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This section contains companion webpages for the SCA Journal "Sign Lines" articles that I have written continuously since 2007. You can buy back issues of these magazines at that link. If you become a member, you can also download issues for free. The pages below, provide you with larger photos, additional signs, updated information, and links to other signs. There are about 70 pages in this section with over 2,000 photos. Enjoy!

V25 #2 Fall 2007
Other Satellite Signs
V25 #2 Fall 2007
Camera Signs
V28 #1 Spring 2010
Donut Signs
V26 #2 Fall 2008
Pancake Signs
V32 #2 Fall 2014
Pizza Chef Signs
V30 #1 Spring 2012
Working Men Signs
V36 #2 Fall 2018
Diving Women Signs
V37 #1 Spring 2019
Reddy Kilowatt &
Willie Wiredhand Signs

V38 #1 Spring 2020
Penguins & Polar Bears Signs
V27 #2 Fall 2009
"Happy Bear" Signs
V35 #2 Fall 2017
"Norge Ball" Signs
V36 #1 Spring 2018
Plumbing Signs
V27 #1 Spring 2009
Flame Signs
V38 #2 Fall 2020
Pest Control Signs
V33 #2 Fall 2015
Skating Signs
V29 #2 Fall 2011
Car Signs
V35 #1 Spring 2017
Train Signs
V31 #2 Fall 2013
Shopping Center Signs
coming out Fall 2024
Welcome Signs
V39 #1 Spring 2021
House Signs
V39 #2 Fall 2021
Shoe- and Boot-Shaped Signs
V40 #2 Fall 2022
Mortar, Pestle, & Beaker Signs
V41 #2 Fall 2023
Bowling Signs
V42 #1 Spring 2024
Federal Electric Signs
V32 #1 Spring 2014
Opal Glass Signs
V31 #1 Spring 2013
Mechanical Signs
V33 #1 Spring 2015
Neon Extension Signs
V34 #1 Spring 2016
Scaffold Signs
V37 #2 Fall 2019
Clock Signs
V40 #1 Spring 2022

Here are links to back issues of SCA articles that don't have companion webpages:

Tucumcari Tonight (Spring 2008)
Drive-in Theatre Signs (Fall 2010)
Hot Dog Dogs Signs (Spring 2011)
American Sign Museum: Grand Reopening (Fall 2012)
Museum of Neon Art (MONA): Grand Reopening (Fall 2016)
Extreme Arrow Signs (Spring 2023)

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