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Paul Bunyan [gone]
Aline, OK
This Paul Bunyan statue was originally located in Enid, OK. When it was moved to Aline in the 1990s, it was installed at Bud's Auto Salvage. This axe is original. It was an International Fiberglass stock accessory. In 2022, the statue was sold and moved to New Jersey where it remains in storage.

Paul Bunyan
Van Nuys, CA
Hochatown, OK
This Paul Bunyan head is a modern reproduction. It is displayed at the Valley Relics Museum.

This Cowboy statue was produced by Bell Plastics. The body was made from a standard International Fiberglass mold. The hat, kerchief, and mustache were added as custom features. The statue goes by the nickname of "Jeb." He holds a golf club and stands in front of the Old West Town Toys & Gifts mini golf. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Portland, OR
This Paul Bunyan head in Portland is in a private collection. The head came from a dealer New Jersey. It is not known what happened to the rest of the statue. The owner restored the head and hopes to find a body for it at some point.

Paul Bunyan
Uniontown, PA
2007 and 2010:
This Paul Bunyan statue is located at Fayette Tire. The store opened in 1962 and I assume they bought this statue around that time. He was painted as a Pittsburgh Steeler in the 1970s and 1980s. The statue got a glossy paint makeover around 2003. In 2004, Fayette Tire closed. By 2006, Import Export Tire Company had moved into the building. The statue was restored again in 2007. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Greensburg, PA
This Paul Bunyan statue was originally located at Myers Tire Supply in Pittsburgh, PA. When the statue was moved to Greensburg in 1970, the Westmoreland Tire Co. transformed him into the football player, Jack Lambert #58. The statue's beard was painted over to look like skin. Later, the statue was repainted as other Pittsburgh Steelers, lastly, as #8 Tommy Maddox. In 2007, Lug Nuts moved into the building and restored the statue (two photos above middle). His helmet was removed, his beard was painted black and his skin was given a darker complexion. Since 2008, the statue's head has been missing. In 2021, the statue was repainted with a red shirt and blue pants. His head which had been in storage was repainted in 2022. It was reinstalled in 2023. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Roanoke, VA
Paul Bunyan
Elkhart, IN (now Coeburn, VA)
This Paul Bunyan statue is located at Williamson Road Service Center (now Affordable & Dependable Auto Services). The statue alternates between holding a Christmas wreath during the holiday season and a flag and tire the rest of the year. Dabney Tires was the original business at this location. The owner went to a convention in Washington, DC and brought back this statue. The statue's shirt was red back in 2001. These photos are from 2007. By 2024, the statue had been repainted with a lime green hat and blue pants. For more, see this website. [map]

This Paul Bunyan statue was originally located at Palmer Hardware in Elkhart in the 1960s. At that time, he held a saw and possibly an axe. He was moved to a True Value hardware store and painted white and green to promote Scott's Lawncare products. In 2005, this business became an Ace Hardware store and he was repainted in their color scheme. In 2011, the hardware store closed and this statue was moved to the Red Oak Trading Co. in Coeburn, VA. He now holds seasonal objects. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Puyallup, WA
This Paul Bunyan statue is located at the Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsman Club. The Club bought the statue in 1991 from a motel downtown after his ankles were broken in a windstorm. This might be the same statue that stood at a Dairy Queen in town in the 1970s. For more, see this website.

Paul Bunyan
Wabeno, WI
This Paul Bunyan statue stands in front of the Wabeno Logging Museum. The statue, known as Larry the Logroller, has been here since at least the mid-1990s. He held a logger's pick at one time but, in 2007 when these photos were taken, his hands were empty. Wabeno's high school mascot is the Logroller. These photos are from 2007. By 2010, the statue had been repainted. In 2013, the statue was knocked over and damaged. He has been restored. For more, see this website. [map]

Paul Bunyan
Clinton, WI (now Guthrie, KY)
This Paul Bunyan statue was well-concealed behind trees at the long-closed Oaks Campground. It had been there since the 1990s. The statue was previously located at the campground owner's auto repair shop in Franklin Park, IL. The statue's feet were chopped off when it was moved to Wisconsin. The first two photos are from 2009. By 2012 (third photo), the tree had given way and the statue was nearly flat on the ground. In 2016, the statue was sold to Joel Baker who restored the statue. It is now displayed at Cumberland Ridge Forest Products in Guthrie, KY. [map] [first two photos thanks Mark Comstock; third photo thanks Joel Baker]

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Lawndale, CA [gone]
Redding, CA [vintage; gone]
Venice, CA [vintage; gone]
Crownsville, MD
York, ME
Baxter, MN [now Rocky Mount, NC]
Ortley Beach, NJ
Shelton, WA
Unger, WV
Fort St. John, BC [gone]

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