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Five Points Hand Car Wash
Whittier, CA

2012 and 2013:



The Five Points Hand Car Wash was built in 1963. The sign originally revolved. The concave fins are another frequently used design (see other examples below). The car wash closed in 2017. In 2019, it reopened as the Googie Car Wash. The fins and sign are now painted blue and red. [map]

South Gate Car Wash
South Gate, CA
2013: 2022:
The South Gate Car Wash was built in 1964. In 2015, the car wash was remodeled. The letters were removed and the building became more of a box. The fins are still there. [map]

Cypress Street Auto Wash
Redding, CA
The fins at the Cypress Street Auto Wash were previously painted red. [map]

Azusa Hand Car Wash
Azusa, CA
2008: 2020:
The fins of the Azusa Hand Car Wash were painted light blue in 2001. Apparently, the shield signs were removed. For more, see this website. [map]

Redwood City Car Wash
Redwood City, CA
2008: 2014:
The Redwood City Car Wash is another example of the concave fin style. The Mels Bowl sign has been moved to this location. [map]

San Leandro Car Wash
San Leandro, CA
Hacienda Car Wash [gone]
Hacienda Heights, CA
The San Leandro Car Wash is one more example of the concave fin type. There was another car wash in San Leandro from this era which has been demolished. [map]

The sign letters for the Hacienda Car Wash were installed high enough on the fins to be visible from Hacienda Boulevard. However, trees and other development nearly obscured the view. The car wash was demolished in 2018.

former Slauson Car Wash
Los Angeles, CA
former Rosecrans King Car Wash
Gardena, CA
The former Slauson Car Wash has the same style signs as those shown above but with hook-like fins. This photo is from 2013. In 2017, the name was changed to the NCM Car Wash. In 2021, the letters on the side of the structure had been covered with printed canvas to spell out "CAR WASH" and the fins were painted purple. [map]

The Rosecrans King Car Wash was built around 1962. The signs on the front of the building have been removed. The pole signs panels were replaced sometime between the photos taken above in 2008 and 2013. Around 2020, the name was changed to Express Car Wash and the sign panels were replaced. [map]

Nu-Way Hand Car Wash
Monrovia, CA
The Nu-Way Hand Car Wash features the same hook-like fins as those locations in the row above. [map]

Norwalk Car Wash
Norwalk, CA
2013: 2022:
The Norwalk Car Wash building and sign were repainted around 2014. [map]

Bel-Comp Car Wash
Bellflower, CA
Hollywood Riviera Car Wash
Redondo Beach, CA
The Bel-Comp Car Wash is another example of the hook-fin type shown above. [map]

The Hollywood Riviera Car Wash was built in 1976. [map]

Lennox Car Wash
Lennox, CA
2013: 2014:
The Lennox Car Wash was built in 1963. This is the only surviving car wash that I know of with straight fins. It was repainted in 2014. [map]

Magic Minute Car Wash
Los Angeles, CA
2013: 2017:
The Magic Minute Car Wash was built in 1964. I have not seen any other car washes with hoops like this other than this one and the one shown immediately below. In 2015, this building was painted lime green. [map]

Circle Marina Hand Car Wash
Long Beach, CA


2021 and 2022:
The Circle Marina Hand Car Wash appears to be from the 1960s. It was repainted green and white in 2020. This arch design is a match for the car wash in Los Angeles shown directly above. [map]

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