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Madison Car Wash [gone]
West Hollywood, CA
Mister Car Wash
Voss Rd.
Houston, TX
The Madison Car Wash may have been built in 1970. It was probably a Mister Car Wash originally. It was demolished in 2020.

The Mister Car Wash shares the same design as the Madison Car Wash. This photo is from 2018. This building has been painted red and beige since then. [map]

Mister Car Wash was founded in Houston in 1969. I would assume that other locations like this were built in California, Texas, and possibly other states. The chain's headquarters is now in Tucson, AZ. There are at least three other Houston locations with this design as shown below.

Mister Car Wash
FTM 1960 Rd. E
Houston, TX
Mister Car Wash
FTM 1960 Rd. W
Houston, TX
Mister Car Wash
Crosstimbers St.
Houston, TX
[FTM 1960 Rd. E map]
[FTM 1960 Rd. W map]

The photo of the Crosstimbers location is from 2019. The fins were removed in 2020. [map]

Mission Car Wash (now Sparkling Image Car Wash)
San Fernando, CA


I haven't seen any other car washes with fin-toppers like those at the Mission Car Wash. Around 2019, the "Mission" sign panel was removed. The fins are now painted yellow and blue. The fin-toppers are still there and the place is now known as the "Sparkling Image Car Wash". [map]

Minit Man Car Wash
Pomona, CA


I have seen several car washes in the Los Angeles area with these V-topped like those at this Minit Man Car Wash. Perhaps there was a Minit Man chain. The fins were repainted sometime between 2008 and 2013. [map]

former Magic Minit Car Wash
Sacramento, CA
This former Magic Minit Car Wash was designed by Melvin R. List and built in 1965. In 2019, it became Harv's Car Wash. The mansard canopy from the 1980s was removed at that point, revealing more of the building's original look. [map]

former Magic Minit Car Wash
Fontana, CA
2014: 2022:
This former Magic Minit Car Wash now houses the Sierra Car Wash & Detail Shop and the fins have been painted red. [map]

Rob's Car Wash (now Ocean Express Wash)
Sherman Oaks, CA


2013 & 2015:
Rob's Car Wash was built by California Car Wash in the early 1960s. There were other car washes of this design but most of them have been remodeled. Both the National Car Wash and California Car Wash companies had headquarters in Van Nuys. In 2018, the car wash was painted red and became the Ocean Express Wash. Transparent, plastic panels have been installed between the support "legs." [map]

Canoga Park Hand Car Wash
Canoga Park, CA
Magnolia Island Car Wash
Burbank, CA
The Canoga Park Hand Car Wash shares the same design as Rob's Car Wash described above. It was built in 1960. [map]

I believe the Magnolia Island Car Wash was built in the 1960s. [map]

Hollywood Stars Car Wash
North Hollywood, CA



The Hollywood Stars Car Wash was previously known as the Toluca Lake Car Wash and the Presidential Car Wash after that. It was repainted in 2019. For more, see this website. [map]

Premier Car Wash (now Big Wave Express Wash)
Encino, CA
2013: 2022:
The Premier Car Wash was built in 1966. It was originally known as the Auto Laundry. Since these 2013 photos, the sign panels on the front of the building have been repainted blue and yellow. It is now known as the Big Wave Express Wash. For more, see this website. [map]

Carson Car Wash
Carson, CA
The Carson Car Wash uses the same design as the Premier Car Wash directly above. I believe it was built in 1964. [map]

Crown Car Wash
Los Angeles, CA
The Crown Car Wash was built in 1960. For more, see this website. [map]

Pacific Car Wash [gone]
Stanton, CA
It appears that the tops of the Swiss cheese hole columns at the Pacific Car Wash were chopped off at some point. This one had the same style plastic signage as several car washes shown above. It was demolished in 2017.

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