dorado Motel was built in 1958. This sign is from then. For more, see this website. [map]

The Dade City Hardware sign appeared to be from the 1950s. This photo is from 2009. The business closed and the sign was removed around 2019.

Dania Beach:
Luckey's Motel: 1, 2 [gone]

Hawaii Motel
Daytona Beach, FL


The Hawaii Motel was built in 1952 and this sign may be from then. It was definitely there by the 1960s. The pole was originally painted to look like a palm tree trunk and the lower text panel had neon. The lower text panel was repainted around 2020 with a different font. It no longer reads "Aloha". For more, see this website. [map]

Elks Lodge [gone]
Daytona Beach, FL
Won Lee Restaurant [gone]
Deland, FL
Boulevard Motel
Deland, FL
This Elks Lodge sign is a rare example with an elk depiction. I have not seen one like this before. This photo is from 2009. The sign was still there in 2011 but gone by 2014. The Elks Lodge had either closed or relocated.

The Won Lee Restaurant opened in 1978. The sign originally advertised for Jack's Boulevard Restaurant which opened in 1956. Won Lee closed in 2023 and the sign had slipped halfway down the poles and was damaged. It was gone by 2024. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

The Boulevard Motel was built in 1952. The sign must have been inspired by Holiday Inn. [map]

More Daytona Beach:
Zodiac Cocktail Lounge [vintage; gone]

Palm Court Motel

Tropical Blossom Honey [gone]
Edgewater, FL
Pizza Hut [gone]
Fernandina Beach, FL
Pizza Hut [gone]
Starke, FL
Tropical Blossom Honey had been here since 1940. This photo was taken in 2005. This sign had been replaced with a similar one by 2007. In 2017, the company was bought out by Nature Nate's. By 2019, the building was vacant and the sign was gone.

These two Pizza Hut locations still had old plastic signs when these photos were taken in 2009 and 2010. They are both gone now. The sign at the Starke location was still there in 2011 but by 2013 had been replaced with a modern sign. The Fernandina Beach location closed sometime between 2011 and 2015. I believe these signs were from the 1970s. The text portion of these signs had been updated. They would have looked like this one in New Philadelphia, OH originally. That sign is also gone now. There was another one like this in Sebring, FL which is gone now. I don't believe any of these signs are still around.

More Edgewater:
Fat Bob's Country Restaurant [vintage; gone]

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